In Denver at The Roxy

In Denver at The Roxy

Since Krayzie Bone went solo in 1998, it wasn’t hard for him to carry the weight of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. When his first solo album Thug Mentality 1999 dropped it reached record sales of double platinum. Although he is vet to this rap game who has a big name, even he knows you don’t slow down and stop working because your famous. When you get famous it only means you must carry on your reputation. And that he has. His collaborations with Chamillionaire earned him more platinum and with his own business savvy started his own label and clothing line The Life. While on tour, good friends like L Mac and Sloan Bone help him keep the party jumping and give the crowd that nostalgic feel of what BTNH created in the 90’s! We tuned in to see what’s going on with the Mo Thug Family last friday and enjoyed a killer show!


USM: In 1998 your first solo album entitled “Thug Mentality 1999” came out selling 2 million, did you expect that to be that big?

K.B.: Man not really we weren’t even really into the record sales, we were just in the studio and all that music was coming from us just being hungry. From us just wanting to get shit off our chest. When it did what it did it was just amazing. None of us expected to be where we are today… still. If you look at where we came from, it’s like wow.

Greenroom at The Roxy

Sloan Bone in the Greenroom at The Roxy

USM: I heard Flesh got you kicked out of a lot of places on the road…

K.B.: It wasn’t always him though. Everybody had their fair share of getting us kicked out of hotels, but he played a major part of it!

USM: Sounds like fun, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony just recently went on their 20th Anniversary Tour for Rock The Bells. How was it reuniting after all the differences over the years?

K.B.: It was a great success! We all came together recognizing that it was a big opportunity. We didn’t want to let that pass up. We all came together and was like lets do this. It wasn’t nothing major, it really just took us all coming back together and doing what we do.

USM: Do you have a new solo projects coming out?

K.B.: Yea, I got an Ep coming out called “The Quick Fix”. It’ll be out probably next month. We’re working on the BTNH 20th Anniversary album also. Working on a lot of different stuff just staying busy!

USM: Anything that sticks out from the Biggie and Tupac collaborations?

K.B: Just that it’s a complete honor to work with those cats before they passed away. At the time we weren’t looking at it like “This is gonna go down in history” or that type of stuff. It was like this is the first time we fin to get down, let’s get it moving. It was just like a normal studio session. We was just kicking it, vibin’ to the music we were making and just having a good time.

L Mic and Sloan Bone

@Lmac_MoThugs and @IamSloanBone

USM: How’s your label and clothing line The Life going?

K.B.: That’s coming along well. We have a new artist named Caine follow him on twitter @Caine216. He’s getting a lot of radio play throughout the midwest. We’re trying to move with, he’s who I’m concentrating on.

Also be sure to look out for the mixtape series coming from Sloan Bone Khaki’s and Chucks 5!


Follow Krayzie Bone: @IAMKrayzieBone

Interview by Tee PLR

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