Undastream Magazine’s Tee, Here interviewing, Underground Death Rap legend Necro aka Ron Braunstien, on “The GodFathers”, His newest project, with partner and Gangsta Rap legend Kool G Rap. This collaboration is long overdue with the mainstream’s over saturated state of hip hop. With several dates pushed back and a handful of fans new and old anticipating this album to restore the hardcore underground rap scene, we can all finally get a taste of the good old all or nothing days! Today “The Godfather’s” release the first album from the duo “Once Upon A Crime” which we hopefully see a sequel to.


USM: How did Necro and Kool G Rap become The Godfathers? What was that first meeting like?

Necro: It was my idea to name the group that, we met through Domingo who was friends with my fan Teena, then I met kgr and we clicked, the first meeting I was nervous, cuz I love K.G.R. so much, as an idol, but he was super cool, and it was off to a good start, we drank Henny at Applebee’s, and I abused people while K.G.R. laughed!

USM: Who came up with the name of the group and the album?

Necro: I came up with both, but K.G.R. approved, so when I came up with the ideas, he agreed, really fast, the name is to describe, who we are style wise, we are Godfathers, and the album title is a play off of once upon a time, which is also “Once Upon A Time In America” the gangsta movie.

USM: Word is PLR, Mr.Hyde is the only feature on the album, is that true?

Necro: Yes, just Hyde, he is special like that.

USM: I know there is some GodFathers merch on NECROPRODUCT.COM, will there be more to come?

Necro: I dont know, can’t predict the future now.

USM: What has the fan’s reactions been like since you released “Heart Attack”, the first release off of the new CD entitled “ONCE UPON A CRIME”?

Necro: Fans are loving it, the record is fucking brutal, super dope, I’m very proud of that song, and glad it was the first song fans heard.

USM: Necro, What was it like to exclusively produce “ONCE UPON A CRIME”?

Necro: It was a dream come true, to be able to produce an entire album with K.G.R and myself spitting back and forth, unreal.

USM: How many copies of this cd do you estimate selling?

Necro: I dont know, these days its hard to predict, If we sell 20,000+ that’s dope!

USM: I know G RAP and yourself are both dominate. How were you both able to make decisions on which direction “THE GODFATHERS” would go?

Necro: I give K.G.R. hierarchy over everything, but he is so cool, he lets me decide shit too, So, he treats me like an equal, However, I said that he can make all final decisions out of respect.

USM: Now the question asked by Kool G Rap and Necro fans alike, Will “THE GODFATHERS” tour and if so. Where? and When?

Necro: Not sure at this time, We shall see.

USM: Undastream Magazine, and staff want to thank you for your interview, is there any last words, you would like to add?

Necro: Yes, thanks Teena, and Domingo for helping this happen, salute!!!

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