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Official Images + New Release Date: Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey

Official Images + New Release Date: Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey

Posted on 16 July 2019 by Dale

Without any kind of warning, Nike decided to surprise release the Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey through their SNKRS app today resulting in lots of lucky winners as well as lots of people who missed out. If you missed out don’t sweat it too much because Nike has also announced that the Cool Grey 4s will officially be returning on August 1st.
Back for the first time since its original release in 2004, the Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey celebrates the Air Jordan 4’s 30th anniversary. Features include a Cool Grey nubuck construction all throughout the upper with White hitting the Jumpman on the tongue and the midsole. Dark Charcoal is then placed on the signature waffle eyelets and the inner liner. Adding a unique twist we have the signature “Flight” branding on the tongue done in Varsity Maize and Chrome Jumpman logos on the heels.
Look for the Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey to release on the new date of August 1st in full family sizing with the men’s pair retailing for $190.

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V/SUAL :: DENISE via @TheHundreds

V/SUAL :: DENISE via @TheHundreds

Posted on 09 April 2013 by admin

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Tina V. a.k.a. Valentina Valentine – Valentine’s Day

Tina V. a.k.a. Valentina Valentine – Valentine’s Day

Posted on 14 January 2013 by admin

HoBam Photography

HoBam Photography

We are the at the time of year when boxes of candy shaped like red hearts fill the grocery store isles and pictures of Valentina Valentine fill the UndaStreaM Magazine in preparation for the most romantic time of year. While a long journey from Northern Europe to L.A. started off as just a quest for education, Tina V. found a new interest in modeling. What started of as rough start in a strange land, soon turned the lustrous glitz and glamour that California is all cracked up to be for this diamond in the rough. Now diamond cut and polished Tina V. has emerged as Valentina Valentine ready for the big picture.


USM: Hi Tina, How are you today and how has your move from Europe to the states been for you?

Hi, I’m great, thank you! Well to be honest it was pretty hard at the beginning. I moved here by myself, had no family, no friends and life here seemed really different to me at that moment. That was pretty tough, But I love L.A. now. I even would say I feel like I’m home!

USM: Good to hear… What part of Europe are you from? Why move to LA to pursue modeling, why not Paris or NY?

I’m from North Eastern part of Europe. Modeling wasn’t a reason why I moved to L.A. I came here as a student, was learning English and hadn’t even thought about being a model.

USM: Glad you decided to learn English (laughs)… I’ve been told that people here in the USA, when people greet strangers here they say stuff like “How’s it going?” but really don’t care what the answer is, do you feel like that’s true? How’s the vibe different in Europe?

I can say it’s a kind of true, but I think there is nothing wrong with that. People just try to be polite and that’s it. There is a different situation in my part of Europe. People usually don’t talk to strangers, and we seem colder I think. But people are so different everywhere… and I accept the way people are.

USM: Anything happen to you that you’re not use to?

I think everything that has happened to me in the U.S. is totally a new experience. Different life, different people, different culture… everything is new to me!

HoBam Photography

USM: Do you like graffiti… What does it make you think when you see illegal graffiti in really hard to get places?

I love it! Graffiti is not just a picture on the wall, It’s an art for me and I respect those who do it. I have family who practice the art of graffiti! Yay

USM: We feel the exact same way Tina… Ever do any body paint? Would you?

No, I’ve never done any body paint and to be honest never even thought about it. But who knows, maybe someday I will try. A new experience is always good!

Of course… hey you expressed your compassion for graffiti, imagine that, you would actually get to become it! What kind of music do you like, and what artist do you really listen to lately?

Oh this is such a difficult question! You should look at my play list and you will see how many different kinds of music I have. But well, Hip Hop is my favorite still. Love old school and new artists as well. Last one was Gilbere Forte – Pray

Have you been to the beach at all? If so what’s your favorite?

Yes! Venice Beach and Malibu! I love them both

USM: Do you see yourself doing music videos or any acting?

Yes! I definitely see myself doing something else besides modeling. I think acting could be so interesting. Like I said before I’m opened for new experiences!

USM: Great, best of luck with that! Let us know if you ever land a gig in film, we wouldn’t want to miss it;-) Where can we find Valentina Valentine in 2013? 

I have a website It’s under construction but will be up soon. You can visit the website to find out what’s new in my world.


Interview by Breez

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Athena: Queen Of The Clippers (H-Town Business)

Athena: Queen Of The Clippers (H-Town Business)

Posted on 30 July 2012 by admin

U.$.: Hi Athena thank you for taking time to sit down with Unda$treaM… How has this year been for you?

