La Coka Nostra and Special Teamz member Slaine, one of my personal favorites, in the underground Hip Hop scene. He is the type to wear his heart on his sleeve. Whenever in Denver, he gets together with friends and family that live here. Slaine is a very comical yet, strait forward guy. He is not one to hide how he feels and always says what is on his mind, last time he was here he was telling stories for hours at the sports pub, before the show. If you haven’t heard of Slaine get ready to go buy some new albums and movies.



Slaine, you have made the cross over from Hip Hop to Movies, first how did you and Ben Affleck cross paths?

Well, I had just got out of detox and had made “The Whiteman is the devil Volume 1”.  It is my first mix tape and was all about how I got mixed up on drugs, so I sold them through Boston drug dealers. I printed up 50 copies, gave five drug dealers ten copies each, and the next day they wanted more. I sold 13,000 mix tapes that way. Then I started to gain more and more notoriety. I hooked up with Edo G and Jaysun, a crew called, Special Teamz. I linked up with Ill Bill, Danny Boy, Everlast, DJ Lethal now known as La Coka Nostra. Then the Boston Herald ran a big article on me, Ben was casting his Director’s debut, a movie called “ Gone Baby Gone”, (with Morgan Freeman) Ben read the Article, and reached out to me through a few people, I went in and read for the part five times, and eventually got the role.

After “Gone Baby Gone” Ben directed another movie, that had a little more buzz, called “The Town” Where he also acts, how did you become involved with that?

LOL… I text him and said “Yo, I heard you were doing a bank robbery movie in Boston, I think I can put a spin on one of the characters” and Ben said “Ok well, let me see what I can do for you buddy”. So, I don’t know if he saw a role for me at first, but, I went in and read one time and got the role right away.

Now we are in 2012 and you have another movie coming out called “Cogan’s Trade” with Brad Pitt in May or June, What was it like to work with Brad Pitt and what were some of the differences between this movie and your previous ones?

The major difference was it’s the first movie, I did outside of Boston, So, the other two were almost family oriented because Ben and I became close and he has been so good to me. I felt a little out of my element, because we were in New Orleans, Plus I had just got divorced and kicked out of my house, So, I literally had no where to live, when I got that movie, I was living out of a bag in a hotel, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. So, it was kind of a weird time for me to. As far as just shooting the movie, Brad Pitt was really cool and is all about the work and good at it, and so am I, so it was dope to be able to sit down and collaborate with him.

On the Hip Hop side of things you just finished a mixed tape called “State of Grace“ that your homeboy Statik Select produces, and your newest solo album called “A World with No Skies 2.0” with your solo album why did you add the 2.0?

There were complications on the original album with clearance on samples, when we started trying to clear samples and I saw how much people wanted, I said fuck that, I will make a solo album with no samples, which is different than anything I ever did before, I come from that Boom Bap kind of school of Hip Hop. 2.0 is the second reworked version with no samples.

Rumor is that you have been working on projects with both of your groups, La Coka and Special Teamz, will they have releases soon?

La Coka will be in late spring, early summer and I think you will see another Slaine solo album before Special Teamz, but, Special Teamz will be about a year from now. I am trying to put out like three or four albums or EP’s a year whether it is solo or group.

Thank you Slaine for taking time out to talk to us, here at Unda$treaM, we appreciate that and look forward to your next Projects.


Interview by Tee PLR
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