Interview by Teena The Naughty Intern

Tech N9ne, he is one of the most well known musicians, in the underground scene, He hails from Kansas City, as well as the rest of his label, Strange Music Records. Tech is a very deep and down to earth cat. keeping his feet well planted while, selling out Colorado shows, packed with screaming fans. His newest masterpiece “KOD” aka King Of Darkness is his tenth album and after only a half of a day on I-Tunes, it was already, Tech’s best selling album, maybe because of dope songs like “Show me a God”, “Demons” w/ Three 6 Mafia, “ Strange Music box” and MTV U’s #1 song “Leave me Alone.”
So Tech how does it feel, now that MTV has your back? T9: “Sick, I just spent a week in New York and I visited MTV and BET, but we had a big meeting with MTV, and they are really with us, they want us to send stuff over to them, like Live show footage, video’s and other stuff. So, it’s really looking up, it’s crazy, I mean, for real my Quest is to give money to the rest of the world. How dope is it that “Leave Me Alone” is number one on MTV U after its premier?(Laughing) Fuckin’ Dope!” “I just write my life and when I write my life, sometimes I think no one will like it but me, but, my fans are all with me and when my fans are with me, it turns everyone else on.” “So now it’s on MTV 2, MTV U and MTV Jams, I mean that’s never happened to me, before.” So, aside from Mid-West fam, some cats I know that you have toured with are Necro, Ill Bill, and Mr. Hyde any future plans? T9: “Yeah! Necro, Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde, La Coka, thats my East coast family. I did Fire and Ice with Bill and Rock the Bells with Necro, so thats Fam. Necro and Bill are rap-pin’ mother fuckers, they are two lyrical threats in the industry, so, mother fuckers better recognize, I’m just glad they are on my team.” “ I did a video appearence for Mr. Hyde and Necro was actually shooting it, I also, did that song “Only time will tell” with Bill and Necro. I definately respect them, they give love and that’s just dope, so, I can’t wait to do more with them in the future.” I mean all those guys Slaine, Ill Bill, Necro, they’re all gold. know what I mean?
Word and Slaine is down as fuck, do you still kick it wih him? T9: “Slaine is a murderer, and whatever he talks about is real, he don’t fuck around, I have seen him, fighting some crazy fuckers.”

Do you know of the DMS cats?

Ya, Actually, Danny Diablo of DMS, just signed my brother Diggy to Ill-Roc Records.

So do you chill with the DMS cats?”

T9: “Yeah, hold on, I just got something.” (Tech gets up from the table, where we are drinking his new drink, the KCT – Hennessy, Sprite,and lemon. He returns with a sick scarf that says Hooligan. ) “I just got this, its brand new, but I’ve worn it everyday since I got it last Saturday, he says excitedly, It’s from my boy Rico, he is a true DMS cat from New York.” “All of those cats show me a lot of love, so I show it back.” he explains.

So, KOD was supposed to be, the new darker Tech N9ne arriving, right?

T9: “Well, the King of Darkness said that, that wasn’t me, He wants to stay dark, but yo, Tech N9ne has got to break through to the light, I need more sunshine, more partying, more sex, and more good positive things, but the King Of Darkness wants to keep me in a hole, keep me down, and I can’t keep writing about sad shit, or it’s gonna kill me, so, the King Of Darkness can suck my Dick, Tech N9ne gotta move on and actually I have a cd coming out in April called “The Lost Scripts of KOD” it’s five songs that didn’t make it. but, five that I had to get out of me before I could move on so I could get brighter, number five, is called “The Last Sad Song”, which, who knows if it is, because KOD may be sitting back laughing going “Ok, I’ll be back, you wanna kick it, drink Caribou Lou, see ariolas, then I’m gonna fuck you up.” “ So, we’ll see but, as of now, I’m going to the light.”

I notice that You paint your face for shows, but usually take it off when you kick it afterwards, is there a transformation, so to speak between Tech and the Man behind the Klown?

T9: “Yeah, I was afraid of clowns as a kid, like what’s behind the smile, maybe evil, mean or just something hidden but, as I got older, I thought, I love that mystique, so I used it to my advantage.
I can do alot more, because I’m a shy person, but, when I’m onstage the mask or the Klown allows me to bring the shit forth, that I wouldn’t normally do, so I appreciate the klown, now. To the point that I adore clowns, red noses and all.”

So, a lot of cats love Jordan’s, but you and Ill Bill have a grip, Aside from just admiring Michael Jordan is there another reason?

T9: “Well, when you see us wearing Jordans, even Eminem, it’s like we’re Michael Jordan in our head. I mean, we are at the Top of our game, you know? Like Jordan was at the top of his game, so ya I have a lot, I don’t have them all yet, shoot, I haven’t even had time to get the new red and white, Space Jam Jordans, but Bill gots some sick ones, I’m like where the fuck did you get those? They don’t have those in Kansas City (lol)Bill might have me beat, I don’t know but, I got a lot.”

There will always be haters in the world, so what do you think of Tech N9ne Haters?

T9: “I try not to pay attention to them but, really it kinda hurt’s, cause I am a good guy, so, if they are hating me, then they don’t know me.”

You have ten Albums and a grip of tours, which one was your favorite?

T9: “Oh shit, Kutty, which tour was the craziest?” Kutt Kalhoun chimes in “maybe Strange Noize…” as Tech goes through the tours, he finally says “damn, I think I’m gonna say KOD, the fans really showed love and we had a ball man, Glasses Malone, Stevie Stone and Slaughter House, it was fun.” he finishes, as he fidgets with his yellow bracelet.

Is there a special reason you always wear that bracelet?

T9: “Yeah, it’s for my blood homeboy Dominick, from here in Colorado, he came to every show, and died of brain cancer, so, I always wear it, to remember him.” then he looks to my cup, “Do you like your drink? Did Kutty mix it good?” I smile at Kutt “ya, it’s perfect, you should be a bar tender Kutt.” they both laugh

So, what was your first drink ever? I ask, and after a very long pause Tech looks up…

T9: “I have never been stumped before, shit what the hell? I really don’t know.” “ wow a question I have never been asked, I’m stumped.” Kutt from the other side of the room says “Well what was it? Mad Dog 20/20? Caribou Lou?” Tech laughs. “I really don’t remember, but Caribou Lou was my favorite for a long time, that’s a real mind eraser, no joke. Now my Drink is Kansas City Tech, I’m gonna write about it in one of my songs.”

What do you do when your on the road, movies or PlayStation?

T9: “No, I don’t play that crap, I mean Krizz Kaliko does, but, I watch horror movies, they get mad at me saying if a bitch ain’t bleeding out the mouth then you won’t watch it.” One of my all time favorites is Halloween II not the new one but, the old one, I have all of them but, that’s the best one, The new Directors cut is sick to, anything by Rob Zombie, Devils Rejects, House of a 1000 Corpses. I love scary shit, The Exorcist, The Omen, after a brief pause Tech gets this smile and stutters uh…”he laughs and then I laugh then he continues. “oh man your gonna laugh at me but, Drag me to hell, I love that shit.” he says while still laughing” but, that’s what I bring on the road High Tension is off the hinges, all the Saws of course, I’m into that shit the first Saw, It was weird Danny Glover being in it but, that’s a good one.

Right on Tech. Well… Colorado gots mad love for you and the Unda$tream appreciates you and thanks you for your time. Is there anything you wanted to add?

T9: “Well, it’s a blessing and I’m gonna do it as long as I can, because I love my fans, all five of these Colorado shows were sold out, so it really is a blessing.”

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