@TheRealSpice1 – Black Lambo

@TheRealSpice1 – Black Lambo

Posted on 15 March 2020 by admin

OG Spice 1 releases new single Black Lambo.

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Singing and rapping with the same fiery force, YFN Lucci represents the next evolution of the Atlanta sound.

Singing and rapping with the same fiery force, YFN Lucci represents the next evolution of the Atlanta sound.

Posted on 23 July 2019 by Dale

Singing and rapping with the same fiery force, YFN Lucci represents the next evolution of the Atlanta sound. Inking a deal with TIG Records in 2014, he quietly developed into one of his city’s most powerful voices. Following the success of Wish Me Well, he unleashed Wish Me Well 2 in 2016. It yielded the platinum-certified smash “Key to the Streets” [feat. Migos & Trouble], which amassed over 43.2 million Spotify streams, turned up a high-profile remix with Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Quavo, and landed on XXL’s “50 Best Hip-Hop Songs of 2016” and Vibe’s “The 60 Best Songs of 2016” list. Forbes proclaimed YFN Lucci among “5 Breakout Hip-Hop Artists to Watch This Summer” and Billboard dubbed him one of the “Top 10 Hip-Hop & R&B Artists to Watch in 2017”—he’s lived up to those claims with his EP Long Live Nut, which spawned the hit single “Everyday We Lit,” and album Ray Ray From Summer Hill [TIG Records / Warner Records].

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YOWDA aka KING YOWDA is an American rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada signed to Maybach Music Group.

YOWDA aka KING YOWDA is an American rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada signed to Maybach Music Group.

Posted on 15 July 2019 by Dale

YOWDA aka KING YOWDA is an American rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada signed to Maybach Music Group. The streets are embedded in his lyrics, accompanied by crafty metaphors, and hard tone punches. His early success with song, “Shut Up” produced by DJ Mustard and platinum artist YG shot him to the top of industry radar with over 8M video views.
Continuing with his climb Yowda has released over
 200 songs, and has featured on over 50 projects. He has collaborated with some major artists like Rick Ross, Zoey Dollaz, Kevin Gates, Riff Raff, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Mozzy, Gun Play, YG, Arsonal, Peezy, and many others. 
Yowda was sought out to be interviewed by local Fox 5 news to speak on gang life, music industry, and crime in Las Vegas. The song , Gangland was highlighted and is always his fans favorite. His latest release, UP featuring Jazz Lazr has the clubs going crazy and is creating a buzz with all the Dj’s. 
Yowda will appear on television series, “Empire” and other roles to be announced later this year. He is positive about his future, and embraces all the great opportunities as they are presented.

Yowda is known for his story telling painting pictures with his lyrics as he brings you into his songs. He speaks truth about what “dope boys” across the world experience in their neighborhoods. This is why he is a fan a favorite from the roster of Maybach Music Group. “No glitz no glamour it’s real it’s YOWDA“.

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Posted on 15 July 2019 by Dale

Money B is a founding member of the multi-platinum Grammy nominated iconic group Digital Underground and is noted as having one of the most recognizable voices in hip hop. With 30 years in the music industry, his catalog of music and entertainment collaborations stretches across various genres by working with Tupac, George Clinton, Dr Dre, DJ Quick, David Hollister, Dwayne Wiggins (Toni Tony Tone) and more. He will officially take on his role at the start of the 3rd quarter 2019.




Posted on 15 July 2019 by Dale

Grammy Award-winning hip-hop star, actress and CBS Daytime host of The Talk, Eve, has sat down with Luc Belaire CEO Brett Berish in a rare interview for part of the French wine brand’s Self Made Tastes Better video series. In the 30 minute interview the First Lady of Rap shares her journey from Philly girl to the global music stage. Eve recalls her first tastes of success was signing with Dr Dre and appearing on the Bulworth soundtrack as Eve of Destruction. The moment was short lived and she was dropped eight months later, but Eve found opportunity knocking once more with a battle rap for Rough Ryders, which would ultimately lead to her music icon status. Recalling hearing her first song on the radio, Eve recollects, “it was a stop-drop remix from Rough Ryders…It came on Hot97. That’s the craziest feeling.” That would be the first of many radio plays as her solo music career took off.  International fame beckoned with the 2001 album release Scorpion, and its first single, “Who’s That Girl.” The second single, “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” (with Gwen Stefani and produced by Dr. Dre), cemented her pop success, peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. The song won a Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, and Eve eventually went platinum. The First Lady of Rap is set to reclaim her title with new music in the works: “I started recording last year in London…I’ve been inspired by Afro Beats and Reggae and the hip hop that I hear there. So there’s a lot of that in it.”   The influence of London in her work is no surprise as the city is now where Eve calls home, since marrying Gumball 3000 super car rally founder and CEO Maximillion Cooper. Eve’s interview follows Gumball’s 21st birthday rally from Mykonos to Ibiza. Belaire has been supporting the extravagant event since 2017, helping stars like UK rap artist Giggs, American R&B singer Usher, Trinidadian DJ Jillionaire and American rapper Bun B celebrate their journey.




