U.$. – What’s going down with it?

S.S. – I’m chillin’ I’m chillin’, one day at a time on this record breaking tour… 96 shows in 110 days.

U.$. – Has it been rough on you?

S.S. – Nah, we live for this! Yeah we get tired but it’s a good feeling to be tired from doing something you love to do.

U.$. – You were with another big label before Strange; what was that?

S.S. – I was with Ruthless Records from 2007 to 2010. I don’t know what’s going on with them right now, I’m caught up in Strangeland but more power to ‘em- shout out to Tamika Wright!

U.$. – What did you learn on Ruthless before coming to Strange?

S.S. – I learned a lot being that was my first deal! After that situation I learned what a deal was. Being young you just want a deal, you don’t really understand what a deal is. One thing I learned was it’s about what you can do for yourself also, not what the label’s going to do for you. You can’t just relax and let them do everything, you still have to bust ya ass, go and do what you have to do and see other things. Now you work with them but you can’t just leave it up to them to do everything for you, naw I’m sayin’.

U.$. – When did you sign to Strange?

S.S. – St. Patrick’s Day of 2011

U.$.- I seen the video of Tech passin’ you his chain, were you expecting that?

S.S. – Himmi, I was actually there to drop a verse for Tech’s “All 6’s and 7’s” album. I got on the joint called “Over Time” so I was there to do that. He just had me come to the compound and Tech was like “We about to do an interview real quick and I just want you in there just to plant the seed.” So I was in there thinking I was in there for something else and he caught me totally off guard! I knew I was signing to Strange but I didn’t know that was happening right there.

U.$. – What have you learned now, being on Strange?

S.S. – I’ve learned a lot. The way they maneuver, the blueprint. I’ve been working with Strange prior to Ruthless and through Ruthless, but being on the inside and seeing how they do it with strategizing…everything’s a strategy. The business definitely, but also how to react with the fans. It’s all about our fans. Inside out I’m soaking up what makes Strange so successful.

U.$. – What do have going right now?

S.S. – “TECH N9NE Presents Stevie Stone – Rollin’ Stone” which dropped June 12th. I had an album drop on Ruthless but it just feels like this is my first album. There’s so many things that happened to me for the first time on this album, like signing pre-orders and stuff like that I’ve never done. It’s a breath of fresh air like I’m coming out with my debut.

U.$. – What’s your favorite track off the album?

S.S. – That’s hard question. The single that’s bumpin’ right now “808 Bendin” got World Premiered by XXL. That’s a dope record, it has Tech on there. A joint called “My Remedy” is really, really dear to me. I got a joint with Hopsin on there that’s really dope. I got a joint with Yelawolf that’s dope. “Get Buck” is dope, but I can’t give you just one. I can give you a cluster, but to name just one that’d be hard to do. I’m close to all the records.

U.$. – Where you from?

S.S. – I’m from Columbia, MO but I been in St. Louis for the last 8 years. If you listen to my record I’m reppin’ the whole Midwest. It ain’t no Columbia, it ain’t no St. Louis, it ain’t no KC. I’m reppin’ the whole Midwest. On “In The Game” I say, “I proudly hold the torch for the middle.” I’m sayin’ I love em’ all and proudly put it down for all of em’!

U.$. – Any last words?

S.S. – “Rollin’ Stone” is about to take you by storm! If you haven’t heard of me this is going to make you get to know me! Himmi Hyme like a mafucka!

Interview by Breez
photography by 303 Publications, Inc.

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