Ryme Kryme Family Entertainment started in 2002 by these two deeply rooted street hustlers. Releasing a number of mixtapes (The L.R.C.A. (2002), Bullet Proof Love (2004), I-70 Traffic (2006) they started making a name in the Colorado rap scene. In midst of using music as a medium of getting to the top, they were also letting the street business intertwine a little too closely. Up until 2006 things were moving at a steady pace and their street buzz was starting to add up, Creepy Loc and several other RKF recording artists were targeted, charged and convicted of being part of an organized drug ring. The heartless charm of the game swept a majority of the team off the streets leaving IZM White the only man standing on free soil.

He was able to stay out of jail keeping the label afloat releasing solo projects such as Colorado Crack 2007, Heart Of CO 2008, More Bars In More Places 2009. IZM toured across the U.S. as the opening act for Ghost Face Killah on his Wizard of Poetry tour, as well as touring overseas in Switzerland with Main Flow. In late 2009 Creepy Loc returned home from prison and hit the studio hard, immediatly releasing his debute solo mixtape “Return Of A Rider Vol.1″. Soon after In 2010 IZM and Creepy along with M. Mansin dropped a group project “Red White & Blue”. In 2011, RKF continued their stride by releasing Izm White’s critically acclaimed mixtape “Cloud Surfin” (The Smokers Tape) and Creepy Loc’s “Return Of A Rider Vol.2″. With captivating stage presence and undeniable talent Izm White, Creepy Loc and their label Ryme Kryme Family have became regular opening acts throughout Denver and Aspen, CO for legendary artists such as Nas, Scarface, Mobb Deep and many more…

USM: Damn… touring in Europe sounds hella dope, tell me a little more bout the Euro-Experience…

Izm White: Switzerland and Norway were dope, Switzerland reminds me a lot of Colorado actually. I did a three city tour out there with Main Flow of the Hi Tek Ohio super group MOOD, and one of my own shows in Oslo, Norway. Everyshow we did in Switzerland was dope. The crowds showed mad love, they have a real appreciation for hiphop out there. The people are cool, the weed’s good, and the women are pretty, what more can you ask for. After every show we Flow and I partied hard acting straight fools. Crazy story though: The morning I was gonna head to Chamonix, France to snowboard for a few days before my next show in Oslo. Main Flow and I went to the studio to record a track before I caught the train to Chamonix. After I recorded the track I started vomiting lots of blood, all the way to chamonix I threw up mad blood, once I got there my friend took me to the hospital where they treated me for a bleeding ulcer. I couldn’t eat or drink for 3 days, and all I could have were these little moistureized cotton swabs to suck on while I was on an I.V. I lost a lot of blood and stayed there recovering for 4 days not being able to speak a lick of french. I ended up having to threaten to take the I.V. out my arm on the fifth day because I had a show in Norway that night and was determined to make it. I had never been to Norway and was finally eating some soft foods and feeling better. I had to have the promoter talk to the nurses and I guess she threatened to call the police on them for kidnapping if they wouldn’t let me go on my own will. So they made me sign my life away basically saying the hospital isn’t responsible for my death, and then the old french guy in the bed next to me walked with me outside the hospital to where he could point to where the train statin was at. I thanked him, then went and got on the train to Geneova where I caught the next flight to Oslo, Norway. I only perfomed three songs that night because I was so weak and drained from losing so much blood and not eating, but I still rocked the house and got a lot of love from the fans in Norway. It was a crazy trip I fux with Europe.

USM: Everbody knows IZM love’s to smoke, how happy are you that Colorado legalized marijuana this year?

Izm White: It’s monumental, but long over due! It feels good to enjoy a joint and not be treated like a criminal! Denver now has more weed stores than it has Starbucks and Mcdonalds combine. And I would go even as far as saying Colorado has better weed than Cali, yup I just said it COLORADO HAS BETTER WEED THAN CALI!”

USM: Creepy the first time we heard you rap was on Ryme Kryme Family’s 2004 mixtape “Bullet Proof Love” which was almost 9 years ago, since then you’ve been in and out of prison, released a number of mixtapes and have brought out many national hiphop acts to perform in Denver through your production company RKF Promotions. How have you noticed the game change over the past 10 years?

Creepy Loc: The game has changed drastactlly, its harder now to get noticed, it seems like everyone’s a rapper now a days. And all these kids think they gotta do is record a song on their computer and upload it to Youtube. The era I came up in you actually had to put in work, you had to Show-n-Proove!

USM: What can we expect next from Ryme Kryme Family Ent. as a label?

Creepy Loc: We are gearing up to release IZM White’s debute solo album: (still untitled) which is our main focus right now, but in the meantime we are going to release a new RKF mixtape titled “Welcome 2 the Family”. Also be on the look out for my new mixtape “Return Of A Rider Vol.3”, as well as RKF’s newest addition to the family Lowdy Trail‘s new mixtape “Subconcious Music”. We can’t stop, and wont stop, its RKF4L2D!

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