Melissa Anne Teixeira

Interview by Breez

What’s up Hemigirl you’ve definitely been a busy bee lately tell me about some of your sites and where got the concept for your brand….

I have several sites. My personal modeling website is I get a ton of hits on it simply because people want to play with the mouse! Check it out, you’ll see what I mean! My other websites are something totally new that I just started. I have my own fashion line called HemiFashion ~ Live it, Wear it, Bleed it. I sell all kinds of things from t-shirts to hoodies and a couple of skateboards! As I mentioned before, it’s completely brand new so I am still adding merchandise as I go along. It takes a long time to draw some designs and throw them up on a shirt! And of course, like I do every year, I have my own posse; The HemiGirls! The HemiGirls basically are a network of the best women in the industry combined with newcomers to the industry. It’s sort of a method of putting models on the right track and helping them build up their career. You can check them out at We are going down to the Dominican Republic in April to shoot the HemiGirls 2012 DOOMSDAY calendar! It’s gonna be a blast!

The concepts for my brand are a little weird. I think the best way I can describe it is by saying this: it’s like throwin’ cheese on the wall, if it sticks it sticks, if it doesn’t then move on to the next one. For me my brand is everything about who I am, it’s basically my name. As far as how it all came about, to be honest I wouldn’t know where to start. It sort of just came together on its own. Over the years some of my closest friends call me Hemi. I made my first television appearance starring in a commercial for a local Chrysler dealership, after that the name just stuck “HemiGirl”. I think it’s a little funny but it’s something that people will never forget, and they will always associate it with me. Which is pretty cool I think!

Nice, What would you say separates you from others?

I think that I am separated from the others because for me, that’s how it’s always been. Even in high school I was separated from the others. I am 25 and I’ve seen a good chunk of the world. I own a company, and I strive on success. I am very driven, and when I want something, I get it. No questions asked. That’s just who I am.

How do you over come some of the harsh politics of being a prominent model, in a day and age that’s clustered with beautiful women “trying” to be models?

This is really my favorite question. Over the past 8 years or so, the internet has become an amazing tool. Technology will take over the world one day! I have seen more girls on the internet posing in their skivvies’ then I have in Cosmo magazine! We live in such a desensitized world, that no one has enough balls to tell these girls they don’t belong in the industry. Same rule applies to photographers. Just because you have a digital camera doesn’t make you a photographer, and just because you have a nice smile doesn’t make you a model. In this world, a real model knows her way, an aspiring model will find her way, and a fake model will get lost in the smoke. It’s just as simple as that!

Hemi Smokin

Fake models get lost... HemiGirl don't!

What would you say was your funniest shoot?

My funniest shoot was with this girl Tabby. She was shooting in my 09’ HemiGirls Calendar and she kept cracking jokes every time a video camera was in her face.  We laughed so hard that we ended up halting production because every time we looked at her we would all laugh. She’s a stand up comic lol. She’s got a tattoo on her ass that says “Brown Eyed Girl”.

What’s with this calendar I’m hearing about and how did that come together?

The newest calendar came at me in a whole different perspective. Every year I try and do something completely over the top! Last year was grunge, so for 2012 I had to take it a step higher. I will say that when the idea of calling it “The 2012 DOOMSDAY Calendar” came about, I was actually really faded. It’s crazy how your mind works in different ways. I think this one is going to be straight up success for all of my team. The girls are smokin’ hot, the photographers are amazing, and I get to spend a week in paradise with 11 beautiful girls! Beauty never dies in paradise!

Who’s your latest crush?

HemiGirl with Mario Lopez

George Clooney & anyone that looks like him!

Watch out lol, so what’s a night out consist of when you want to hit the town?

OH BOY! A night out on the town with me consists of, well lol, just picture spring break in Cancun. I have a lot of friends who are pretty girls and when we go into bars, we just start the party! I drink Patron & Corona’s and they do too. We aren’t into fruity shit lol.

That’s my girl, favorite perfume and which cologne turns you on?

Heavenly by Victoria Secret…. but on a man, there is something about that Axe crap that drives me nuts!

Wow would of never guessed… Any last words?

Doubt doesn’t dictate destiny, decision does.

Charles “Mask” Lewis RIP


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