U.$.: Hi Athena thank you for taking time to sit down with Unda$treaM… How has this year been for you?

Athena: So far so good! Every week is a different adventure for the family and I so I cant complain!

U.$.: Do you have any big plans for the summer?

Athena: Other than working on a few projects, we are taking a few trips to LA, Mexico and hopefully Miami. I have been asked to help arrange a huge pool party event for our friends in LA, here in Houston. So I’m trying to get all that put together. My birthday is in August and I hope to have a huge bash and get everyone together as well.

U.$.: What’s your favorite place to eat in H-Town?

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Athena: Wow, Houston is known for our diverse culture and food! I would hate to pick a favorite! I love food so I love so many!

U.$.: You help run King of the Clippers, Do you hang out there? How is it being a girl around the barber shop?

Athena: Yes and being the lady in the barbershop is not that bad. I’ve always been thought of as one of the guys, so the behavior is basically the same when I’m there or not, so I think lol. I get mad respect from everyone because I give it all to them. We love our barbers, they’ve been with us since day one and we are very blessed for that. I make sure they are good and I try to get them whatever they need. Its always good to have a girl around to put a women’s touch when it comes to the organization, cleanliness, or making sure the little things are noticed and taken care of. I try not to go a lot because the barbershop is a man’s retreat to get away, and I like for our clients and barbers to have their space.

U.$.: Are you inspired by any actress’s out there right now?

Athena: Hmmm… Well I respect many actors/actress’s. As for actress’s I admire the work of Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Salma Hayek, Michelle Rodriguez and some of Jennifer Lopez’s work. But the list goes on.

U.$.: Has a guy ever wrecked from checking you out?

Athena: Man, I really don’t know. That would be awful! But I do remember a guy tripping on a chair one time. Even though I wanted to help him, I didn’t want him to see that I noticed and for him to feel bad.

U.$.: Is there any projects your working on with any other artists rite now?

Athena: I have a lot of things coming up! I’m thankful for all the people I’ve worked with in the past and I’m excited about the ones in the upcoming future. There’s videos I’ll be featured in, a few tracks I’m dropping hooks on and a little movie skit, but I can’t say the name… it’s a secret. I can say I’m working with a local tv show in Houston called Beat Finders TV. It’s a show based on the Houston music scene and how it influences the nation. I interview top producers, record labels, top artists and also the underground world of music. It helps connect them together.

U.$.: NICE… How do you plan on taking sexy to a whole new level this year?

Athena: Well I know I don’t show as much as other models out there, but I can just continue to do as I do and give fans a little imagination when they view my art. I really appreciate all the love and support from everyone. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t continue doing what I do. After so many requests I finally have t-shirts in the making that will be available on my website and at a few stores here in Houston to start off. I just put out my brand new 2013 calendar poster and I’m promoting that now!

U.$.: Can’t wait til 2013 to hang it up, thanks Athena stay grindin’ it sounds like you have a lot going down! Respect

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