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New song "1911"

When I first peeped out Hasan and seen 1911 as the name song I thought “Terrorist”. But turned out the only terrorizing he does is to the mic! Lately I’ve seen an uprising of Middle Eastern names coming from new rappers… Niamaj who’s out of Brooklyn but resides in the bay, Amad Jamal from L.A.,etc. and several have no arabic descent just using goverment names or have an alter ego. So I have learned not to judge books by their cover… no racial pun intended just the fact that name sticks out and your not sure what type of rhymes dudes going to kick or style he’s about. After reading his bio and peeping his new song “1911” I definitly got a sort of Immortal Technique feel. He def has a strong aura in his rhymes. With anti-gov attitude and strong message to you to respect the Higher Power. He’s definitly dope hailing from New Jersey, he’s already made a big mark on the industry since 04′ getting a chance to go in front of National TV he made his mark by going in on the subject of the Truth about what’s really going on spittin’ these words “Our elected officials aren’t concerned with real issues/
Their votes are controlled by the dollars of lobbyists/
Backed by corporations and worldwide conglomerates/
Pushing propaganda through the columns of news columnists/
Every single station reports with a bias/
Getting paid less for the facts, then they do for their silence/”
The producers dropped their clipboards. The studio audience cheered.
Hasan’s weapon has always been “the Truth.”

Now releasing the first song off of his new EP Music is My Weapon. “1911” which is produced by Ari Why shows why he has been featured by 2Dopeboyz, DJBooth, HipHopDx, KevinKnottingham and more. I def think he’s doing his thing… be looking for an interview from him soon.


by John "Tats" Blanco


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