Undastream Magazine, backstage here in Denver Colorado at The “Happy Daze” Tour with  a good friend, Psychological Records Mr. Hyde.

Sup Hyde? We both know that I have your newest cd, “Chronicles of a Beastman”,
how were sales?

“well it sold like shit, I mean, first the masses aren’t into the brutal shit and I am brutal madness, secondly the distributor Koch is Terrible; Necro mentioned Fifty cent saying “Koch is where rappers go to kill there career.” so now Necro, and  Psychological Records will be doing deals through RBC Fontana, my next album will be through them.  So, it’s all about  Universal RBC Fontana, alot of dope artists are on there Tech N9ne, Insane Clown Posse, Eight ball alot of big names.

When can we expect the next Mr. Hyde album?

” Well,  I hope next April 2011, right now we’re doing tours, this one we with I.C.P., Coolio, Goast, K.M.K, Blaze ya Dead Homie, and Kitty. so, we destroyed Denver tonight, for Memorial day.

So what happens after Tour when you get back to New York?

” I have been collecting beats, for my album, so i’ll be working with Snowgoons, Sean Strange, probably Q-Unique and Ill Bill, alot of motherfuckers are comming with beats, I’m looking for that “Barn of the Naked Dead” feel, where Necro produces most the album,  We got beats on tap, but, at least 8 beats will be Necro and then me tearing the shit out of all of them, basically, i’m going to stitch together a Frankenstien Monster for you, in 2011.”

I know alot of family that you have done collabs with, how about fans that want to work with Hyde?

“They can contact me through Facebook or My Space, but if your not fam or a fellow artist like Sean Strange or Ill Bill then, it’s comming out of pocket, It might cost them literally a bloody arm and a leg.” (lol)

You have been on almost all Necro’s CD’s , but “Die!” was different, can you tell us about that?

“Yeah, “DIE!” Necro wanted  no cameo’s,  no guest appearences showing he can hold down the mountain, most artists are flooding the market with all these posse tracks, instead of holding it down as a solo artist, so I respect Necrofor doing that and “DIE!” came out just as tight as the rest, i love “DIE!”

What is in your ipod this tour?

“Right now, I’ve been rockingthe new “DIE!” and then my boy Goast from Coolio’s camp gave me his CD, thats on thereand Kutt Calhouns new shit, we peep alot on touri got some “Death Magnetic” Metallica, some Slayer, before tour I make a list of a 1000 or so songs so it could be Ghetto boys, maybe Ghostface from the 1st album or maybe  ” In the streets of New York” by Kool G Rap or Kool Kieth from  the “Black Elvis” record.”

You were recently married and Karine is on tour with you, working merch, how sick is that?

” yeah, it was our 6 month abnniversary on march 24th, Karine is becoming famous on Necrohiphop.com there is even a thread about her. saying yo Hyde’s girl is cool as fuck and is working merch, then the grimmey motherfuckers asking us to post pix of her ass.(lol) I’m like yo, the girl is mine…like that Micheal Jackson and Paul MacCartney song, “The girl is mine”, she’s mine.”

Tonight there was a stabbing outside the Fillmore, is there any riots or crazy shit that sticks out?

” yeah,  Necro headline tour in Seattle, Washington, Necro was sick, so the guy goes on stage to tell them Necro’s not performing and they started throwing bottles at his head, people were stabbed so ya, they started rioting, so shout out to all the die hard PLR fans.”

What is up with the whole Best Buy banning Necro?

” well the CEO banned him because of the video “White Slavery” video, I mean it has a parental sticker, what else do they want? There fucking with our 5th ammendment rights, but fuck them!”

We both have signed the petition to get Necro on the Howard Stern show, how can PLR fans help out?

” Go sign the petition on My Space, Facebook or tell Howard at HowardStern.com get Necro on and we can all go tailgate outside the show, Howard would love that, BBQ beat the shit outta people, maybe kick out a few of Beatle Juices Teeth.(lol) Let Necro do Tabloid update, just shit on everybody, do some more porn rhymes, bring some strippers smack them around.”

You were a Golden Gloves Boxer and actually still box, right?

” Yeah, now I do MMA as well my friend Mike MMA and I traded skills so, ya that’s what’s up.”

Alright Hyde, Unadstream Magazine thanks you for taking time to chill, is there any last words you have for our readers?
“Shout out to all the homies, the Juggalos and Jugglets, ICP,  Coolio, all the fam, La Coka, and thanks to all the loyal fans buying Merch, getting tickets, Necro or Hyde  headliner shows, let’s build an army, lets get Necro on Howard Stern, so we can blow up, We aren’t sale outs so the more yall buy the more you’ll get back! so the strippers will turn into Scarlet Johanssen,  and if she get’s naked her head is going on my mantle next to Teena’s art, Tee’s drawing, so Scarlet I know you went NYU, get at me.(lol) but, thanks to the PLR Army.”

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