Posted on 14 July 2019 by Dale

Los Angeles, CA) Setting the pace for the culture from outside of the system yet again, independent powerhouse Strange Music celebrates another major milestone. The label’s official YouTube Channel, YouTube.com/StrangeMusicInc, crosses the 1-billion views mark, tallying1.1billion views and counting to date. Additionally, the subscribers surpass 2 million-plus. This affirms the company’s position as “the most successful independent rap record label in the industry.
Label co-founder and multi-platinum rap star Tech N9ne shared this clip as a “Thank You.
Contributing to these monumental statistics, the iconic artist recently unleashed a string of cinematic blockbuster visuals from his critically acclaimed 21st album, N9NA. These include “I Caught Crazy! (4Ever)”[1.5 million views in a month], “EF U (Easier For You)” [feat. Krizz Kaliko & Jelly Roll] [2.1 million views in a month], “Disparagement” [feat. King Iso & Krizz Kaliko][1.3 million views in a month], “Like I Ain’t” [9.1 million views in two months], and “N9NA”[970K views in two months].
Bubbling up above the mainstream into the pop culture stratosphere, “Like I Ain’t” received props from none other than Dwayne Johnson, an avowed longtime “Technician. He posted the video on Instagram to his 147 million followers and wrote, “Been rockin’ with him and @strangemusicinc for decades now. We share the same DNA – once you’ve been hungry, you’ll never be full. Highly recommend his new album #N9NA available now if you’re ready to get hyped.”




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Kassi Ashton brought a whole new attitude of her own to country music upon arrival in 2017. The California, Missouri singer and songwriter initially touched down with a string of critically acclaimed tracks. Released by UMG Nashville in conjunction with Interscope, her introductory release “California, Missouri” stirred up widespread critical acclaim from Taste of Country,CMT,The Boot, and many more. As her profile grew, she lent her voice to the standout “Drop Top” on Keith Urban’s chart-topping 2018 album, Graffiti U. He went on to describe her as “such a unique, original creature.” Expanding on her confessional and catchy storytelling, she maintained momentum on the summer solo song “Taxidermy.”  Named “Who to Watch” by Huffington Post and The Tennessean, radio personality Bobby Bones included her among his Class of 2018. Rolling Stone lauded her as “a devilish songwriter who isn’t afraid to flip convention on its head,” and Refinery29 also claimed, “she blends pop aesthetics with a presence doused in no-fucks-left-to-give authenticity.” She continues to defy convention and define a signature style on the 2019 singles “Violins,” “Pretty Shiny Things” -and a whole lot more to come.


Izm White and Creepy Loc: Ryme Kryme Ring Leaders


Izm White and Creepy Loc: Ryme Kryme Ring Leaders

Posted on 20 May 2013 by admin


Ryme Kryme Family Entertainment started in 2002 by these two deeply rooted street hustlers. Releasing a number of mixtapes (The L.R.C.A. (2002), Bullet Proof Love (2004), I-70 Traffic (2006) they started making a name in the Colorado rap scene. In midst of using music as a medium of getting to the top, they were also letting the street business intertwine a little too closely. Up until 2006 things were moving at a steady pace and their street buzz was starting to add up, Creepy Loc and several other RKF recording artists were targeted, charged and convicted of being part of an organized drug ring. The heartless charm of the game swept a majority of the team off the streets leaving IZM White the only man standing on free soil.

