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If hip hop were football you can compare Big Lou to one of the guys who played the sport with less padding and a pig skin. Someone with an old soul. Not one of these new guys who wears extra padding and is in it for the glamour. Hailing from Camden, NJ is nothing to brag about. Lou makes it clear that being from one of the roughest areas in the United States was a struggle that most rappers could only imagine. After grinding for years in the New Jersey and Philly area,it was time to hit a bigger stage. Lou took his show on the road to the Big Apple. Once Lou started killing stages in the mecca of hip hop it was only a matter of time until he was picked up. Lou caught the attention of DJ Kay Slay. Before you know it he signed with Street Sweepers Entertainment. As they say the rest is history. With the summer of 2008 on the rise I caught up with Big Lou just in time to here his blue prints for the upcoming months.



Lou, Whats new fam …I know you got something brewing for the future?

Just trying to finish up a couple mixtapes I got coming out and working on a album. Just doing that shit and staying busy. And a couple legal issues we need to take care of too.


Cats are trying to get money before I can get it. Na Mean (laughs)

I’m assuming you cant specify on these “issues”?

Can’t really talk about it right now

Can you drop a title for the mixtape or album?

Until the legal issues go away we can’t really specify on that either.


All I can say is …. the album is coming out crazy! It has alot of super guest features on there and crazy joints.

Going from mixtapes to albums is huge transition. What will yours be like?

Its not too much but the album is gonna hit them so cats can see my range. There was alot of things I wasn’t really doing yet cause I was saving alot of really good stuff for the album. My mixtapes are kinda like albums anyway. On the album I’m coming from left field and touching stuff alot of other artists are scared to. Like I did with “Crack Head and “Stop Hitting Me” it will be that perspective and angle. I got some radio joints in there too that radio won’t be able to deny.

You stick to alot of the basic hip hop elements. Its no secret that if you turn on the radio you are gonna hear the same 10 songs which all sound alike. Do you think being too lyrical or true to the art will black ball you?

Not really. You have to work with it. I’m not mad at some of the guys on the radio cause there are some good songs on the radio. But I do get mad at some of the dj’s who is constantly play that bullshit. There is some bullshit on there too. My thing is I have ways of getting there attention when it comes to the radio. Alot of people don’t understand one of my biggest strengths is I can touch radio. Since I been working in the studio Slay’s like “ohhh wait up!”. He didn’t even know I had radio joints like I got. I got like 10 singles put aside. Not only are they party joints …. but they are coming from such a different angle that people gonna change the way they party. They might wanna party at the crib, party in there car, or party a different way. Feel me?

Yess sir. Did you think 3 or 4 years ago you would have catapulted as far as you did ?

You know what my dude (laughs) I’m a confident dude. I always new I can elevate my game. Like right now I aint happy where it’s at. I’m grinding ….sometimes Slay got to tell me to calm down. That cures my sickness feel me. Sometimes when I’m depressed music gets me there. When I’m happy I wanna write something happy. Its part of life and I keep pushing. I’m going to keep being aggressive and humble and make my mark.

You got a heavy resume so far. You done songs with Sheek Louch, Papoose, Busta Rhymes, Cuban Link, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I. So who else are we gonna see on the mixtape or album that you haven’t done a joint with yet?

Definatley some new joints with Busta. Hopefully my brother Bun B. And alot more that you will soon hear.

Alright you know what I’m about to ask. What’s going down with Fat Joe?

(laughs) I don’t know that dude like that. That dudes funny. Like I said before you have a dude making millions, that’s cocky and arrogant, and everyone knows he sells his own people out. Instead of embracing me when I came in the game he’s gonna talk reckless about punching me in my jaw and stuff like that. I don’t know what the fuck for. But you got to understand … you can do that shit with who ever you did that shit with before but there ain’t no pussies over here. I’m a fuckin lion. I come from the street. I ain’t just rapping about it like 90 percent of these niggas do either. All I want to do is hip hop right now. I left the streets alone cause Hip hop was my cure. So aslong as he stays in his fucking lane, I’ll stay in mine! He aint messing with no little boy over here. So he needs to come correct and that’s it. He says he’s a real hiphop head. Then he needs to go to talk to KRS One. KRS will tell him that a real hip hop head would battle. Just like the battle with MC Shan back in the day. He’s always talking that hip hop shit. So, lets take it back to that hip hop shit and battle. He aint fucking with me! He can’t fuck with me lyrically. If he thinks he can fuck with me in the street then he got another thing coming. I don’t wanna take it there so I hope he plays his ground and I’ll play mine. I won’t talk about that mans family and he shouldn’t talk about mine. He has an autistic son and so is my son. I would never talk about a mans wife or family. I don’t disrespect like that. Aslong, as he don’t disrespect me like that and stays in his lane, we good.

How did you actually hear Fat Joe saying that he would “break your jaw” among other things?

