Diz vs Arcane

Arcanes last touch before Diz snaps!

After watching this battle we had to step up and state what we saw. Since Mr. Dizaster put the nail in Canibus’ coffin we’ve all been waiting to see the next battle. Like boxing or UFC all the hype is built up and after all the anticipation here it is “The Main Event”. Winners ride their streak like Kimbo and walk into a brick wall losing to a competitor that well, usually shouldn’t have a chance. In this heated dispute. Arcane held ground against a vicious opponent who quoted to Canibus “now it feels like I’m putting my own dog to sleep”. Unfortunately Diz had a bad day in the ring this time. If you subtract Round 2 from the battle, it brings this one to a lot closer match. At one point I felt like Mr. Dizaster was standing right in Canibus’ shoes. Wait… This is where Mr. Dizaster gets his bit of credit for this one. After losing his cool seconds after Arcane touched him for the last time, Mr. Dizaster seemed ready to climb under a rock. In a case which I think a lot of MC’s would of folded and threw the towel, Diz came back pretty hard in Round 3. At that point it was already too late though. Arcane was 2 consistent rounds into it before he started hammering away at Dizasters coffin to this battle. As far as content Diz… and the judges say it at the end, he just spent to much on the Caustic thievery and passing the papers out in his outlandish way. If it’s true that he bought bars or whatever, then smash the ghost writers bars and just go in to where it don’t matter who the fuck wrote the shit… you killed it! In the end, all the time spent on that I think fueled some poor sportsmanship. Maybe thats what needs to happen sometimes, when people start veering from the subject. Arcane was there to rap, that’s it. As far as the whole writing thing, I feel none of these battles should be planned, it should all be a surprise and freestyled to prove someones true skill. KOTD may just want to close the curtains to the next battle in some way to build the hype so people don’t start turning their heads like the way boxing is looked upon these days.

Words by Breez

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