Athena: So far so good! Every week is a different adventure for the family and I so I cant complain!

U.$.: Do you have any big plans for the summer?

Athena: Other than working on a few projects, we are taking a few trips to LA, Mexico and hopefully Miami. I have been asked to help arrange a huge pool party event for our friends in LA, here in Houston. So I’m trying to get all that put together. My birthday is in August and I hope to have a huge bash and get everyone together as well.

U.$.: What’s your favorite place to eat in H-Town?

SIK Photography

Athena: Wow, Houston is known for our diverse culture and food! I would hate to pick a favorite! I love food so I love so many!

U.$.: You help run King of the Clippers, Do you hang out there? How is it being a girl around the barber shop?

Athena: Yes and being the lady in the barbershop is not that bad. I’ve always been thought of as one of the guys, so the behavior is basically the same when I’m there or not, so I think lol. I get mad respect from everyone because I give it all to them. We love our barbers, they’ve been with us since day one and we are very blessed for that. I make sure they are good and I try to get them whatever they need. Its always good to have a girl around to put a women’s touch when it comes to the organization, cleanliness, or making sure the little things are noticed and taken care of. I try not to go a lot because the barbershop is a man’s retreat to get away, and I like for our clients and barbers to have their space.

U.$.: Are you inspired by any actress’s out there right now?

Athena: Hmmm… Well I respect many actors/actress’s. As for actress’s I admire the work of Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Salma Hayek, Michelle Rodriguez and some of Jennifer Lopez’s work. But the list goes on.

U.$.: Has a guy ever wrecked from checking you out?

Athena: Man, I really don’t know. That would be awful! But I do remember a guy tripping on a chair one time. Even though I wanted to help him, I didn’t want him to see that I noticed and for him to feel bad.

U.$.: Is there any projects your working on with any other artists rite now?

Athena: I have a lot of things coming up! I’m thankful for all the people I’ve worked with in the past and I’m excited about the ones in the upcoming future. There’s videos I’ll be featured in, a few tracks I’m dropping hooks on and a little movie skit, but I can’t say the name… it’s a secret. I can say I’m working with a local tv show in Houston called Beat Finders TV. It’s a show based on the Houston music scene and how it influences the nation. I interview top producers, record labels, top artists and also the underground world of music. It helps connect them together.

U.$.: NICE… How do you plan on taking sexy to a whole new level this year?

Athena: Well I know I don’t show as much as other models out there, but I can just continue to do as I do and give fans a little imagination when they view my art. I really appreciate all the love and support from everyone. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t continue doing what I do. After so many requests I finally have t-shirts in the making that will be available on my website and at a few stores here in Houston to start off. I just put out my brand new 2013 calendar poster and I’m promoting that now!

U.$.: Can’t wait til 2013 to hang it up, thanks Athena stay grindin’ it sounds like you have a lot going down! Respect

SIK Photography

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Stacy Sekiya

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Stacy Sekiya

Posted on 23 February 2012 by admin


Stacy Sekiya: Never Look Back


I see a lot of woman on facebook trying to model and you definitely set yourself apart for some reason. I think when I read your stuff and seen pics of you I could tell you weren’t portraying a false character, very down to earth feel that got the attention… As I read deeper and started to converse with you I felt the confidence… Did you have that confidence 3 years ago?

3 years ago I was a totally different person physically and mentally. I was a “broken soul” so to say. I was going through a lot and didn’t have any confidence or self esteem. After breaking off a 5 year long relationship, I went into a deep depression that shaped who I am today. I think when people heard my story and literally watched me go through my transformation; is what set me apart from the other models. This wasn’t really handed to me. What I went through was real, hard, and I had to fight for ALL of it. And that’s why I love my fans, they love me for who I am, what I have done, and the message I am trying to spread. They keep me going, they are my motivation.

What made you decide to get up and change your stride?

Have you ever been in a state of mind where if you didn’t wake up the next day, you would be ok with that? I’ve been there; I was in that state of mind two years ago. I finally woke up one day, walked over to the mirror and I didn’t even recognize who was staring back at me, I just saw emptiness in the image staring at me. I thought about everything that day, and I decided that no one was going to do anything about my situation but me; I had to fix what was broken. I looked at myself in the mirror and said “I am tired of being trapped in a body that doesn’t belong to me” and from that day on, I fought to reclaim my life.

You went through a big change, which you received nationwide recognition for over the past year tell us a bit about that… What was your worst enemy
trying to hold you back and what helped overcome that to become who you are today?

