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HoBam Photography

We are the at the time of year when boxes of candy shaped like red hearts fill the grocery store isles and pictures of Valentina Valentine fill the UndaStreaM Magazine in preparation for the most romantic time of year. While a long journey from Northern Europe to L.A. started off as just a quest for education, Tina V. found a new interest in modeling. What started of as rough start in a strange land, soon turned the lustrous glitz and glamour that California is all cracked up to be for this diamond in the rough. Now diamond cut and polished Tina V. has emerged as Valentina Valentine ready for the big picture.


USM: Hi Tina, How are you today and how has your move from Europe to the states been for you?

Hi, I’m great, thank you! Well to be honest it was pretty hard at the beginning. I moved here by myself, had no family, no friends and life here seemed really different to me at that moment. That was pretty tough, But I love L.A. now. I even would say I feel like I’m home!

USM: Good to hear… What part of Europe are you from? Why move to LA to pursue modeling, why not Paris or NY?

I’m from North Eastern part of Europe. Modeling wasn’t a reason why I moved to L.A. I came here as a student, was learning English and hadn’t even thought about being a model.

USM: Glad you decided to learn English (laughs)… I’ve been told that people here in the USA, when people greet strangers here they say stuff like “How’s it going?” but really don’t care what the answer is, do you feel like that’s true? How’s the vibe different in Europe?

I can say it’s a kind of true, but I think there is nothing wrong with that. People just try to be polite and that’s it. There is a different situation in my part of Europe. People usually don’t talk to strangers, and we seem colder I think. But people are so different everywhere… and I accept the way people are.

USM: Anything happen to you that you’re not use to?

I think everything that has happened to me in the U.S. is totally a new experience. Different life, different people, different culture… everything is new to me!

HoBam Photography

USM: Do you like graffiti… What does it make you think when you see illegal graffiti in really hard to get places?

I love it! Graffiti is not just a picture on the wall, It’s an art for me and I respect those who do it. I have family who practice the art of graffiti! Yay

USM: We feel the exact same way Tina… Ever do any body paint? Would you?

No, I’ve never done any body paint and to be honest never even thought about it. But who knows, maybe someday I will try. A new experience is always good!

Of course… hey you expressed your compassion for graffiti, imagine that, you would actually get to become it! What kind of music do you like, and what artist do you really listen to lately?

Oh this is such a difficult question! You should look at my play list and you will see how many different kinds of music I have. But well, Hip Hop is my favorite still. Love old school and new artists as well. Last one was Gilbere Forte – Pray

Have you been to the beach at all? If so what’s your favorite?

Yes! Venice Beach and Malibu! I love them both

USM: Do you see yourself doing music videos or any acting?

Yes! I definitely see myself doing something else besides modeling. I think acting could be so interesting. Like I said before I’m opened for new experiences!

USM: Great, best of luck with that! Let us know if you ever land a gig in film, we wouldn’t want to miss it;-) Where can we find Valentina Valentine in 2013? 

I have a website www.valentinavalentine.com. It’s under construction but will be up soon. You can visit the website to find out what’s new in my world.


Interview by Breez

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