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DJ YRS Jerzy & Lex Gunna – Gaup [ #Beats4TheTrap2 ]

DJ YRS Jerzy & Lex Gunna – Gaup [ #Beats4TheTrap2 ]

Posted on 11 February 2013 by admin

DJ YRS Jerzy & Lex Gunna Drop The First Beat For #Beats4TheTrap2. Recently, Jerzy joined SKE Records and made plans to launch his Talented Minds mixtape series with Q the Question. With his work with Q the Question reaching new heights, DJ YRS Jerzy still has unfinished business with Lex Gunna.

Lex Gunna is one of the newest rising producers in the game. A native of Detroit, Lex Gunna is making a name for himself with trap beats. In this pursuit, Lex Gunna ended up crossing paths with DJ YRS Jerzy. Since then, nothing but positive things have come out of their affiliation.

DJ YRS Jerzy and Lex Gunna released Beats 4 The Trap, Vol. 1 a little over a month ago to give the online world something to listen to. Now, the duo returns with their sequel. Beats 4 The Trap, Vol. 2 Will drop in a couple weeks.

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DeeJay Element Ft. Sene, ScienZe & Audible Doctor – Complex Individuals

Posted on 04 February 2013 by admin


Brown Bag AllStar DeeJay Element is headed to Miami where he’s in the Complex/McDonalds Flavor Battle Finals. He is one of the nations 3 finalists in the battle on February 7th Here’s the first look at his new producer album “Reality Kings & Reason” which drops tomorrow. This track is produced by Element and features Audible Doctor, Sene, & ScienZe. The whole project is produced by DeeJay Element.

“Reality Kings & Reason” drops Tuesday 2/5 & don’t forget to tune in to the Flavor Battle which will be streaming LIVE Feb. 7th at 9pm EST via”

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B-Side Anthems Ep. 1 Interview with Audible Doctor

B-Side Anthems Ep. 1 Interview with Audible Doctor

Posted on 17 January 2013 by admin

B-Side Anthems is a show designed to support indie music and to get an inside look into the artists lives. This is the first episode featuring MC, Producer, & DJ The Audible Doctor. Shot and Edited by Civil Productions.

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Producer of the Week: Maticulous – “Christmas Sampler”

Posted on 17 December 2012 by admin

click cover to download mix












New beat tape from Maticulous, sampling a few Holiday favorites.


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VIDEO: 16 Year old Producer “Lewi V” Making A Beat: Episode 3

Posted on 09 December 2012 by admin

League Of Starz producer Lewi-V creates another beat from scratch. Two pointers from Lewi V:

1.) Silly/relaxed video, don’t take it too seriously. Just me having fun.

2.) Tell Based God I need him to be in the next one. OG cookin’ in this lol.


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Coldfolks Found Warmth In Beats

Coldfolks Found Warmth In Beats

Posted on 26 October 2012 by admin

ColdFolks Beats is what the industry refers to as a Super Producer. Born in Houston, TX, Cold lived between Chicago and Denver throughout his younger years. While living in the inner city, he was exposed to many negative influences and experienced his own struggle with the gang life and drugs. After seeing the path that his brother took, which lead him to a prison sentence, Cold opted to leave that life alone and focus on something positive. And he seriously started to focus on a musical career.
While trying to find his place in the game Coldfolks was associated with various labels worldwide before the politics of the local music scene in Denver motivated him to create his own label with up and coming artist developer Lindsey Rosenquist. In 2011 Grammy Gang Records was born. Through G.G.R., Cold came across some major opportunities working with a plethora of artists. A track, titled “Bananas” was produced by Cold, with Brick Squad Monopoly’s artist, Frenchie which landed on a Trapaholics Mixtape hosted by Travis Porter. It doesn’t stop there, Cold is in demand! On his Gremlins Mixtape he clocked over 100k in plays and got support from some great artist such as Boomman MMI, Bleu Divinci, Calico Jonez, Kalifornia Smoke, and Spinning 9.Kev D also has seen value in the producers ear, he was brought on to the YSG-Young Stoner Gang Under Def Jam. The news traveled fast as he was also picked up By Shannon Lockamy one of 730 Dipsets Divas on a Co Management deal between Tracy Jenkins and Miss Lockamy. While life has thrown many choices and challenges at Davon, he has also received many blessings. His two sons continue to be his source of inspiration. They motivate him towards success. Fortunately, he’s nowhere close to calling it quits, so stay tuned to see where this musical genius ends up. Right now he is focused on The Maybach Music Don Dinero Tour and The We Break Records Tour with 1017 Bricksquad Monopoly. Stay Tuned… Check out a few of his works below:

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Posted on 29 September 2012 by admin

Wired to the T episode featuring ((Fleet|Definition DJ)) Timeko T, interviewing Danksta Lo, super producer for Bowa Music, featuring several monster tracks produced by Danksta Lo and some instrumental snippets.

