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What people don’t about Papa Smurf is he’s been in the game for young minute grindin’ state to state. I first met Papa Smurf at the Focused On Paper Studio here in Denver about five years ago, jumping studio to studio in Denver just lacing verses. He’s cold on his hook game and has a unique style of rhyming. You catch the Southern drift when you hear him but his music and voice have a mesmerizing touch to it that just pulls you into his songs. If you haven’t heard of the Nawf Side Houston Azz Acta definitely go check him out, he has a tune that you haven’t before.

What’s up Papa Smurf thanx for taking time to get with Undastream, whats been new with ya?

Mane grinding’ Actin a Azz. Know what ‘m saying pushing the album & putting it down for the fam.

I see you’ve been doing a lot of shows lately, hows the road and feed back been on Actin a Azz?

I love it man, people really starting to recognize the fact I’m Papa Smurf Mr Azz Acta. It’s a few Papa Smurf’s out there, but only 1 Papa Smurf Mr Azz Acta. Feel me? Repping that North side Houston TX. I been in the game a minute so it feels real good.

Your video “Bet You Any Mount Of Money” had some big names on it and had the video with the features in it… Let them know how hard it is to make that happen for an indie artist...

It’s a lot of hard work real talk. With the “Bet U Any Mount of Money” video I actually rode out there with Carolyn Rodriguez and Juan Gotti to Cali. Shot the video with the homie Concrete live. He ‘s the one who shot the video. My homie Manuel Rodriguez hooked up wit Frank Nitty the West coast P.Diddy and made the feature happen. It was actually suppose to be Bizzy Bone on the feature but his voice was gone, and he had just did a show the night before. So it was just a blessing from God that Layzie Bone was down to take his spot and we made a classic.

Who put you on to game on surviving the industry?

Mane I had a lot of people who laced me up in this game, but the biggest I say was Layzie Bone cause we actually sat down and had a real convo about life and all his situations. So yeah definitely Layzie Bone.

What’s / when is your next album coming out and what special guests can we expect on that?

Tha next album I’m a call it “The Art of Azz Actin” and I know fo show I’m a have my H-town fam on it. My bro Lester Roy, Ace Nate, my cuz Boney Skrone, my fam Archie Lee & Coota Bang from Swisha House and a lot more. So just stay tuned and prepare to Act a Azz

Who’s your production from?

A bunch of different producers mostly Swollen Drums, and my fam Cosmo. I’m doing some new shit with Sells Beats I gota bunch of different flavors and I’m always looking for more.

Thanks Papa Smurf any last words or shout outs?

S/O to Undastream Magazine for looking out for ya Smurf. S/O to all the real G’s in the game. Grinding hard tryna maintain, S/O Nawf side H-town, my fam & the all the fans and that’s that mane. Def keep in contact with ya Smurf on Twitter: @713PAPASMURF and def go get that “ACTIN A AZZ” album it’s available on everything from ITUNES, & AMAZON to Reverbnation and more.

Interview by Breez

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