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Hey guys, it’s Tee with Undastream Magazine and one of my favorite groups, The Brown Bag Allstars. Koncept, let’s start out with how you all met and when the BBAS became a group?

We all met working at Fat Beats Record store in NY. Started as friends, grew to a family with all the same goals and ambitions. We recorded our first mixtape and pushed it out of the store, so we had a good grasp on what people wanted and how to get it to them. From playing shows almost weekly at venues like The Knitting Factory (when it was in Manhattan), Public Assembly, and Southpaw, we built our brand heavy around the city.


Soul Khan, for those who don’t know, can you tell us who the members of BBAS are, and where you come from?

The members of the group are rapping producers, J57 and Audible Doctor, rapping rappers, Koncept and Soul Khan, producing dj, Deejay Element, and dj’ing number one dad, E Holla. Some folks think we have like 30 members, but I think it’s just because they get easily confused when you change your hat or shirt or something like that. It’s not a different person, I swear. Just the same person in a different outfit. It’s called real life, fam.

J57, where did the name “BROWN BAG ALLSTARS” come from?

We can thank the guy from the Bodega around the block from Fat Beats in Manhattan, because he gave us the name without even realizing it. It’s NY state law for those people selling 22’s and 40 ounces to sell them in a brown paper bag. So we use to buy a ridiculous amount, then go back to the record store and throw a party. The store use to be covered in brown bags to the point that we kinda just knew a group/crew name was born.

Audible Doctor, I think your producers do an excellent job matching beats with your crews rhymes, who does the producing for BBAS?
Thank you! We’ve actually collaborated with a number of established as well as up and coming producers but a majority of the production is handled by myself, J57 & DeeJay Element. I think because we know the group dynamics and the group’s sound so well it’s easier for us as in house producers to put together tracks that really work well for BBAS.



DJ Element, have the BBAS been on tour, when will your next tour kick off and is Denver on the schedule?

Yes. BBAS has been on a U.S. Tour and plan on doing plenty more. Denver is definitely on the list, not because weed is legal but that definitely is a benefit!

E Holla, if you got to pick one person to do a track with, who would it be and why?

If I was an emcee, I’d like to do a track with Method Man, but since I’m not a rapper… I’d settle for DJin’ his set. It would still be dope energy.

Thank you from the Undastream Magazine, to our newest Homies the Brown Bag All-star’s, you can check the guys out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even their own site at www.brownbagallstars.com.

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