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August 23, 2012: It’s the most eagerly awaited b-boy competition on the planet. All year, regional and national qualifiers have been taking place to select the crews who will take part. And in just three months, the stage will be set for the ultimate showdown: The Braun Battle of the Year Finals.

The world’s biggest b-boy competition, the world championship of breakdancing, will take place on November 17, 2012 in Montpellier, France. With the best choreographed and spontaneous b-boy dance action on display, it promises to be a spectacular night for b-boy and hip hop fans. More than 13,000 tickets to Montpellier’s Park & Suites Arena are expected to sell out fast.

Dozens of qualifiers have taken place and crews have qualified from all over the world, including Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Japan, Singapore, France and many other countries. Over the next few months, several more crews will get the chance to qualify, including two crews from Africa, which will have its own Battle of the Year three days before the final in Montpellier.

For 2012 there is a change in format from previous years and a new battle formula. Six crews will now qualify for the final battles, not four. The two crews with the highest show rankings will go directly to the semi-finals while the other four crews will battle in the quarter-finals for the remaining two spots in the semis. This is a not a permanent change. Organizers will review the system after the finals and continue only if it’s successful.

On top of the main event, there’ll be a series of gigs, workshops, 1vs1 performances, We B-Girlz Battles, parties and much more over the week to make the Braun BOTY an all-round hip hop extravaganza!

The judges: Neguin (Brazil), Storm (Germany), Lamine (France), Niek (Netherlands), Roxrite (USA).

The DJs: Panik (Netherlands), One Up (France)

The MCs: Nasty & Maleek (France)

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Following its long-term commitments to b-boying: including to its ambassadors b-boy Ronnie Abaldonado and DJ Lean RockBraun and its cruZer range of shavers and trimmers are proud to present the 2012 edition of the Battle of the Year.

Battle of the Year (3D), the movie, will be released in January 2013. It tells the story of an American crew battling to make the final and was partly filmed during the 2011 Braun Battle of the Year finals. Check out the official trailer:

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