Somebody called me. He (Joe) was in the background running off at the mouth. I heard his voice and didn’t think nothing of it. He was actually in Philly. My boy told me that he was in the store. Then my boy yelled to him “what you think about Big Lou and Joel Ortiz?” .Don’t forget I am on the phone listening when he asked him. Joe said “Joel is alright, But Big Lou man that muthafuckin big Pun wannabe clone man…FUCK THAT NIGGA! “ I heard it so I said to my boy “YO! Toss that fat muthafucka the phone!”. My boy told Joe that Lou was on the line and then Fat Joe and him got in an argument. Also, the person that called me asked Joe if he thought he was a dirty south clone. And he got mad. My man don’t give a fuck and he was ready for whatever. My man told him to “Get the fuck out here” and they rolled out. My dude told me they was like 50 deep. He said “I don’t got 50 shells on me but I’ma get somebody” (laughs). That’s how I new it was official.

Do you think that the songs you did with Cuban Link and Papoose and signing with Kay Slay (being Fat Joe and Kay Slay aren’t on good terms) has something to do with the hating he feels towards Big Lou?

Knowing him Yeah. He’s a prideful dude man. He got too much pride. He got a lot on his mind. Every problem he got he deserved to be shitted on. Just for the fact that sometimes that pride can hurt you. He got to stop doing that sheisty shit. If he wants to be the bigger man and call me ,even though he might look at me and say he don’t owe me shit, we can talk.

Joe said in a recent interview that you wish you can be “The second coming of Big Pun” and that you wish you can be “in the Terror Squad” . What do you think about it?

He gave me a compliment saying the second coming of Big Pun. He don’t even know what the fucks he’s saying man. Even though I know I ain’t on Puns level ,cause he was in a class of his own, that’s a compliment in itself. All Latinos get stereo typed to Big Pun even if they don’t sound like him.

Like Joel?

Right ..exactly

Alright lets get off this Fat Joe shit. This is the last question. Do you think that 50 Cent put the nail in is coffin with “The Elephant In The Sand” mixtape?

(laughs) Nah…. I think I’ma put the nail in his coffin. That’s actually what the joints called “Nail In The Coffin” . After that I’m chilling. Look for it in the streets or websites.

The new Terror Squad is all dudes from the south…

Yea that’s his new home. Shouts to Mysonne and Cuban Link and them. “That’s why they got “Bang Bang Boogie”. Joe can’t even go back to the Bronx man.

How does it feel to be the first artist to officially put Camden on the map?

It’s a good feeling but It aint gonna be right until I bring the rest of my Camden niggas who need to get heard too. Feel me? There’s a lot of talent out here man. I got a team that’s crazy. Everybody in Camden know I had a crazy buzz before I got into this position I am in. I was telling niggas “I’ma get heard, watch”. Once I went to New York and started killing stages that’s when it got serious. So it feels good but it will be better when I bring them cats from Camden who nice as hell spitting along with me.

Once you get more in the public eye are we going to be hearing in detail about how crazy Camden is. From the corruption and scandals to the poverty?

Definatley. I’ma shed light on a lot of topics. You won’t hear me talking about the murder rate too much because there’s a lot of fake niggas in the hood who take advantage of the murder rate being so high bragging about it. We want that murder rate to go down man. I see a lot of shit. I gave out 600 plates on Thanksgiving. It was sad. We was delivering food to abandon houses with people living in them. I been doing that for the last 5 years. It’s a sad sight man …I wish I could do more. But I do what I can now. I will be addressing some issues. The mayor been calling me like crazy this year trying to ride dick. Wanna know why? Cause I be shutting them down . Corzine was trying to track me down in the hood for centuries, cause I was about to shut him down too. Now they all wanna ride dick. Cause they are asking how can this one muthafucka be so effective in the hood. So you gonna hear me talking about a lot of issues man. I might invade they elections too.

You have paid a lot of homage to the hiphop greats from your old mixtape cover to your songs. It would be only right if you tell us your TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE?


You can’t count ya self either

1st of all Rakim
Pun of course
The last one ….LL Cool J cause of his longevity.

Got to ask Obama or Hilary?

I don’t fuck wit that. Whoever gets elected at the end of the day there ain’t gonna be no change man. It’s still gonna be fucked up for a while.

Any labels you can talk about you might sign too? Give me that exclusive. (laughs)

(Laughs) After we clear up this legal shit I can talk more about it

How do you feel about Remy Ma getting 8 years?

It’s fucked up. But, she’s a trooper. She gonna be good. Once she gets out she will doing her thing again.

Undastream Magazine has a big Mid West following. There’s a good chance some readers getting this may have never heard of Big Lou. Tell me one song they need to check out that will make them an instant fan.

I got to say the joint Bun B was feeling …”Crackhead”.

So In closing is there anything else you wanna let the people know. We now know about your untitled album and mixtapes coming. How you feel about the elections. We know you are gonna put a nail in Fat Joe’s coffin. You got some labels in the works there anything else?

Yea..Shouts out to Camden. Shout out to Street Sweepers. Shouts to Undastream Magazine and Advo.

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