Tuaca Girls

Last friday March 1st, as the show got started and all sorts of people poured in, local bartenders prepared their recipes in hopes of winning a tattoo from Six Feet Under’s Corey Miller. You might remember Corey from joining Kat Von D on reality series L.A. Ink. Not to mention the heart pounding performance by DJ Ravidrums, who’s drumset looked like something out of Minority Report.DJ Ravidrums drumset

Stoney’s was the perfect venue to enjoy this event with plenty of room, food, and bottomless bottles of Tuaca. Corey Miller has been on tour with Tuaca for a couple years now. He is the front man helping promote Tuaca’s newest liqueur Cinnaster, in which he has also designed a Tuaca lion that you will see on certain boxes of Tuaca. An ice sculpture ran fluent with Tuaca, and little did the crowd know what surprises they were in for.icecastle

As we sat in to try the concoctions, all attention was on the bartenders. Several drinks were poured, a couple martini style and a few mix drinks. Ranging from super sweet to Spicy to mixtures of regular Tuaca with the new Cinnaster. One martini drink actually had slices of jalapeno to live up to its name “Spice of Life”. You had your variety of flavors and different sugar mixes to coat the rims, but in the end it came down to Katy Reynolds very flavorful drink “Sin City”. She coated the rim with sugar mixed with cinnamon and the drink, which I thought wasn’t going to taste right due to mixing Tuaca with some irish creme type liqueur turned out to be the show stopper. It had the perfect sugar coat on the rim to add to the flavor and get her an unforgettable tattoo by the man himself Corey Miller. Second runner up was Denver’s resident mixologist Angelo Sbrocca from “Ocean Prime”. Angelo came off with a very tasty mix as well scoring himself two ski passes… read his interview with Death and Taxes mag here: Tips Of The Trade. After that it was all party time as DJ Ravidrums kicked it in gear and started rockin the crowd with a futuristic drum show. Little did the crowd know that the Tuaca orange men were ready to come out and get a Tuaca Harlem Shake video going with DJ Ravidrums integrating it with the crowd.

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LtoR: Runner Up: Angelo from Ocean Prime, 1st place winner Katy Reynolds, and Corey Miller!

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