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Wriky Knotz: Trappin’z An Understatement

Wriky Knotz: Trappin’z An Understatement

Posted on 07 April 2013 by admin

Wriky Knotz

With a hard working label behind him, hearing his first album would convince you he is one of Denver’s vets. The only problem is he’s only been in the rap game for a year and a half. We said it before that the boss of C.P.C.(Certified Playaz Committee) Playa Intenze was one of the few who did a good job of bridging the gap between Denver and Aurora. When Wriky Knotz jumped on board he took the torch from Intenze with out even remembering to ask him if it was ok. Being added as the last four of the seven member squad, the camp was already into their second mixtape promoting the new label. With 5280 Wayz 2 Hustle dropping soon after the Hood Money Mixtape the independent label out of the West Side of Denver, Colorado was starting to get noticed. Wroyal Nature Family was the first group mixtape which consisted of West One, Wriky Knotz, Kawn G, Lil Stunna and Kuff Wunn. This was the third cd in less than 2 years time and nothing was slowing up. They opened the show at the 3rd Annual 5280 Awards in 2011 as a label and still no one was sure really who was who. They all had an individual swag and not for a minute let up their confidence.

When 2012 kicked in gear the video making began. Playa Intenze put together an all white video shoot with a cast of cameo’s that included some of Denver’s biggest artists and sexiest lady’s. While at the shoot, I was yet to be able to point out all of the new C.P.C. members by name but after that night I was able to determine who Wriky Knotz was. I was posted at the bar when I heard “What’s up Breez” I look over and seen one of the young members of Wroyal Nature Family reach over to pass me a shot. I toasted to the life and continued my night as different scenes were shot and everyone was doing their thing. Then when I thought most of the scenes were finished up and it was coming to an end I heard one of the new C.P.C. cats say “Babe give me them racks”. I’m thinking she’s going to reach in and hand him a few wads of cash folded with rubberbands. I look over and see her reaching in having trouble getting the money out and who I now know as Wriky Knots helps her pull out a stack about 8 inches tall. All the bills were laid out flat in a big rubberbanded brick. It wasn’t just a couple hundreds hiding a bunch 5’s and 10’s. It was racks on racks on racks of who knows… 10 g’s or more. After that it wasn’t hard to put a name to the face.

In 2012 Wriky Knots dropped his first solo album putting him in the lime light as one of Denver’s newest but well known artists. He did video after video… some with all of Wroyal Nature, a few solo, others with West One his right hand man. He also cameo’d in several others. Before you knew it his solo full length all original LP was near its release and the talk of the town was his release party. November 10th, 2012 marked the date for it and when I asked how it went his response was… “It was a bitter mistake, I was surprised. I actually under estimated it.” West One tuned in “It was maxed out bro!” By collaborting with Clearview Films 8ight Tha Skate of Aurora on a lot of his video’s and now has actually been featured on a song with 8ight, he not only pulled in his local following from the West Side but had half of Aurora in the building as well. Don’t get me wrong when you’re doing trap music you tend to attract the D-Boyz and of course all the girls want to be where the D-Boyz are but this was more than that. It was him riding the wave of what a consistent grind can build when you push it to the limit. So I caught up with Knotz and was able to get the inside scoop of whats to come from C.P.C. West One jumped in on the interview and helped with the breakdown…

USM: How many video’s did you shoot in 2012?

Wriky Knotz: Shit… I lost count!

USM: Natural Born Hustla was your freshman album, how did that change the game for you?

Wriky Knotz: Really it just made me want to raise the bar. Don’t get me wrong Natural Born Hustla was a straight slap make sure you go peep it, but be ready for my new one cause every one just gets double as hard. That’s all I’m gonna do is get better and better. Every album that comes out I’m raising the bar! Independent Records sold a bunch the first few weeks, which was big being no one knew who I was.

USM: What would you say is one of the major road blocks in Denver?

Wriky Knotz: None! Anything that is a road block, I see as lunch meat. Anything that gets in my way I’m gonna treat as lunch meat!

USM: C.P.C. is independent, but would you consider signing a deal?

Wriky Knotz: We’ll deal with a label, but we’re not gonna sell our life over. If the money’s right!

USM: How long have you been in the game?