He was able to stay out of jail keeping the label afloat releasing solo projects such as Colorado Crack 2007, Heart Of CO 2008, More Bars In More Places 2009. IZM toured across the U.S. as the opening act for Ghost Face Killah on his Wizard of Poetry tour, as well as touring overseas in Switzerland with Main Flow. In late 2009 Creepy Loc returned home from prison and hit the studio hard, immediatly releasing his debute solo mixtape “Return Of A Rider Vol.1″. Soon after In 2010 IZM and Creepy along with M. Mansin dropped a group project “Red White & Blue”. In 2011, RKF continued their stride by releasing Izm White’s critically acclaimed mixtape “Cloud Surfin” (The Smokers Tape) and Creepy Loc’s “Return Of A Rider Vol.2″. With captivating stage presence and undeniable talent Izm White, Creepy Loc and their label Ryme Kryme Family have became regular opening acts throughout Denver and Aspen, CO for legendary artists such as Nas, Scarface, Mobb Deep and many more…

USM: Damn… touring in Europe sounds hella dope, tell me a little more bout the Euro-Experience…

Izm White: Switzerland and Norway were dope, Switzerland reminds me a lot of Colorado actually. I did a three city tour out there with Main Flow of the Hi Tek Ohio super group MOOD, and one of my own shows in Oslo, Norway. Everyshow we did in Switzerland was dope. The crowds showed mad love, they have a real appreciation for hiphop out there. The people are cool, the weed’s good, and the women are pretty, what more can you ask for. After every show we Flow and I partied hard acting straight fools. Crazy story though: The morning I was gonna head to Chamonix, France to snowboard for a few days before my next show in Oslo. Main Flow and I went to the studio to record a track before I caught the train to Chamonix. After I recorded the track I started vomiting lots of blood, all the way to chamonix I threw up mad blood, once I got there my friend took me to the hospital where they treated me for a bleeding ulcer. I couldn’t eat or drink for 3 days, and all I could have were these little moistureized cotton swabs to suck on while I was on an I.V. I lost a lot of blood and stayed there recovering for 4 days not being able to speak a lick of french. I ended up having to threaten to take the I.V. out my arm on the fifth day because I had a show in Norway that night and was determined to make it. I had never been to Norway and was finally eating some soft foods and feeling better. I had to have the promoter talk to the nurses and I guess she threatened to call the police on them for kidnapping if they wouldn’t let me go on my own will. So they made me sign my life away basically saying the hospital isn’t responsible for my death, and then the old french guy in the bed next to me walked with me outside the hospital to where he could point to where the train statin was at. I thanked him, then went and got on the train to Geneova where I caught the next flight to Oslo, Norway. I only perfomed three songs that night because I was so weak and drained from losing so much blood and not eating, but I still rocked the house and got a lot of love from the fans in Norway. It was a crazy trip I fux with Europe.

USM: Everbody knows IZM love’s to smoke, how happy are you that Colorado legalized marijuana this year?

Izm White: It’s monumental, but long over due! It feels good to enjoy a joint and not be treated like a criminal! Denver now has more weed stores than it has Starbucks and Mcdonalds combine. And I would go even as far as saying Colorado has better weed than Cali, yup I just said it COLORADO HAS BETTER WEED THAN CALI!”

USM: Creepy the first time we heard you rap was on Ryme Kryme Family’s 2004 mixtape “Bullet Proof Love” which was almost 9 years ago, since then you’ve been in and out of prison, released a number of mixtapes and have brought out many national hiphop acts to perform in Denver through your production company RKF Promotions. How have you noticed the game change over the past 10 years?

Creepy Loc: The game has changed drastactlly, its harder now to get noticed, it seems like everyone’s a rapper now a days. And all these kids think they gotta do is record a song on their computer and upload it to Youtube. The era I came up in you actually had to put in work, you had to Show-n-Proove!

USM: What can we expect next from Ryme Kryme Family Ent. as a label?