While going through my “dark times” I had gained over 60lbs; now I am not very tall, but at 5’3 I was weighing in at 180lbs. I was very unhealthy and very much out of shape. After that day in the bathroom I thought to myself that if I was going to do this, which was change my life, then failure was not an option, I had a lot to fight for. I started working out in the gym and had a guy introduce me to a weight loss supplement and after losing 20 lbs, he hired me as his spokes model for his supplement company. I literally went from a 180lb property manager to a 120lb fitness model in ten months. He took me on a local TV show here in Denver where he said I was going to compete in a physique competition on live TV. I was so scared, I didn’t want to do it, but what was I to do now that he said I would compete on live TV? I trained hard and competed in the Northern Colorado’s Physique competition and placed 5th! I couldn’t believe I actually placed! Colorado watched my transformation first hand on TV and in doing so I inspired thousands! I have a following on Facebook now because of it, they follow me because I inspire them. Nothing makes me happier then when people tell me I inspire them. I would have to say that my worst enemy during it all was myself. I wanted to quit so many times, I wanted to give up. I literally would have to battle my old life vs. my new life on a daily basis. I was making a complete life style change, NOTHING about that is easy, but I knew there was no other way. The answer was simple, if I wanted this I would have to take the steps necessary to achieve it, if I don’t take those steps then I won’t have it plain and simple. And I wanted to be healthy and love myself again more than anything.

Is there ever times you catch yourself slipping back?

I do find myself having bad days, I’m human and everyone has them. You just have to know and recognize that you’re having a bad day and to fight through it and stay strong. When I have bad days, I like to reflect on where I’m going and where I’ve been. I think I day dream more now than I ever did as a kid which keeps me going. When I work out, I dream of the house I’ll live in someday and the kind of life I want to build for myself. It’s fun and it keeps me sane haha. Going through my transformation has taught me many valuable lessons. I’ve learned the value of hard work, dedication, self love and self respect. I’ve learned the value of true friendships and see life in a new healthier way. So I try to remind myself that I have a greater mission for myself and that keeps me going.

When your modeling everything about you is very genuine, where do you get that from?

When I am modeling, I feel that comes across because I am a genuine person inside. I live my life with a kind heart and I think people can see that through my photos, I feel confident and proud all at the same time. I earned this body and this life and I hope people feel that when they see my work.

What’s your favorite musician?

I love all kinds of music! I listen to a lot of lil Wayne and Drake but it depends on what kind of mood I am in to. Good music is good music to me no matter the genre.

Does your taste in music change when it comes to working out?

Working out for me is my therapy, I listen to anything that makes me feel it in my blood when I’m training, anything that moves you; you know what I’m talking about. I have to do a lot of cardio for my competitions so I usually listen to anything that gets me through it! When Im having a bad day I like music that’s a little angry to reflect my mood, to get it all out and take it out on my body. If I’m amped and hyper, then I like stuff that’s more upbeat. That’s the beauty of music, it’s what emotions sound like.

Who’s your favorite woman superhero, and/or is there a woman in any movies that caught your attention… Where you just like she’s a badass and
motivated you to go harder. Why what about her?

I like Lara Croft Tomb Raider! I just think she looks so strong, powerful, and sexy all at the same time. She looks like a bad ass! When I decided to lose weight I wanted to look strong and muscular, I wanted to look like I could hold my own just like her. I’m tired of seeing skinny little waif women on TV, in magazines, on the runway, we need more female heroines that are healthy looking and portray a healthier image, Hero or Villain. 😉

I know a lot of guys are notorious when it comes to working out and only build upper body and have scrawny ass legs hahaha what are some bad habits
you notice in women’s body that work out cause it’s totally different.. Or any bad habits you yourself still have to break?

I think the worst habit a lot of women make is not hitting the weights. I hear women all the time who are so concerned about “getting bulky” or “getting to muscular.” Muscle gives your body shape and curves and creating a healthy muscle base is good for you. We as women are not built or meant to be “bulky” just don’t go in the weight room and start lifting 40lb dumbbells and you will be ok I promise haha. A lot of women wont go in the weight room because of the men in there. Don’t be intimidated to go in the weight room and show those boys you know how to throw around some iron as well. 😉

What’s your next goal?

I just recently competed in one of Colorado’s largest physique shows “The Rocky” and placed 3rd qualifying me for nationals! I am now a national level athlete, so my next goal is to take on Nationals in Atlanta this November. It’s going to be the hardest competition yet, but I’m ready! At the end of the day no matter what, my mission is to be a healthy role model, a respectable role model, in the hopes that people will want to live healthier lives and find the right balance between life, nutrition, and exercise.

Thanks so much for taking your time to sit down with Unda$treaM… Any special people or last words you’d like to shout out?