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Posted on 14 May 2012 by admin



SoulClap is a Hip-Hop producer who loves digging records and sounds! The producers own a studio based in Bremen (Germany) where he produces classic records for legendary groups like Smif N Wessun (of Duck Down Records), Sticky Fingaz (Onyx) and artists like Freeway (Roc A Fella Records), Epsilon Project, Big Pooh (Little Brother), Skyzoo, Doap Nixon (Jedi Mind Tricks), Those Chosen, Dominique Larue and up coming emcees like Chosen Few, King Myers, Chip Fu and Chief Kamachi, just to name a few that play host to his production credits. The German producer brings you the monthly beat letter with some new exclusive demo beats, you can download them for “FREE”! DON’T SNOOZE…


[Unreleased] F.B.C. Producers Hi-Res & Paul Jr

[Unreleased] F.B.C. Producers Hi-Res & Paul Jr

Posted on 30 April 2012 by admin

CPR by the Fresh Breath Committee was defiantly one of the hottest albums from Denver. Recognized by Denver Westword as Denver’s “Best Hip Hop Album” in 2010, “CPR” proved that hip hop is not dead in Colorado, but alive and strong. Now with GROUP THERAPY out Fresh Breath producers continue to put it down! I recently had the chance to catch up with the guys behind the beats of the Fresh Breath Committee, Paul Jr. and Hi-Res…

Paul Jr. formerly known as Flawless & Hi-Res

What’s good homies? Things have been busy for ya’ll…

Yes it has. It was a busy year on the music and business tip. We were able to get Fresh Breath Committee LLC going, we recorded and dropped our debut album “CPR,” while also working with legendary emcee Masta Ace, and we threw and performed on some major shows around the state. Our album “CPR” was awarded Denver’s “Best Hip Hop Album” by Westword, and Fresh Breath Committee is now nominated as “Best Hip Hop Group.” 2009 into early ’10 was a blessing for us.

Tell the people out there a little about yourselves and how long ya’ll have been making beats.

Paul Jr.: I grew up in Denver, Colorado. I have been emceeing since I was 12 years old, in which I began my battle rapping career. I started producing at age 15 and have been making beats and engineering audio ever since. I started off on “FL Studio”, and now produce by way of “Reason” and “Sound Forge.” I run my own recording studio called “Diverse Studios,” which is the home of Fresh Breath Committee, and I engineer audio using ProTools. Once I developed my sound, the rest was history.

Hi Res: I’m a 24 year old producer born and raised in Denver. My cousin Dro got me addicted to hip hop at a very young age. There was something about rap beats that always appealed to me more than any other art form. Around age 15 or 16 I copped a Boss SP-202 that I made my first beats on. I been at it ever since.

So we know that FBC is a super group of emcees, but how did Hi-Res get in the mix?

Paul Jr.: Hi Res had a connection with the emcee Kontrast in our group, and he showed us a beat CD of his one day and we all thought he brought something different and creative to the table. We also appreciated his drive and dedication towards the Fresh Breath movement.

When did you know that Hi-Res would be a perfect fit for the FBC?

Paul Jr.: When I first heard Hi Res’ production, the most intriguing thing to me was that he had high quality beats, yet they were so much different than mine. I knew with both of us, we could create the sound that could really take Fresh Breath Committee to the next level.

On the song “Reflection of Me” off of the CPR album, the two of ya’ll collabed on the beat. How did that come about?

Hi Res: All of my beats on CPR were made at my house, not at the studio. One day we had the MPC up there to track out one of the songs. I was goin though Paul Jr. records and I stumbled across that sample and I wanted to flip it right away. I chopped it up and laced it with some basic drums. While I was doing that Paul Jr. started getting down on the keyboard and came up with some dope melodies to match. It sounded perfect, so he layed it down. Then we added the baseline, Paul Jr. beefed up the drums, and threw in a few vocal samples in the background, and that was it. It was a really quick process but it turned out dope.

Hi-Res even drops a verse on “Reflection of Me” first, what made you pick up the mic?

