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The feature length documentary delves into traditions, history, western influence, music, culture and the search for identity of the country’s youth. In essence, it asks, “What does it mean to be Mongolian in the 21st Century?”

The question is explored through the personal stories of three Mongolian rappers:

Gennie, the country’s first female rapper who is eager to create her debut album

Quiza, a rap superstar who is blending traditional music with hip hop

Gee, an emerging gangster rapper from the slums of the capital, Ulaanbaatar

Along the way we meet a colourful supporting cast including a shaman, a music professor, traditional musicians, a retired Socialist government music censor and Mongolians living both rural and urbanised lives. Together they paint a picture of modern Mongolia and the role that hip hop and western influences are having on their ancient culture.

“Hip hop is the voice of the country’s youth and it’s such a great way of telling the story of modern Mongolia,” says the film’s writer and director, Benj Binks. “There’s definitely a parallel between modern hip hop and traditional Mongolian music and it’s been fascinating to learn about the world of Mongol Rap”.


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