Photograph by: Virginia Till, Interviewed by: Breez
Livewire Models-

When did your 1st cd come out?
My first solo project dropped in 1996. 5 song maxi single. It was actually a cd too. Back then fools were still dropping tapes. I think I was the first solo artist here in Denver to drop an actual disk and not a tape so that was real big!!

Your name got some recognition as Nyke Loc was that with your 1st cd or tell us about how that went down?
Well the first thing anybody ever heard me on was the “No Coastline” compilation. I did a song on there called “Everyday Thang”. Everyone liked the flow and I was giving it up for my city. So people felt that.

What was the change from Nyke Loc to Nyke Nitti about?…
kinda time for some change thing like Puff Daddy to Diddy?
Why change a name that already has a name?
Nyke Loc is gonna always be the name. That’s not going anywhere. Just like the Mile High Hitman which is also my AKA. But I changed my name to Nyke Nitti cause like you said it was time for change. To stay in this game you have to reinvent yourself. Not really changing who you are but stepping your game up. I felt Loc was old like Dog or MC such and such, So I changed it to Nyke Nitti. It was more gangsta and more like me. Pretty soon all the “young’s” aren’t gonna be young no more. So they’re gonna have to change their names too! Nyke Loc Or Nyke Nitti is still around. He is and is always gonna be one of the biggest selling artist in CO period. If you ain’t heard of Nyke Nitti you been living under a rock! You can Google ya boy and my face will pop up. Ya boy global! I get hits from France, Germany, places I aint never been but someone has my disk out there and they love ya boy!! That’s whats up!!

Who all is affiliated with Str8 Chek’n Records label?
I am the founder and C.E.O of Str8 Chek’n Records. My boys Baby Dip, Moh, Dro and D.C helped me launch my label back in 96 and I been putting it down ever since. I have a few artist on the label like Twizz Loak, Staflo the Don, Killa Keezy, Baby A, & Ty, just to name a few. My lil bro Moheat and myself are the producers for the label. We are getting ready to do a Str8 Chek’n compilation, just featuring all the guys from the label. Showcasing what we’re doing. Moheat just got a few beat placements with some majors in the game so thats real big.

If Boozilla never went to jail how would that of changed the game in Denver today?
If Boo had never went to jail, we would have been in the industry right now!! We would be the industry!! Meaning, everyone would be following our lead!! You know everyone has their chance, just like Down South. They holding the game right now. But if Boo had never went to jail, I believe that would have been our spot they(southern rappers) are sitting in!! No disrespect!! I like southern rap, but I feel they just filled the void that we should have filled. That’s just my opinion.Boozilla should be gettin out sometime in June or July last I heard. Everybody cant wait for that, it’s gonna be a celebration when he touch!

You’ve seen the ups and downs and been in the game for a minute. What has that taught you?
Nothing comes easy. Not just anyone is gonna help you!! Any and everything you want in this game you have to work hard for and do it yourself. Most of the time it’s not what you know but who you know!!

What should we expect from Nyke Nitti in 2010?
In 2010 I will be dropping a few projects from my label. My album entitled “Hustle & Tymin” will be comin out early spring around April or May. I have my group the Bred Boiz(Staflo the Don, Killa Keezy & Nyke Nitti) Album entitled “Backround Chek”. Also me & Dae Dae are doing a album
together, kinda like some best of both worlds type shit. It should be nice. Then we got Baby A about to drop his new album entitled “Money Tree”. We have our Dj D Rhodes about to drop a few mixtapes for the label. So we are gonna be busy this year tryna stay in everybody ear. Str8 Chek’n Stay Chek’n is our motto!!

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