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Grounds Of Detroit

Detroit Hip Hop producer Lord Jessiah (Black 7 Productions) has been hard at work developing the brand of Black 7 Productions along with Sun Tzu Cadre crafting his unique blend of soulful beats with hard core socially conscious hip-hop. Coming full throttle with the premier single, “Blitzkrieg”, from his forthcoming solo release, G.O.D.. Having initially establishing himself within the production team of the Michigan based group and Wu-Affiliates Dezert Eez, Lord Jessiah is now poised to release his first full length studio album entitled Grounds Of Detroit (G.O.D.) March 2013.
The “Grounds Of Detroit” (G.O.D.) album presents a collage of their hometown (Detroit) which is illustrated through rugged beats and aggressive lyrics. Lord Jessiah boldly warns that this project is the opposite of current contemporary hip-hop that has taken over the airwaves, and promises to deliver the cutting edge hard core fundamental hip-hop that has been missing for over a decade.


In a strange coincidence Denver’s hardcore and at times controversial rapper Morning Star of Street Life Inc. has announced the release of his new mixtape with the same acronym I’m G.O.D. Hosted by Dee Jay Sinafold. Only his stating the claim Greatest Of Denver.
After listening through Grounds Of Detroit and knowing the MC’s that have came out of Detroit. This one is going to be a coin toss. The Detroit album definitely has some spitters on there with a lot of what the game has been aching for, true lyrical content with dope beats to go with it.
On the contrary Morning Star teamed up with MF Two of Get Cake Muzik Group and also Anthony “Scrilla Scratch” Rodriguez who is Street Life’s in house producer for production. Both producers known for bringing heat as well as working with various well known artists. Very odd comparities: Both using producers close to them. Both coming up with albums titled G.O.D. dropping in the same month. Although Morning Star’s is yet to be released or even yet to release a drop date. Dee Jay Sinafold dropped a statement via facebook “Ridin’ around bumpin’ the new Mixtape from Morning Star “I’m G.O.D.” You jealous? Don’t be release date coming soon!” on March 16th. Since nothing has been heard of a release date. It seems hip hop is taking it’s cycle and the music who everyone is always complaining they don’t hear any more is in fact out there. It’s up to you the audience to find it and give it a chance. Morning Star a talented MC in the booth has been hard at work fighting to get his name heard and at times uses very radical ways of doing so. This time being a picture of Jesus flipping you off. Hey that’s hip hop! We’ll be updating you as soon as we get the release of Star’s Greatest Of Denver to let you decide for yourself.

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