Hi Res: I was into rapping years before I had the money to buy beat making equipment, but once I got my hands on some equipment my focus shifted to producing. After joining FBC though, I was surrounded by dope MC’s all the time and I got inspired to rhyme again. These cats are hard to hang with on the mic though so I told em I just wanted one verse on CPR. When Flawless and I made that beat, I knew it was the one I wanted to jump on.

Can both of you describe your style of beat making?

Paul Jr.: Most of the time, it starts with a record player. I find a hot record, chop up the samples in Sound Forge, play them on the keys in Reason to find melodies, add drums and bass, and lay over any additional sounds I am inspired to do at that time. I try to make my creations sound like something no one else can accomplish. My sound is most of the time raw as hell, but I pride myself on being able to create anything. I mostly produce Hip Hop, boom bap to be exact, but I also have produced R&B, Rock oriented beats, Southern Hip Hop style, Club, Reggae, etc. I can also play the keyboard so I take a different approach to beats that I do not sample on. It just depends on what kind of mood I am in. I put quality above anything else.

Hi-Res: For the most part, my sound is raw and organic. I rarely use synthetic sounds or drums. I take a DJ approach to beat making, taking samples from different records and combining them until they’re hardly recognizable. My masterpiece on “CPR” is “Soul Music.” listen to that beat to see how I get down.

As far as music, what were you involved in before hooking up with FBC?

Hi-Res: I had done a few tracks for some of my boys in the past but they weren’t nearly as serious about music as I was. During ‘08 I spent a lot of time in the lab just tryin’ to get my beats sounding professional. I had cooked up a few joints for Kontrast in ‘08 but when the Committee formed a few months later we opted to use them for the crew album. CPR was the first real project I’ve been involved with, it’s cool that it’s being received so well.

Now it’s no secret when it comes to beats, that Paul Jr. is straight fire. Tell them some of the people you have produced track for?

Paul Jr.: I have produced tracks for many many artists. I have produced for nationally known artists and emcees such as Masta Ace, OuterSpace, Moka Only, Sweatshop Union, and Dirty Birdy. I have also produced for up and coming Colorado Hip Hop artists such as A.V.I.U.S. of 3 The Hardway, The ReMINDers, Whygee, F.O.E., B Blacc, and many more.

Is there anyone out there that you would like to work with (MC’s, Producers)?

Paul Jr.: Oh wow, there’s barely enough stars in the sky for how many answers I have. Artists, there are FAR too many to name, but I’d love to work with some like Eminem, Nas, Method Man, Redman, Jay-Z, Black Thought, Common, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Elzhi, Andre 3000, Robin Thicke, Anthony Hamilton, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Joel Ortiz, Ludacris, Trey Songz, John Legend, etc. Producers, even more. Producers such as DJ Premier, Kanye West, Hi Tek, Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Madlib, Kev Brown, etc.

Black Thought, Murs, Common, Andre 3000, Dilated Peoples, Alicia Keys, Kanye… I could go for days. Locally there are a lot of artists I would like to work with in the near future, I’ll be hittin yall up!

Fresh Breath Committee

Any last word or shout outs?

Shout out to Joe Thunder and, Unda$tream Magazine, our families, the rest of the squad, the homies, ALL the other artists (you know who you are), and the fans…. Fresh Breath UP!

Interview by Joe Thunder

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Beat Hogs

Beat Hogs

Posted on 16 April 2012 by admin

Makin Beats

Robert in the lab m

Beat Hog Pro’s

Brothers Robert and Jaywood who both have interests in music put their heads together to combine an excellent production team. Jaywood came from Cali with heat on the lyrical tip ready to battle get it in as an MC. While Kyle never left CO, Jaywood came back trying to get it in when they both came to grips with the harsh fact that without your own production company, it’s a lot harder to make it in the music business than with one. In 2010 they enrolled in Full Sail University, an online music college to study deeper into production and audio engineering. Getting together all the neccessary equipment together and of coarse a dope Mic. They are now halfway to completing a bachelor degree and are already full scale production company. Jaywood puts down killer beats and can spit over them with no problem. Kyle lays low dealing with the engineering end and puts his input in beats and production. They have cheap studio time, killer sound quality coming out of there, and beats at your service to deal with any aspect of getting an album done. They are currently working with local rap artists out Denver’s booming rap scene. Some current projects they are working on are with such artists as J Jilla, Cokez, 40Fyve, and on the vocals they have female artist Danielle Gallegos. They have service available anytime you need to get it in just get at them and they’re ready to go.

Check out some beats here:

Production below:

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