At the MasterDrive Training Facility as The Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition helps kick off the 5th Annual National Drive Electric Week.

At the MasterDrive Training Facility as The Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition helps kick off the 5th Annual National Drive Electric Week.

Today, The American Lung Association let Unda$treaM come out and test drive some of the hottest trending electric cars on the market. While a lot of people are still waiting for their dads inheritance to purchase their dream car, picturing a V-12 with an old traditional engine pumping gas through an internal combustion engine in a little cloud above their head, a new generation of vehicles is arriving that won’t contribute to the brown cloud hovering over the worlds biggest cities! There was an assortment of strange looking pint size models, the Ford CMAX Energi was our test run model around the course filled with everyday traffic obstacles. It was a swift little critter, but we had to get a shot at the luxury that would still fulfill the craving of a dream car. The Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid doesn’t compare in electric standards to the Tesla Model S P85D, but does keep up with it without being completely reliant on a charge station. Of course, we would all like to fork over Tesla 80k to prove we never have to gas up again but is that convenient to most of our everyday lives? Realistically… probably not! Tesla Model S P85D

Five years from now lets hope there are 10 times the amount of charge stations and more gas stations going out of business, but a lot of people recently invested in new gas cars in the last few years since the EV’s arrived who at the time didn’t realize what kind of investment they could of made by purchasing an electric. Yes it’s true, not all have hopped the band wagon but as the years progress into new era of cars that can run strictly on charge, it is something to keep in mind when you’re finally ready for that trade in. While cars like the Leaf and the self driving BMW i3 may not be the model that catches your eye, there are always options out there like the much affordable Chevy Volt that can be mistaken for a gas model and still get you around town with out a drip of gas being turned into pollution.

The Porsche and Tesla are of course “what they are”… large luxury vehicles with bulky bodies that have a lot of speed which will be driven by the right fit for the shoe, but for everyday get around models, Ford CMAX Energi will save you a ton of money in the long run for a back and forth to work car and still have a fun ride to make you enjoy getting behind the wheel. So, to kick off a now tradition to tens of thousands of people in over 100 U.S. cities who rally to raise awareness of plug-in vehicles at this time of year, lets put the bug in our ear to Go Green next time we purchase a vehicle and help the American Lung Association meet their goals of the decline of pollution in the world by plugging in our cars instead of pumping them up.

Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid

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