Words by Cipher Productions

What do we do when a child is “out of control?”  As a community how do we handle the issue in a manor which reflects history and forces the child’s positive progression.  As a parent, how do we show the child that it’s okay to have feelings and to communicate them without the behavior pattern that commences from socialistic or psychological frustration?  How do we offer a child the tools he needs to become a productive citizen?  How do we teach him or her to focus on a hobby, homework, sports, or a book?  How do we say, don’t fall for the negative pressure that comes from basis of need, want, neglect, and most importantly, boredom?

Are we looking for Hip Hop to be a societal scapegoat?  Do issues, that today should be none, tend to reform in urban communities where people don’t have the means to clash against actuality?  What is actuality?  It’s a reality within possibility.  It’s what allows jails to be filled by humans who, in several cases, deserve the chance to be who they want to be.  It’s what fills shelters with people who develop tendencies which go against what is considered “normal” society.  It’s when a person doesn’t realize that something greater, (be it economists, who calculate government funding, education boards, who sell education, attorneys who enforce laws, or in some cases ignore them if the price is right), is forming a pressure that he or she needs to understand, follow, or stand against for the sake of well-being.  It’s, veracity.

Usually, we think of Hip Hop as an art which thrives from the perseverance of the streets and urban life.  Nonetheless, it’s not to say everyone can’t enjoy the passion that comes from Hip Hop’s poetic magnetism.  Moreover, in its progression, Hip Hop needs to ask itself who it loves.  Hip Hop needs to focus its energy toward providing in its circular continuum.

Is Hip Hop the way for children at an early age?  Does your child have an outlet for the anger that fills his or her body each day; an outlet that can be used as a channel for negative energy?  Where will your child turn when he or she is an adult and has no other way out?  Do you see that turning to drugs, alcohol and violence is a good answer to “way-of-life”?  I mean, we all know that since primitive times there was war.  However wasn’t their entertainment too? … entertainment at its rawest form… the twinkle of the stars in the sky that caused the imagination to create the constellations; what is really out there?  The hum of a young man who was happy about the feeling he received from a woman’s submission in life’s most important state of being… the act of procreation.  Nevertheless, when that woman was pregnant, what is that child here for?

Is Hip Hop your answer?

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