As the third anniversary of Guru death make it’s desolate cycle, the hearts of many loyal hiphop fans still live with the somber untimely death like it was yesterday. So many unanswered questions still only known to Solar who was at the center of the controversy. Did he do what was right? Was this really what Guru wanted? Has his family made mends with him? Does his decisions still haunt him to this day?… Well, really only he can answer those questions… Will he?

Most likely not. After Guru’s death he basically went into hiding. Claiming he was going to revamp Jazzmatazz and keep Guru’s dream alive. Nobody has heard any of that. His twitter account was hacked and in 2010 after a series of tweets degrading himself by the hacker nothing else was done to fix that, to clean up his name. He has seemed to give up what he said he was going to do. No tweets from Guru’s account since 2010 have popped for any reason either… Does somebody have access to that account… It’s verified by twitter! Yet nobody knows how to feel about the legend passing. Is it anger, or pure grief that his exit was filled with such controversy? We can’t put a finger on it but at some point we need to release him to eternal peace and let the past be the past. Guru obviously had love for Solar he was with him day in and day out for the last 6 years of his life. He managed his career and from the emails, people got a devious vibe from what he was trying to set up as if he was using Guru and walking all over him. Was he just being a manager trying to keep him afloat? They toured through Europe and the U.S. together. Will he ever release more music they had made that still exists? So many unanswered questions with so little closure. Will the recluse come back out and try to justify his actions. If so, he possibly would have tried to already.

As far as what really matters is he was one of the greats. His death resides in special place in the heart of hip hop just as Tupac, Biggie, and many other legends that lost their life before their time. It takes it to another level such as Elvis or Michael Jackson, to the point where we don’t even want to believe they died. Of course that’s what music is about, that the soul lives forever through music which at this point through technology will never go anywhere. We hope this interview may answer some questions, maybe give you a better understanding as to what they were going for with the music they were creating. You see the love they had for each other as you’ll hear Guru refer to Solar as “Lord” and “God” several times. Which is nothing out of the ordinary for East Coast slang, but they must have built a relation that they set in motion to create the last of Guru’s collection of music. What’s really the truth as far as Solar is concerned only Guru and Solar and maybe some of his family know, but after a few months of his death it was just… silence. DJ Premier spoke out unhappily about the situation.

I hear the cocky side of Solar in this interview as he interrupts Guru a few times and at the same time I hear someone who is actually really saying something. Of course Guru could kill it in just one sentence where as Solar took his time to get his point across. I do hear empathy coming from him but at the same time it’s his way of thinking that is the truth in their world. It sounds to me like his beliefs is what you’re suppose to go by, as he expresses himself with such confidence. That may be why Guru grasped him as his manager feeling he was ailing so much that he needed a strong person behind him. To the point where he said “Here’s the keys, you drive”. He sat back and let him do the hard part to make it easier for him to do what he did best. Spit ill poetry to the people he raised as the first generation of Hip Hop. Your Voice Lives On Forever! RIP GURU

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