Creepy Loc: We are gearing up to release IZM White’s debute solo album: (still untitled) which is our main focus right now, but in the meantime we are going to release a new RKF mixtape titled “Welcome 2 the Family”. Also be on the look out for my new mixtape “Return Of A Rider Vol.3”, as well as RKF’s newest addition to the family Lowdy Trail‘s new mixtape “Subconcious Music”. We can’t stop, and wont stop, its RKF4L2D!

get at em’

www.izmwhite.com / www.creepyloc.com / www.souncloud.com/izmwhite

and instagram @izmwhite

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Rittz: Footsteps In The Game


Rittz: Footsteps In The Game

Posted on 28 April 2013 by admin


If you’re not familiar with Rittz you may think he’s a new artist. You may think because you just found out he signed to Strange Music you’re ahead of the game and know a little something about him. Truth is Rittz came from the bottom, struggling his way to the top during the golden era of hip hop in one of the most acclaimed cities for breeding “What’s hot in hip hop” to this day. While starting to rhyme in the early ninties, Rittz got with his boy Ralo and became part of a group Ralo & Rittz. They imitated Outkast and looked up to the mega giants of Atlanta. He recalls “Outkast, Goodie Mob… It was a great time for Atlanta, to me that music was just classic Atlanta rap shit. That was a great time in music.”

Being from Gwinnett County wasn’t quite the place to be from to claim street cred as a rapper. In the nineties the upper North East suburb of Atlanta wasn’t recognized for creating famous rappers. “There was a little bit of a line drawn because I live in the suburbs of Atlanta so the line was drawn where I was from than actually being in Atlanta.” He dropped out of high school and hit moments in his life when times were getting really scary for him. He had set forth to become a famous rapper and if this didn’t happen, he nods his head rather not wanting to think of what could have been the outcome if his time didn’t come and Strange Music didn’t added him to the roster.

USM: What were the politics of coming up in the Atlanta rap game?

Rittz: The formula was really getting a song, trying to get it played on the radio or in the strip club. So it was a lot of grimy shows, where you’re standing all night in trap spots waiting to perform two songs. Then there was so many trends in Atlanta with Atlanta being on top of the rap game for so long. You had Crunk, then Snap, and then the Trap shit. It was hard being me making the type of music I make to get on. I finally got on the radio in 2007 and that’s when I started getting a little push. I was with Chrome Recordings, a label I was with then. We just got on the Battle Grounds, a little contest they do on 107.9 where if you win 5 nights in a row they retire your track.

USM: What track was that?

Rittz: It was song called “770” the area code where I’m from. So everyone in the 770 were calling in and requesting that song. I was reppin real hard cause Atlanta didn’t fuck with Gwinnett. Now it’s changed, they gotta say the North Side. Before they’d say “South to the East Side West Side”. Now you’ll here it mentioned with the different rappers being from different areas. It was crazy but after that everything just kind of fell flat.

USM: What did you do between that and Strange Music?

Rittz: I did a lot of things career wise, different managers different opportunities all through out just grinding. My manager Scender was in a group with Yelawolf “The Dixie Mafia”. Scender was Yela’s homie, when he moved to Atlanta he looked up local rappers, seen my shit. It was through him that me and Yelawolf hooked up. Me and Yela were kinda rappin’ comin up on the Atlanta seen. He was coming up pretty big and I was trying to get down to where he was doing his shit at. We ended up being tight. He got me the studio time to do “White Jesus” and gave me the opportunity to come off his momentum by putting me on “Box Chevy Pt. 3”. I did the Slumerican Tour and was just pushing “White Jesus”.

USM: Where did your title “The Life And Times Of Jonny Valient” come from?

Rittz: It’s just a nickname I had growing up. My names Jonny and my homeboys would just call me that. I put out “White Jesus” on some nickname shit. I wanted a title that was going to be controversial, but with this I wanted it to be something that was more about my life. To let people in on me, exactly Rittz. I kind of knew I wanted to name it that because before the Yelawolf thing I was going to name my album “Jonny Valiant Vol. 0”. That just never happened, those songs got shelved and I came out with “White Jesus”. So I kinda knew what I was gonna name it.

USM: After a long road, your debut album hits the stores 4/30/13… is that your main focus right now?

Rittz: Yea I’ve been focusin’ like a motha fucker. Basically I got off the Slumerican Tour with Yelawolf November 17th. I had then until the end of December to write the album. I write slow… it takes me awhile. So I was under pressure, I wrote a lot on the bus but not enough. The pressure was on as soon as I got back in town. I got Thanksgiving out of the way and it was just like bang. Plus you gotta have bonus tracks so all together I have like twenty something songs. With the stress of my first album and getting it done, being with a new label, and then with the Independent Powerhouse Tour coming up. It was just a lot of shit going on at once, but now I’m just happy to be on the road, album bout to come out… a little bit of pressures easin’ off.

