In route to becoming what a suburban father anticipates for his son, Craig Palm detoured. While attending college of coarse every kid from the suburbs finally gets away from the boring home life and lets loose partying their way through college to finally graduate, but few pic up a mic while doing it and discover they can rap. During college partying it up until it was time for class, not only did Craig do keg stands and have beer bong competitions but he found a talent only few white kids are able to perfect to appeal to the masses. He started rapping at college party’s becoming a major underground phenomenon. Craig proudly graduated taking a decent paying sales job, little did his co-workers know they were working with a modern day rap superman. After finally settling into his 9-5 shacking up with his brother in Chicago, he was able to get into the after hour club scene partying like it was college all over again. In the day Craig couldn’t wait to get off work walk into his phone booth go from ties and slacks to his Nirvana shirt and ripped jeans returning to the night as Na Palm the legendary MC who ripped the stage throughout the club circuit. Spitting mostly freestyles on a home setup over industry beats for his first mixtape “Hits from the Highway” in 2009 the fuse was lit. His brother realized he had something and started making connections.

When a producer by the name of Roo Almanaseer heard a hit “I’ll Take Everything” played on Chicago’s B96 radio, he quickly linked up with Na Palm and signed him to Tricoastal. Being from a city, which bred some of the fastest spitting MC’s such as Twista, Cap 1 Tha Don, and other white MC’s such as EC Illa, you can quickly pick up on Na Palm’s style. With a smooth rhythm to Na Palm’s flow and delivery it’s hard to put the voice to his face. With an image unlike your average rapper you would never guess that the crazy party animal in VIP would be the one about to get on stage and kill the mic. When Na Palm hits the stage all bets are off who ever thought he couldn’t spit is automatically drawn to all the women going crazy as Na Palm carry’s his crowd control with ease instantly raising all hands. Moving from one side of the stage to the other like he’s falling backwards Na Palm kicks the party in gear from a whole different stand point of your average hip-hop show.

With the times changing and the evolution of music taking a new cycle, he took rap in a direction few heads are willing to touch. Rapping over the new dubstep beats and electronic synths it’s hard to believe that someone who is into gangsta rap would think this shits cool; until you hear it. Just like Roo! Taking him out of Chicago Roo moved him straight to Lake Tahoe where he recorded “Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats” in Roo’s SmashLab Studio. Which he toured the country performing next to the likes of Mike Posner and Sam Adams. Na Palm is already scheduled for his next mixtape Electronic Chronic set to drop mid June. Recording in a party capital like Lake Tahoe, touring the hottest clubs scenes in the country and being able to spit like the dopest MC’s from Chi-Town Na Palm is definitely stepping up to the big leagues in style. Here is some links to keep you posted and a new leak just released to get you prepared for the smoke friendly mixtape on its way.

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