U.$.M. – What do you write?

Denz – I write Denz, Denzone, Denzrocwell, Denzism, Denzo!

U.$.M.- What artist or artists influence your work?

Denz – The legendary trixter, from chicago, that was featured in spraycan art back in the day!

U.$.M. – Explain to us what graffiti means to you.

Denz – Graffiti means vandals, in society. But I look at it as a group of outsiders’ finding ways to excersize their medium of artistik, ability on the wall.

U.$.M. – Whats up with the best paint ,who makes it?

Denz – I love “Montana” from Spain, and also Belton, the paint is thick and it flows out smoothly.

U.$.M. – Have you ever thought about tagging on birds?

Denz – No not realy but it would be dope to tag them with a signature like luggage. But have stamped money for the past 3-4 years on $2 dollar bills, then all of a sudden I looked on mtv when the beastie boys were on tour, and mtv was doing their promotion give away, and they said! If you find a $2 dollar bill with the mtv logo, you get in free! I was like what a fucking bite,,,, because at the Iz The Wiz show I was in New York and I passed out about $500 dollars of $2 dollar bills from the bank, just throughing it in the air around new york, then they decided to do it! Fucking biters’ LOL..

U.$.M. – Have you ever flown 1st class?

Denz – Yes! I can clearly remember me flying first class.. That, it was the same year I got booted out of ATT Crew I flew out to Denmark, Copenhegan for 3 weeks to paint with (Bates), it was the best”. So by being dissapointed! I was like I should treat your self to a new start..

U.$.M. – If you could paint a face landmark what would that be?


U.$.M. – How long have you seen a piece ride on a traincar?

Denz – 12 Years and that’s no joke! I’ve even seen my shit still running and friends’ I was shocked Artistik, from Milwaukee WI, always catch my old stuff rolling when he show me them flix!

U.$.M. – Any last thoughts?or shouts

Denz – Shot out to “God” above to making everything possible for me since 1985, & CREWS TAC, GOD, KD, SAS, TNB, BYI, COD, YNN, PCP, 5MH, URBANDWELLERS, FST, AIA, & UNDASTREAM MAGAZINE, BTB, (BAD CREW IN CHICAGO). You all are catching wreck in the chitown, keep it going! PEACE “DENZONEROCWELL”

Model: Natasha Stone from Playboy T.V.

Model: Natasha Stone from Playboy T.V. reppin’ the Denz Toaster Purse

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