Swift FaShoShot who refers to himself strictly as “FaShoShot” is planning each step in the game these days. After a long stretch of just getting out there rocking shows, what to him at this point seemed more for the fun of it. Opening for big names such as Too Short, E-40, and GhostFace Killa. He decided to sit back and get his p’s an q’s in order to really start making sense of all the time and work he’s put into the game or should I say… make dollars! Swift has always had his rap game on point it was the business side he felt needed more attention. Now after starting his own label What It Is Productions he is crediting himself with not just the writing credits but also capitalizing on the production credits. You can now find his first hit singles on itunes “Radio On” which you can click right here on our side bar to purchase and also his latest release “Keeper” which is really bangin’. Here’s his perspective of the game in it’s current condition. It’s not all bad!

USM: What up Swift? So what’s the haps man… I’ve been checking out some of your new stuff and I’m just wondering when the album with all this is coming out?

FaShoShot: I actually have two and a half albums. “FASHOSHOT”, which is ready for release in early July 2013 and my second album not yet titled, is already in the works. Music has already been second nature to me. It’s just the business side of it that I never fully had put together. Music will now be released on a regular.

USM: What other music have you put out in the past? Any albums or old groups you ran with?

FaShoShot: I’m a former member of Ghetto Nation and later formed my own super group “WHATITIS”. Other than that I’ve always been a solo artist.What It Is Productions

USM: What came first rapping or producing? A lot of rappers don’t produce which is a very beneficial talent in the game, how does your creative process work… do you come up with the music first or do you write out a song and hear it in your head before you create it?

FaShoShot: Rapping definitely came first! I always loved to have beats created around my vision but am always down for a challenge. Love to make a Beat! A lot of rappers nowadays wouldn’t be nothing without a dope beat. Beats are the only thing makin the song. Me personally, I like to ride the beat, become a part of it. Like if me and the beat fucked, the track would be our baby(laughs)… real talk.

USM: Who are some of you inspirations as a producer? As a rapper?

FaShoShot: I’m really ol’ school when it comes to production and artists. I’m a real fan of Outcast, they’re one group that seems to constantly evolve, you never know what to expect out of em. Old school live band production is my favorite.

USM: I definitely get a cross between CeeLo and that old school West Coast gangsta funk when hearing you but I also get an old school feel? Who are some of the pre-rap influences Marvin Gaye, Isley Brothers etc. that you really get your style of rhythm from?

FaShoShot: Really don’t too much like being compared to other artists but it is an honor to be compared to some of the greats such as CeeLo. My greatest musical influence hands down is Stevie Wonder, the way he feels music is inspiring!

USM: You’ve opened for a lot of big names and dope events… Which would you say is your most memorable one and how did that come together?

FaShoShot: It was definitely a blessing to be around so much talent. Best show to date
would have to have been, the J Holiday show. About 3,000 people showed up and he did
not (laughs). It was the best, worst-case scenario! it gave us the whole show, but had to
sneak out the spot before shit got too crazy. It was a dope show!

USM: What’s one of your goals in the game that you haven’t accomplished that your still striving for?

FaShoShot: Biggest goal is to be able to “Full time” do what I was out here to do! I wanna send my babies to college off this music! I’m on my way!


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USM: How do feel about music these days?

FaShoShot: Music nowadays… love the energy… reminds me when MC Hammer ran the game and Digital Underground was trying to convince us that Shock G and Humpty were two different people (a lot of characters, gimmicks, dances and styles). Greats are made around those kinds of fads… such as Nas, Tupac, Biggie, etc. Something brilliant finally comes out and it’s accepted easily because people get tired of dancing and just want to be inspired. Me, I’m just trying to be one of those inspirational ones.

USM: Thanks for sitting down with Unda$treaM… Any last words shout out?

FaShoShot: Thanks for having me, ya’ll are doing major things for the Box(Colorado). 1 Love and shout outs to my family, friends and fans! Big things to come, Colorado Classic!

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