Howard Stern gives Necro respect live on the air! After the release of the song titled “Howard Stern” where Necro destroys today’s pop mainstream icons in a most humerous way all for jokes and entertainment on youtube within hours Howard Stern replied on air about his Twitter feed blowing up from Necro’s fans and said he is a fan of Necro. He started shooting the video, but is busy, it wont be done for atleast 2 months! So his gut instinct said to release the audio on the fans & world, and let it bubble like that first. Necro released thie statement… “Most of my fans know I invented a style where I rap about people in the Tabloids. I have been doing it for years and dropped some verses back in the day in freestyles live on the radio. On my mixtapes I dropped a few of these tracks as well, one of the most famous being “Billie Jean 2005” where I destroy Michael Jackson. I never made one of these tabloid tracks for an official Necro release until now. Howard Stern is the King of all Media and I felt I was the king of all tabloid abuse lyrically in the hiphop form, so what better a title than, “Howard Stern”

Listen to Howard shout out Necro:


The hardcore underground hip-hip death rapper Necro also has a new project collabo with Kool G Rap. Necro stated “I spent the first month just producing beats so I could present G Rap with something new and fresh musiclly”. They are a couple months into it and plan on an early 2012 release. This following the recent release of KOOL G RAP’S NEW ALBUM RICHES, ROYALTY, RESPECT. More news to come!


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