Wriky Knotz: We really only established ourselves a year and a half ago. We’re kind of fresh. Especially me. Two years ago nobody would ever expected me to be rapping. C.P.C. was started 3 years ago by Playa Intenze with Yung A.G. and West One. A year and a half ago they added me, Kuff, Lil Stunna, and Kawn.

USM: Who are you working with on production at this point?

Wriky Knotz: Looney from Bass Gang. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but don’t sleep on that man. He’s one of the top producers in Denver right now.

West One: He kills shit.

Wriky Knotz: Natural Born Hustla was produced by the Trapmaticians. Mostly Vitamin E. They’re out of Cali.

West One: I got TC Crook and MF Two. I’m looking around doing some window shopping. TC Came through on Hustle Heavy. Also be on the lookout for my new video “G Shit” featuring Tommy Brown. Shout out to Dope City.

USM: What else should everyone be on the lookout for from the camp?

photography by USM

photography by USM

Wriky Knotz: We just dropped the song Trap Life featuring Lil Keke and West One. Look out for the video coming real soon, Keke is in it! Yung AG has “G’z and Gentz” coming soon that’s his first LP. Playa Intenze is coming with exclusive solo LP “A Brownprint Of A Latin Boss” I have a huge one coming that we’re doing the video to too. “Who Am I (Remix)” that shit features like 15 artists from every hood in this bitch. It’s gonna be complicated pulling that together but that’s happening real soon.

West One: I have “Hustlaz Roulette” coming real soon be ready. That’s my first solo album. Kuff One and Lil’ Stunna coming out with a mixtape. Kawn G has a mixtape coming too.

USM: Any last words?

Wriky Knotz: Shout out to everyone who knows I love em’. To everyone else fuck em’!

West One: Mile High Salute. West Side!


Be sure to click his Natural Born Hustla LP up in our sidebar and check out snippets on itunes to purchase any of your favorite songs!

Interview by Breez

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FaShoShot: WHAT IT IS? Is This Question… The Top’s His Only Shot!

FaShoShot: WHAT IT IS? Is This Question… The Top’s His Only Shot!

Posted on 01 April 2013 by admin


Swift FaShoShot who refers to himself strictly as “FaShoShot” is planning each step in the game these days. After a long stretch of just getting out there rocking shows, what to him at this point seemed more for the fun of it. Opening for big names such as Too Short, E-40, and GhostFace Killa. He decided to sit back and get his p’s an q’s in order to really start making sense of all the time and work he’s put into the game or should I say… make dollars! Swift has always had his rap game on point it was the business side he felt needed more attention. Now after starting his own label What It Is Productions he is crediting himself with not just the writing credits but also capitalizing on the production credits. You can now find his first hit singles on itunes “Radio On” which you can click right here on our side bar to purchase and also his latest release “Keeper” which is really bangin’. Here’s his perspective of the game in it’s current condition. It’s not all bad!

USM: What up Swift? So what’s the haps man… I’ve been checking out some of your new stuff and I’m just wondering when the album with all this is coming out?

FaShoShot: I actually have two and a half albums. “FASHOSHOT”, which is ready for release in early July 2013 and my second album not yet titled, is already in the works. Music has already been second nature to me. It’s just the business side of it that I never fully had put together. Music will now be released on a regular.

USM: What other music have you put out in the past? Any albums or old groups you ran with?

FaShoShot: I’m a former member of Ghetto Nation and later formed my own super group “WHATITIS”. Other than that I’ve always been a solo artist.What It Is Productions

USM: What came first rapping or producing? A lot of rappers don’t produce which is a very beneficial talent in the game, how does your creative process work… do you come up with the music first or do you write out a song and hear it in your head before you create it?

FaShoShot: Rapping definitely came first! I always loved to have beats created around my vision but am always down for a challenge. Love to make a Beat! A lot of rappers nowadays wouldn’t be nothing without a dope beat. Beats are the only thing makin the song. Me personally, I like to ride the beat, become a part of it. Like if me and the beat fucked, the track would be our baby(laughs)… real talk.

USM: Who are some of you inspirations as a producer? As a rapper?

FaShoShot: I’m really ol’ school when it comes to production and artists. I’m a real fan of Outcast, they’re one group that seems to constantly evolve, you never know what to expect out of em. Old school live band production is my favorite.

