Wriky Knotz

With a hard working label behind him, hearing his first album would convince you he is one of Denver’s vets. The only problem is he’s only been in the rap game for a year and a half. We said it before that the boss of C.P.C.(Certified Playaz Committee) Playa Intenze was one of the few who did a good job of bridging the gap between Denver and Aurora. When Wriky Knotz jumped on board he took the torch from Intenze with out even remembering to ask him if it was ok. Being added as the last four of the seven member squad, the camp was already into their second mixtape promoting the new label. With 5280 Wayz 2 Hustle dropping soon after the Hood Money Mixtape the independent label out of the West Side of Denver, Colorado was starting to get noticed. Wroyal Nature Family was the first group mixtape which consisted of West One, Wriky Knotz, Kawn G, Lil Stunna and Kuff Wunn. This was the third cd in less than 2 years time and nothing was slowing up. They opened the show at the 3rd Annual 5280 Awards in 2011 as a label and still no one was sure really who was who. They all had an individual swag and not for a minute let up their confidence.

When 2012 kicked in gear the video making began. Playa Intenze put together an all white video shoot with a cast of cameo’s that included some of Denver’s biggest artists and sexiest lady’s. While at the shoot, I was yet to be able to point out all of the new C.P.C. members by name but after that night I was able to determine who Wriky Knotz was. I was posted at the bar when I heard “What’s up Breez” I look over and seen one of the young members of Wroyal Nature Family reach over to pass me a shot. I toasted to the life and continued my night as different scenes were shot and everyone was doing their thing. Then when I thought most of the scenes were finished up and it was coming to an end I heard one of the new C.P.C. cats say “Babe give me them racks”. I’m thinking she’s going to reach in and hand him a few wads of cash folded with rubberbands. I look over and see her reaching in having trouble getting the money out and who I now know as Wriky Knots helps her pull out a stack about 8 inches tall. All the bills were laid out flat in a big rubberbanded brick. It wasn’t just a couple hundreds hiding a bunch 5’s and 10’s. It was racks on racks on racks of who knows… 10 g’s or more. After that it wasn’t hard to put a name to the face.

In 2012 Wriky Knots dropped his first solo album putting him in the lime light as one of Denver’s newest but well known artists. He did video after video… some with all of Wroyal Nature, a few solo, others with West One his right hand man. He also cameo’d in several others. Before you knew it his solo full length all original LP was near its release and the talk of the town was his release party. November 10th, 2012 marked the date for it and when I asked how it went his response was… “It was a bitter mistake, I was surprised. I actually under estimated it.” West One tuned in “It was maxed out bro!” By collaborting with Clearview Films 8ight Tha Skate of Aurora on a lot of his video’s and now has actually been featured on a song with 8ight, he not only pulled in his local following from the West Side but had half of Aurora in the building as well. Don’t get me wrong when you’re doing trap music you tend to attract the D-Boyz and of course all the girls want to be where the D-Boyz are but this was more than that. It was him riding the wave of what a consistent grind can build when you push it to the limit. So I caught up with Knotz and was able to get the inside scoop of whats to come from C.P.C. West One jumped in on the interview and helped with the breakdown…

USM: How many video’s did you shoot in 2012?

Wriky Knotz: Shit… I lost count!

USM: Natural Born Hustla was your freshman album, how did that change the game for you?

Wriky Knotz: Really it just made me want to raise the bar. Don’t get me wrong Natural Born Hustla was a straight slap make sure you go peep it, but be ready for my new one cause every one just gets double as hard. That’s all I’m gonna do is get better and better. Every album that comes out I’m raising the bar! Independent Records sold a bunch the first few weeks, which was big being no one knew who I was.

USM: What would you say is one of the major road blocks in Denver?

Wriky Knotz: None! Anything that is a road block, I see as lunch meat. Anything that gets in my way I’m gonna treat as lunch meat!

USM: C.P.C. is independent, but would you consider signing a deal?

Wriky Knotz: We’ll deal with a label, but we’re not gonna sell our life over. If the money’s right!

USM: How long have you been in the game?

Wriky Knotz: We really only established ourselves a year and a half ago. We’re kind of fresh. Especially me. Two years ago nobody would ever expected me to be rapping. C.P.C. was started 3 years ago by Playa Intenze with Yung A.G. and West One. A year and a half ago they added me, Kuff, Lil Stunna, and Kawn.

USM: Who are you working with on production at this point?

Wriky Knotz: Looney from Bass Gang. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but don’t sleep on that man. He’s one of the top producers in Denver right now.

West One: He kills shit.

Wriky Knotz: Natural Born Hustla was produced by the Trapmaticians. Mostly Vitamin E. They’re out of Cali.

West One: I got TC Crook and MF Two. I’m looking around doing some window shopping. TC Came through on Hustle Heavy. Also be on the lookout for my new video “G Shit” featuring Tommy Brown. Shout out to Dope City.

USM: What else should everyone be on the lookout for from the camp?

photography by USM

photography by USM

Wriky Knotz: We just dropped the song Trap Life featuring Lil Keke and West One. Look out for the video coming real soon, Keke is in it! Yung AG has “G’z and Gentz” coming soon that’s his first LP. Playa Intenze is coming with exclusive solo LP “A Brownprint Of A Latin Boss” I have a huge one coming that we’re doing the video to too. “Who Am I (Remix)” that shit features like 15 artists from every hood in this bitch. It’s gonna be complicated pulling that together but that’s happening real soon.

West One: I have “Hustlaz Roulette” coming real soon be ready. That’s my first solo album. Kuff One and Lil’ Stunna coming out with a mixtape. Kawn G has a mixtape coming too.

USM: Any last words?

Wriky Knotz: Shout out to everyone who knows I love em’. To everyone else fuck em’!

West One: Mile High Salute. West Side!


Be sure to click his Natural Born Hustla LP up in our sidebar and check out snippets on itunes to purchase any of your favorite songs!

Interview by Breez

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