North Face ABS VestAfter a week of action on slope and down in Denver at SIA Trade Expo at The Colorado Convention Center some of the most innovative brands showed out to expose their 2013/14 line of apparel. Basically you walk in and see everything a snowboarders wildest dreams can offer. Booth after booth of the sickest snowboards and gear head to toe, anything you need from audio on the slopes to survival vests to save you in an avalanche. ABS and North Face collaborated to come up with this vest which pushes your credit card debt back around a grand. You can also get bags made by solely by ABS which come in backpack form.

light bohrdsAnother board that really caught my eye was the Light Bohrd. These things were awesome, controlled by motion and also a sensor key that can change the setting from the light to a strobe setting. If your a night boarder this would definitely get some wows. They also make a line of skateboards that have the red light in back and a headlight in front turning your skateboard intop a visibly safe street legal automo-board. Light boards will also customize a board for you and supply you with a dope helmet too.


Prior Snowboards

Hitmaker also available in Black Edition











As we moved through the maze and came upon the next booth I started paying attention to the new snowboard designs and started seeing a common theme printed on several different brands… The Illuminati. Board after board and brand after brand all had some insignia that pointed to the triangle with the eye or some message encrypted symboling the revolt against the secret society. Which I felt made for some really dope designs.


Nobis headgear and jackets

When it came to gear Nobis had some really dope selections. You can get a super warm snowboarding jacket that looks just fine to walk into any business meeting. And hey if your a animal rights activist you can get the faux fur option. A very classy stylish range of garments for men and women if your not going for the average young kid look on the mountain.




Analog(AG) letterman jacket

If you are going for the “I snowboard more than you look”… Analog took the cake for the dopest boarder lifestyle rags. They had a dope look that can be perfect on or off the mountain but a more urban feel to it. AG also had a great variety to chose from.


What came first French Montana or Airhole Face Mask?




Ok now we are into full swing, we’ve came across all sorts of stuff but some stuff just catches your eye. Being in hip hop and watching different videos and artist try to start trends some times you wonder where they get their ideas. Well I swear this looked really familiar to some of French Montanas latest outfits. Airhole has a variety of different characters and designs to fit anyones humor or outfit!

Gold and black with cross shovels logo

If you like to jam while you at the bottom of the mountain or on you way up the lift Jammy Pack has the perfect toy. These fanny packs souped up with speakers and a headphone jack will make your day. Actually pretty loud ranging around $65, not only can you plug your ipod in and play all your music through it. You can even buy the battery pack that will keep your device charged for $30 more bucks.
I actually made it up to Winter Park to demo one of these super dope DC boards with Jeff Soto artowork. I rode a 156, the board was really light and flexible which make for a great park board. Although when taken to high speeds the board vibrated a bit but at that point you don’t care your just flying. Had a great day and would love to purchase this board if I was in the market for it.

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