I would like to thank my family, for without them I would be lost. I would like to thank my best friends Dan and Angel, you two are the most amazing friends that anyone could ever ask for. You give me strength, and you will forever be in my heart.



Photography by Adam V.

Interview by Breez

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Break The Chains

HemiGirl – Enough 2 Drive You Crazy

Posted on 07 March 2011 by admin

Melissa Anne Teixeira

Interview by Breez

What’s up Hemigirl you’ve definitely been a busy bee lately tell me about some of your sites and where got the concept for your brand….

I have several sites. My personal modeling website is I get a ton of hits on it simply because people want to play with the mouse! Check it out, you’ll see what I mean! My other websites are something totally new that I just started. I have my own fashion line called HemiFashion ~ Live it, Wear it, Bleed it. I sell all kinds of things from t-shirts to hoodies and a couple of skateboards! As I mentioned before, it’s completely brand new so I am still adding merchandise as I go along. It takes a long time to draw some designs and throw them up on a shirt! And of course, like I do every year, I have my own posse; The HemiGirls! The HemiGirls basically are a network of the best women in the industry combined with newcomers to the industry. It’s sort of a method of putting models on the right track and helping them build up their career. You can check them out at We are going down to the Dominican Republic in April to shoot the HemiGirls 2012 DOOMSDAY calendar! It’s gonna be a blast!

The concepts for my brand are a little weird. I think the best way I can describe it is by saying this: it’s like throwin’ cheese on the wall, if it sticks it sticks, if it doesn’t then move on to the next one. For me my brand is everything about who I am, it’s basically my name. As far as how it all came about, to be honest I wouldn’t know where to start. It sort of just came together on its own. Over the years some of my closest friends call me Hemi. I made my first television appearance starring in a commercial for a local Chrysler dealership, after that the name just stuck “HemiGirl”. I think it’s a little funny but it’s something that people will never forget, and they will always associate it with me. Which is pretty cool I think!

Nice, What would you say separates you from others?

I think that I am separated from the others because for me, that’s how it’s always been. Even in high school I was separated from the others. I am 25 and I’ve seen a good chunk of the world. I own a company, and I strive on success. I am very driven, and when I want something, I get it. No questions asked. That’s just who I am.

How do you over come some of the harsh politics of being a prominent model, in a day and age that’s clustered with beautiful women “trying” to be models?

This is really my favorite question. Over the past 8 years or so, the internet has become an amazing tool. Technology will take over the world one day! I have seen more girls on the internet posing in their skivvies’ then I have in Cosmo magazine! We live in such a desensitized world, that no one has enough balls to tell these girls they don’t belong in the industry. Same rule applies to photographers. Just because you have a digital camera doesn’t make you a photographer, and just because you have a nice smile doesn’t make you a model. In this world, a real model knows her way, an aspiring model will find her way, and a fake model will get lost in the smoke. It’s just as simple as that!

Hemi Smokin

Fake models get lost... HemiGirl don't!

What would you say was your funniest shoot?

My funniest shoot was with this girl Tabby. She was shooting in my 09’ HemiGirls Calendar and she kept cracking jokes every time a video camera was in her face.  We laughed so hard that we ended up halting production because every time we looked at her we would all laugh. She’s a stand up comic lol. She’s got a tattoo on her ass that says “Brown Eyed Girl”.

What’s with this calendar I’m hearing about and how did that come together?

The newest calendar came at me in a whole different perspective. Every year I try and do something completely over the top! Last year was grunge, so for 2012 I had to take it a step higher. I will say that when the idea of calling it “The 2012 DOOMSDAY Calendar” came about, I was actually really faded. It’s crazy how your mind works in different ways. I think this one is going to be straight up success for all of my team. The girls are smokin’ hot, the photographers are amazing, and I get to spend a week in paradise with 11 beautiful girls! Beauty never dies in paradise!

Who’s your latest crush?

HemiGirl with Mario Lopez

George Clooney & anyone that looks like him!

Watch out lol, so what’s a night out consist of when you want to hit the town?

OH BOY! A night out on the town with me consists of, well lol, just picture spring break in Cancun. I have a lot of friends who are pretty girls and when we go into bars, we just start the party! I drink Patron & Corona’s and they do too. We aren’t into fruity shit lol.

That’s my girl, favorite perfume and which cologne turns you on?

Heavenly by Victoria Secret…. but on a man, there is something about that Axe crap that drives me nuts!

Wow would of never guessed… Any last words?

Doubt doesn’t dictate destiny, decision does.

Charles “Mask” Lewis RIP


follow Hemi
be her friend on Hemi Girls Facebook Page


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