Today we get a peek into the life of one of the coolest cats I know, from the Legendary DMS crew, Danny Diablo a.k.a. Lord Ezek.

Yo,  Danny what’s good brother?  I  Have A few question’s for you.  First let’s  talk about your family, do you have any siblings?
I have a younger sister that I am very close to.  I also had a younger brother name David who committed suicide in 1994.

You are a New York Native, that now resides in Cali,
Do you miss New York?
I am actually doing this interview in N.Y.  I am in Queens at my boy Lash’s crib.  I live in L.A. and got mad love for Cali. But I am a New Yorker through and through!!!  No city is like N.Y.C. period.

So you are officially on tour again correct?
The tour got cancelled booking agency!!!  I will be in Europe in October with The Shotblockers feat. Grizz Rock, Panic, D.J. Stress, Skam Dust, Haeler & Risky. It will be a tour with Graffiti/Hardcore/ Hip-Hop love to travel and meet new people. I love that this is my job!

You have done different genre’s of music with many artists, do you remember how many colabs you have done over the years?
I have done so many collabs with so many dope underground artist. You can hear them on my street c.d.’s. I am putting one out later this year. If you are cool and do dope underground music, I will do a track with you…

What is new with ILL-ROC RECORDS?
I am putting out the new ADLIB, Jimmy Williams(Maximum Penalty), PANIC, WHITE OWL, U.G.P. and G-FELLA Street C.d.’s this year.

ILL-ROC RECORDS will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. You can go to the site by going to Please stop by the ill-roc records blog spot

Who influenced you as an artist?
Celtic Frost, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Schooly D., Marley Marl, Mantronix, Underdog, Easy E, RUN DMC, Leeway, Beatnuts and many more have influenced me. I also learned a lot about the game through Necro and Danny Boy.

Did you ever dream this would be your life?
I never thought that I was going to be a musician when I was a kid. I was a street kid from Jackson Heights, Queens. I loved graffiti and fighting.  I got into the music thing later on…

How old were you, when you knew you were as talanted as you are?
I don’t think I am the most talented person in the world but I know I have that certain special thing that people would die for!!! I am a born leader and I know that I can make something outa nothing. I also can write a dope song!!!

You have a grip of tattoo’s, do they all have a different meaning?
Some tattoos mean something and some don’t. I have my son’s name tattooed on my neck. I also have all my friends that passed away tattooed on me.

Of all your tours, is there one that you thought was the dopest?
Skarhead tour in 1998 with Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, Madball and Blood For Blood. Danny Diablo with Necro and Psycho Realm and Danny Diablo with Hed PE. All 3 tours were dope.

I think International Hardcore Superstar is such a sick album, what is next for you? Any plans for new colab’s?
I am doing a record with Stress The Whiteboy called “Audio Pharmacist”. I will have mad guest appearances. Will be out in a few months on ILL-ROC.Grizz Rock and I kill it. Special guest appearances by ILL BILL, SLAI NE, U.G.P, G-FELLA, The New Kaos, 13 Bang Bang, Skam Dust and Night (Tuff City).

Who are a few of your favorite artists?
D.J. Muggs, Sick Jacken, Necro, Vinnie Paz, Thirsten Howl the 3rd, Chino XL, Madball, Slaine, Grizz Rock, G-Fella, Puerto Rican Myke, Quicksand,Eye-Ra-Haze, Deftones and Bad Brains.

In your opinion, what is the dopest place to do a show?
I love playing in N.Y. and L.A. I also love playing Poland, Portugal and the Chek Republic.

I haven’t been to church in sometime, but if I remember right, the prophet Ezekiel was compared to  “THE HAND OF THE LORD” but symbolically was power, and a prophet is someone who has been contacted by or encountered supernatural or divine and serves as an internediary from entity to humans, Does the name Lord Ezek pull from any of these meanings?
Lord Ezec is def. Derived from the bible.

Thank you so much Teena for this interview!!!  Please hit the ILL-ROC RECORDS pages up and def. Hit the blog spot up!!!If you want to buy any of my merch just go to , or at the lordezecsworld store.

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