GLA $$ E.S.

From: Watts, California (West Coast)

G Malone’s album “Beach Cruiser” finally hit the streets after a long hold in August 2011. Beach Cruiser was a three year grind trying to get it to the shelves. In the process He felt Birdman and Lil Wayne really gave him a chance to develop and zero in on what he does best and what he’s great at. Not a lot of artists get the opportunity to do that. He was blessed to get it and have people believe in him and let him get it. I Get Doe one of the singles hit radio and was embraced by L.A. in major way.

How long have you been grindin in order to get to the point your at now?

Realistically 9 years ago but I didn’t put out my first album until 7 years ago so that’s when I really started. It was called White Lightning in 2005. That’s where I really put it cause when you put out music that’s when you really start.

How many albums have you put out?

Beach Cruiser is the only one through a major label. On my own I’ve put out White Lightning, Fuck Glasses Malone, Nightmare on 7th St., The Electric Chair Mixtape, and The Dope Mixtape hosted by DJ WHoo Kid.

Your music’s pretty street what song are you feelin off Beach Cruiser?

Still In The City… I’ve been working on my own genre of music “Gangsta Soul”. I’m sure anybody that’s familiar with the West Coast is familiar with G-Funk and Gangsta Funk. I’m from Watts and its a lot more Soulful, it’s not really party based. We don’t have a lot of party’s. It’s a lot more pain and struggling. We’re more blues based I would say. I had to come up with my own genre because I’ve been experimenting since I’ve gotten popularity through this business. Gangsta Soul is like the struggle and the pain of the city yet with the right twist of it from somebody that’s really from the neighborhood.

Where do see yourself three years from now?

Just fully locked in the Gangsta Soul and people really recognizing it for what it is. This genres still young of what I’m trying to develop. I’ve been raising it and I hope people look at it like that’s gonna be some shit. That’s all I’m really focused on. Past that I really don’t want to make no plans. I never thought I’d be signed to Cash Money three years without my first album, so everythings on God’s time. I just want to keep developing the music I’m making. Hopefully it will be a lot more developed at that point. I just keep putting it together and it’ll come.

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