USM: I definitely get a cross between CeeLo and that old school West Coast gangsta funk when hearing you but I also get an old school feel? Who are some of the pre-rap influences Marvin Gaye, Isley Brothers etc. that you really get your style of rhythm from?

FaShoShot: Really don’t too much like being compared to other artists but it is an honor to be compared to some of the greats such as CeeLo. My greatest musical influence hands down is Stevie Wonder, the way he feels music is inspiring!

USM: You’ve opened for a lot of big names and dope events… Which would you say is your most memorable one and how did that come together?

FaShoShot: It was definitely a blessing to be around so much talent. Best show to date
would have to have been, the J Holiday show. About 3,000 people showed up and he did
not (laughs). It was the best, worst-case scenario! it gave us the whole show, but had to
sneak out the spot before shit got too crazy. It was a dope show!

USM: What’s one of your goals in the game that you haven’t accomplished that your still striving for?

FaShoShot: Biggest goal is to be able to “Full time” do what I was out here to do! I wanna send my babies to college off this music! I’m on my way!


Click this picture to Follow FaShoShot on Twitter

USM: How do feel about music these days?

FaShoShot: Music nowadays… love the energy… reminds me when MC Hammer ran the game and Digital Underground was trying to convince us that Shock G and Humpty were two different people (a lot of characters, gimmicks, dances and styles). Greats are made around those kinds of fads… such as Nas, Tupac, Biggie, etc. Something brilliant finally comes out and it’s accepted easily because people get tired of dancing and just want to be inspired. Me, I’m just trying to be one of those inspirational ones.

USM: Thanks for sitting down with Unda$treaM… Any last words shout out?

FaShoShot: Thanks for having me, ya’ll are doing major things for the Box(Colorado). 1 Love and shout outs to my family, friends and fans! Big things to come, Colorado Classic!

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C.E.S. Cru – When Energies Collide


C.E.S. Cru – When Energies Collide

Posted on 25 March 2013 by admin

"Constant Energy Struggles" 3.26.13

“Constant Energy Struggles” 3.26.13

Though they ain’t to proud to brag, long before signing to Strange Music you could find C.E.S. Cru covering the walls anywhere in the vicinity that you found Godemis and Ubiquitous. Godemis whose former vigilante name began as Sket, expresses how much fun graffiti was compared to rap. ” You wear a mask, you go out at night, its like you’re a super hero.” Ask fans today and some will probably argue that the duo is stil a set of super hero’s. Ubiquitous formulated the name Craft, but it never officially stuck. It was all about C.E.S. CRU! They both look back on the good ol’ days with smirks and head shakes, once upon a time when they sprawled their neighborhood with C.E.S. Cru stickers and stencils. Not realizing that their landlord owned all of the surrounding 2 blocks. They let the maintenance man in for a quick repair, when he noticed the symbol. Ubiquitous was called into the leasing office only to be told that if he didn’t get out there and clean everything he damaged they would press charges. He proceeded to go clean all the walls he had thoroughly saturated with C.E.S. CRU with hoping that when he was done, the landlord didn’t kick him out anyway. That may have been the turning point when he realized there had to be a better way to represent his crew and decided to leave Craft behind. They found making music a better way to express themselves and in 2004 came together as rap duo using words as the weapon of mass destruction instead of spray paint.

While in biology class in college Ubi came across “Ubiquitous”. A word that’s quite relative to what C.E.S. Cru represents. If you look at what Strange has accomplished, he fits right in. “It’s just a word in the dictionary, that means: 1.To be ever present. 2. To be in all places at one time. It’s not omniscience and it’s not omnipotence. Some people confuse it with it being a god thing. It’s omnipresence. Just to be everywhere at once.” Ubiquitous explains

Godemis on the other hand came across his name while watching an old Ani-Ma movie. Not knowing if he was sure about it. He brought it up to some friends “I was hanging around some 5% Muslim guys at the time. I let them know that I had been throwing that name around. They were kinda like, that’s perfect for you and it just stuck.” Don’t get comfortable with that name though. Godi has a list of alias’s that would fool any law enforcement officer if approached. “I’m that guy with seven names anyway. There’s also Jason Dean, Godemis Ish, Jason Hasselhoff, If You Nasty, with the latest installation being the title of his solo mixtape “The Deevil”. And you know what? A year from now I’ll probably think of something else to call myself.”

