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[AVAILABLE TODAY] Necro Breaks Down The Creation Of The Godfathers Album With Kool G Rap!

Posted on 19 November 2013 by admin


Undastream Magazine’s Tee, Here interviewing, Underground Death Rap legend Necro aka Ron Braunstien, on “The GodFathers”, His newest project, with partner and Gangsta Rap legend Kool G Rap. This collaboration is long overdue with the mainstream’s over saturated state of hip hop. With several dates pushed back and a handful of fans new and old anticipating this album to restore the hardcore underground rap scene, we can all finally get a taste of the good old all or nothing days! Today “The Godfather’s” release the first album from the duo “Once Upon A Crime” which we hopefully see a sequel to.


USM: How did Necro and Kool G Rap become The Godfathers? What was that first meeting like?

Necro: It was my idea to name the group that, we met through Domingo who was friends with my fan Teena, then I met kgr and we clicked, the first meeting I was nervous, cuz I love K.G.R. so much, as an idol, but he was super cool, and it was off to a good start, we drank Henny at Applebee’s, and I abused people while K.G.R. laughed!

USM: Who came up with the name of the group and the album?

Necro: I came up with both, but K.G.R. approved, so when I came up with the ideas, he agreed, really fast, the name is to describe, who we are style wise, we are Godfathers, and the album title is a play off of once upon a time, which is also “Once Upon A Time In America” the gangsta movie.

USM: Word is PLR, Mr.Hyde is the only feature on the album, is that true?

Necro: Yes, just Hyde, he is special like that.

USM: I know there is some GodFathers merch on NECROPRODUCT.COM, will there be more to come?

Necro: I dont know, can’t predict the future now.

USM: What has the fan’s reactions been like since you released “Heart Attack”, the first release off of the new CD entitled “ONCE UPON A CRIME”?

Necro: Fans are loving it, the record is fucking brutal, super dope, I’m very proud of that song, and glad it was the first song fans heard.

USM: Necro, What was it like to exclusively produce “ONCE UPON A CRIME”?

Necro: It was a dream come true, to be able to produce an entire album with K.G.R and myself spitting back and forth, unreal.

USM: How many copies of this cd do you estimate selling?

Necro: I dont know, these days its hard to predict, If we sell 20,000+ that’s dope!

USM: I know G RAP and yourself are both dominate. How were you both able to make decisions on which direction “THE GODFATHERS” would go?

Necro: I give K.G.R. hierarchy over everything, but he is so cool, he lets me decide shit too, So, he treats me like an equal, However, I said that he can make all final decisions out of respect.

USM: Now the question asked by Kool G Rap and Necro fans alike, Will “THE GODFATHERS” tour and if so. Where? and When?

Necro: Not sure at this time, We shall see.

USM: Undastream Magazine, and staff want to thank you for your interview, is there any last words, you would like to add?

Necro: Yes, thanks Teena, and Domingo for helping this happen, salute!!!

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