You could feel the weight of Jonny Valiant’s past lift off his shoulder’s as we finished up the interview and he proceeded with his day on tour with Strange. He started as an underdog in one of the biggest rap mecca’s and finally grasp his dream because he never gave up. He fought strong to the top and at the end of the day he’s signed to largest independent label in the world. You can say what you want about Mr. Rittz but at this moment anyone who ever doubted him is looking back like man that’s the guy who we never thought would make it. Although he carry’s his swag to the fullest in his latest video’s such as “Like I Am”… in person he carry’s himself with utmost humble respect. For tomorrow you will get to hear the full story on “The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant”. You can cop that at www.strangmusicinc.net or any of your local retailers. Lift your cup to a true vet!

USM: Any last words?

Rittz: I just really want to say thanks, thanks to everyone who fucks with me! This rap shit not easy… at all. That 21 years of grindin is real shit. I’m really appreciative of anything I got going on, anybody who gives me attention, or interested and listens to my music it’s a big deal.

Interview by Breez

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Unreleased Exclusive Interview With @GuruGangStarr Finally Unveiled!

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Unreleased Exclusive Interview With @GuruGangStarr Finally Unveiled!

Posted on 19 April 2013 by admin

As the third anniversary of Guru death make it’s desolate cycle, the hearts of many loyal hiphop fans still live with the somber untimely death like it was yesterday. So many unanswered questions still only known to Solar who was at the center of the controversy. Did he do what was right? Was this really what Guru wanted? Has his family made mends with him? Does his decisions still haunt him to this day?… Well, really only he can answer those questions… Will he?

Most likely not. After Guru’s death he basically went into hiding. Claiming he was going to revamp Jazzmatazz and keep Guru’s dream alive. Nobody has heard any of that. His twitter account was hacked and in 2010 after a series of tweets degrading himself by the hacker nothing else was done to fix that, to clean up his name. He has seemed to give up what he said he was going to do. No tweets from Guru’s account since 2010 have popped for any reason either… Does somebody have access to that account… It’s verified by twitter! Yet nobody knows how to feel about the legend passing. Is it anger, or pure grief that his exit was filled with such controversy? We can’t put a finger on it but at some point we need to release him to eternal peace and let the past be the past. Guru obviously had love for Solar he was with him day in and day out for the last 6 years of his life. He managed his career and from the emails, people got a devious vibe from what he was trying to set up as if he was using Guru and walking all over him. Was he just being a manager trying to keep him afloat? They toured through Europe and the U.S. together. Will he ever release more music they had made that still exists? So many unanswered questions with so little closure. Will the recluse come back out and try to justify his actions. If so, he possibly would have tried to already.

As far as what really matters is he was one of the greats. His death resides in special place in the heart of hip hop just as Tupac, Biggie, and many other legends that lost their life before their time. It takes it to another level such as Elvis or Michael Jackson, to the point where we don’t even want to believe they died. Of course that’s what music is about, that the soul lives forever through music which at this point through technology will never go anywhere. We hope this interview may answer some questions, maybe give you a better understanding as to what they were going for with the music they were creating. You see the love they had for each other as you’ll hear Guru refer to Solar as “Lord” and “God” several times. Which is nothing out of the ordinary for East Coast slang, but they must have built a relation that they set in motion to create the last of Guru’s collection of music. What’s really the truth as far as Solar is concerned only Guru and Solar and maybe some of his family know, but after a few months of his death it was just… silence. DJ Premier spoke out unhappily about the situation.

I hear the cocky side of Solar in this interview as he interrupts Guru a few times and at the same time I hear someone who is actually really saying something. Of course Guru could kill it in just one sentence where as Solar took his time to get his point across. I do hear empathy coming from him but at the same time it’s his way of thinking that is the truth in their world. It sounds to me like his beliefs is what you’re suppose to go by, as he expresses himself with such confidence. That may be why Guru grasped him as his manager feeling he was ailing so much that he needed a strong person behind him. To the point where he said “Here’s the keys, you drive”. He sat back and let him do the hard part to make it easier for him to do what he did best. Spit ill poetry to the people he raised as the first generation of Hip Hop. Your Voice Lives On Forever! RIP GURU

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