From starting out as “Just another kid trying to make it out the H” to being considered one of Houston’s Top Artists of 2017 you can definitely say GT Garza has came a long way. In the past year he started popping up in Slim Thugs IG and before you know it he hit the radio shining like the Astros logo. Now a household name to Texas and striving to be a top Latin artist in the rap game, you can find Garza headlining The Warehouse one of Houston’s hottest venues on the regular. He has the streets anticipating his every move and never let’s you down when droppin’ rhymes whether features or his own projects. His clothing line stays fresh with an Authentic feel to his Latin heritage, La Maquina Empire has no signs of slowing in 2018 unless it’s a Screwed Up version of his newest jams usually blessed by the top DJ’s carrying on DJ Screws legacy!


U$M: Where are you from? What part?

Houston,Tx! Fondren and West A… Southwest Side

U$M: Three things you like about Texas?

The music, the food and the women

U$M: Who influenced your style?

I would say a few artist, the first tapes I heard were Dj Screw and Keke, Da Brat, Do or Die, Bone Thugs and later on I started jammin’ hiphop stuff like Mos def and Talib Kwali and etc.

U$M: Do you feel its harder to go mainstream as a Latin artist… Why?

Nah, I just think it’s about how you approach your music and audience. Right now, there is a ton of Latin artist who are mainstream or getting there. It may have not been like that before, but over the years we have always had a presence
in any genre.

U$M: So what are your likes / dislikes on the current state of the game?

I’m not really into politics, even though it does matter in hip hop. I really fell in love with music, and I think that getting into the music game can make you feel like you just wanna be creative and thats it. It all depends on how far you wanna take it.

U$M: Bring up something that was really successful or a high point in your career so far?

Being able to hang or chop it up with people I use to listen to on my school bus and express to them my side of life and hiphop. We all respect each others craft and that’s a dope thing.

U$M: What’s a typical day like for you?

I wake up, get fresh, listen to new beats and write as much as possible. If I don’t have a show at night, I’ll hit the studio. If I can’t write or hit the studio, I’ll work on merch or some other stuff. I do hang and kick it on my PS4 whenever I need to chill or take my mind of things. Smoke breaks and taking rides through the city to clear my mind.

U$M: How do you respond to the “Back up plan” question?

I’m not saying you have to have one, but if you really want something there should only be the 1st plan. I understand everything doesn’t turn out how we all want it, but if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to make it work for you and still enjoy why you’re doing it.

U$M: If you had to do it all over again would you still choose this career?

Hell yeah, I took a lot of losses but all of them were life experiences that made me the man I am today.

U$M: Would you do anything different?

Yes, but I don’t wanna speak on that. Just keep ya circle close, watch who around you and go with your gut. Oh and believe in ya self to the fullest.

U$M: What’s your main goal in 2018?

Build my brand, market more and really make the best music I can make… Look for it all at

U$M: What are your top 5 sneakers?

Space jams, Hurrachi’s, Airmax 95, Iversons, and Diadora

U$M: Who you want to work with in the future?

A bunch of folks, but really whoever I can vibe with and create the best shit with. That really matters to me.

U$M: Give a shout out?

I wanna shoutout the city of screw, my family and friends….the La Maquina Empire and BSG, my fans and supporters, everybody who copped a tape or even jammed a song. I really appreciate it. Stay blessed.

U$M: Thanks for your time GT, we look forward to seeing what the future brings you!

Twitter: @ItzGarza

IG: @ItzGarza

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