In 2003 he spit his first freestyle while out a house a party. From there it was a snowball effect of practicing and writing rhymes that led him to the decision he made to give up all the fun stuff and actually become a performer. In 2005 he came out with the mixtape series “Mixtapes Most Wanted” which had 2 volumes to the collection. U.T.I.C.A. reminisces… “It was all jackin’ for beats. Back then in the mixtape game that was new and that’s basically how people figured the format was at the time.” Little did he know this would actually be a future career move.


Getting noticed by Nino of Stellar Music Entertainment, a local tycoon who’s been in the Denver rap scene for over a decade. Nino felt the lack of organization and business ethic in Denver’s music industry, deciding it was time to make his artists actually sign record deals. Offering the artists studio time, quality videos, and topnotch quality graphic design from the labels in-house graphic company N-Lyne Designs in exchange for his piece of the pie of the artists music. In 2010 U.T.I.C.A. signed a legitimate record deal with SME. Since has released two professional projects, several music videos and has learned to work at a pace which consists of sticking to schedules, meeting expectations of not only his label but of the fan base he since built.

USM: How did you link up with Nino and sign to Stellar?

U.T.I.C.A.: I came across Nino in 2007. I had freshly did a project. He reached out to a fellow artist of mine. So it was through a mutual friend at the time. I did some work back in 2010 with Young Cracka on a video called “They Don’t Like Me”. Later in 2010 after the video I officially signed to SME.

USM: Tell me about your rise to success with Stellar. What projects and videos have you done?

U.T.I.C.A.: I started a 3 part series with my first album release being “The Nomination”. Then came “The Campaign” which was my second release. I shot 3 videos off that album. I shot one for “Say Yeah Pt. 2”. I dropped one for “Dreams”. Then I shot one for “Shining Star” featuring Jonathan Carey. Right now I’m working on a project that’s all original “The Revolution” which is the last of a three part series and ends the saga.

USM: Which tracks are you really grasping off the project “The Revolution”?

U.T.I.C.A.: It’s early in it’s stages right now. But this track we’re shooting the video for “We Be Mobbin”… it’s just one of those joints I got from Chef Premier. It was like real easy to just whip something up for it. It’s an inspiring track that I just go straight bars on.

USM: Break a line down out of the song for me…

U.T.I.C.A.: I have a part that says “They say that this life’s a bitch / Well I think that saying is over used / The time for change has been overdue / So don’t play the game if you ain’t know the rules / Like Juice said we’s built to win / But coming in we was born to lose / So be who ever that you want to be / and you can do whatever it is that you want to do!” Basically just saying I get tired of cats saying “Life’s a bitch” or this and that. It’s more just saying get up and get yours. If that’s the case you can do what you want to do and be who you want to be. You just got to do it and get to it!

USM: Where do you get your name from and what’s behind that?

U.T.I.C.A.: Well it’s an acronym for Undeniably The Illest Cat Around but I get the name because that’s the block I grew up on a majority of my life. Shout out to the “U” Block. Really I’m a regular dude that wants to do extraordinary things, but at the time there’s a dude inside me that’s very flashy that every now and then comes out. That can take control of the situation and grab attention. Performing has always been in my blood. I used to be a singer but after pounds of marijuana I just kind of lost it. (laughs)

USM: What artists are you feeling right now in the game?

U.T.I.C.A.: Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., ASAP, Danny Brown… I’m really feelin’ School Boy Q, Ab-Soul… I’m going to his concert tonight. Childish Gambino, Max B definitely Chamillionaire.

USM: What do you have to say about the Denver music scene?

U.T.I.C.A.: The scene in Denver is finally starting to build some character and grow. We’re always gonna be a melting pot. I don’t think we’ll ever have a sound, a specific sound. We’re always gonna be a place where you can grab from here, you can grab from there. I like it, lyricists are stepping their bars up, performers are stepping their performances up. Bands are making great music. There’s still kinks and bugs we can work out. We’re definitely headed in the right direction.

USM: What’s U.T.I.C.A.’s niche in the game?

U.T.I.C.A.: I make feel good music. I have a knack to make songs that are catchy, but at the same time I feel like you have to cover a variety of subjects. If you’re happy when the song comes on and you start moving and you’re happy after that track, that’s what I really want to make.

USM: Any shout outs?

U.T.I.C.A.: Shouts to first of all my Stellar team. www.stellarmusicent.com Holla at Nino and N-Lyne Designs check them out. Holla at Young Cracka for features. My boy Sid Madrid. Shouts to Midnight Run, Jeremy Pape, John Carey of course, Clearview Films and 8ight Tha Sk8. Unda$treaM Magazine appreciate you very much. Everybody I forgot apologies but much love and respect to everyone that supports our movement out here.

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