When they first came up with the meaning to C.E.S. Cru, it originated as “Conglomerate Elements of Self-Consciousness.” Ubiquitous assures “The purpose of C.E.S. Cru is… It’s to be re-invented.” As they searched for different meanings, they came up with the idea that every album would be titled a different acronym for C.E.S. Cru. So with the first album completed the title came to life as “Capture Enemy Soldiers”. Thinking they were going to continue changing the acronym album by album. They decided to fall back on the original plan not wanting to be boxed in. So in 2009 named their second independent LP “The Playground” which is available on itunes.

Heading for success they were discovered by Tech N9ne while opening for Devin The Dude in 08′. Having to be patient, it wasn’t until 2012 that they were actually signed and became part of the biggest independent label in the world. The first project was an EP released only digitally titled “13”. This quickly climbed to itunes Top 5. This was just a brief warm up to prepare them for what Strange Music had in store for them. After joining the Hostile Takeover Tour breaking records with the team for the most shows in the least amount of time. It was time to begin their first LP.

The way the creative process works at Strange is, first you come up with a title… Then you conceptualize your album around it. Ass backwards to their usual routine, they pondered titles of the LP. It was only then they decided to search their roots and reconsider what they once had set as their master plan. They remembered before they threw out the idea to recreate the title of C.E.S. on every album, the title of their second album was going to be “Constant Energy Struggles”. Thinking of some of situations they encountered and the levels of energy they vibe on, sticking to their roots turned out to be a no brainer. So that it was, they were back on the path they once set out for… except this time with a record label to back them. “Lotus” was the first song they created visuals for and within a month of its release generated over 100,000 views on YouTube. The promotional campaign began and on March 15th of this year they set off for the second tour with the fast moving label “The Independent Powerhouse Tour” with their album scheduled to drop while into the second week of tour. Another video off the LP “When Worlds Collide” was released weeks after, which is now on mtvU‘s “You Pick The Video That Gets On Air”! This Week’s Best Freshmen Video. Click the link to vote for them now!

Deciding on which song to turn into the next video. Godi and Ubi agreed “Meditate” was at the top of the list as a favorite to both of them. Taking the opportunity to capture footage during their performance at The Filmore in Denver, CO. Ubiquitous explains how it relates to the theme of the album. “It sticks to the message of metaphysics and our title ‘Constant Energy Struggles’, but it’s also digestible. It’s not super lofty in its thinking to where it’s like talking down to you. Its real grounded. We were really focused mentally.”

Godemis leans towards “Day Dream” as one of his favorites. “It’s easier listening, one of the softer songs on the album. He and I were speaking on real life experiences since signing to Strange Music. How life has changed and I think fans are really going to connect to it. It pairs really well with “Time Is Now” off our EP “13”. It’s in the same vein and fans love that song. I knew they would.”

The two both relate to the subjects of the album in many different ways. Some of the content recycled from comic books they use to read to their examination into the curiosity of life and the different energies that surround us. Ubiquitous referred to the album as their canvas and the subject matter of their songs as their paintbrushes. You can even find Godemis quoting Bruce Lee on “Lotus”. They were both familiar enough with the theme of the album, they were able to play with it but not be constrained to it completely. To clean off their paint palettes and enter the doors of Strange with a fresh start they simultaneously released pre-recorded solo albums on April 6th of 2012 for free download. Hadn’t they been signed to Strange they admit they would of pressed them up and sold them themselves. Godemis as earlier explained used his newest alias “The Deevil” and Ubiquitous came with “Matter Don’t Money”. You can find both albums at Oh yeah if your wondering why you haven’t seen Godemis with his white eyes, it’s probably because he lent them to Hopsin. “He can have em’, I got weird shit all day!” Godi laughs.

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Krayzie Bone: Livin’ The Life

Krayzie Bone: Livin’ The Life

Posted on 21 January 2013 by admin

In Denver at The Roxy

In Denver at The Roxy

Since Krayzie Bone went solo in 1998, it wasn’t hard for him to carry the weight of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. When his first solo album Thug Mentality 1999 dropped it reached record sales of double platinum. Although he is vet to this rap game who has a big name, even he knows you don’t slow down and stop working because your famous. When you get famous it only means you must carry on your reputation. And that he has. His collaborations with Chamillionaire earned him more platinum and with his own business savvy started his own label and clothing line The Life. While on tour, good friends like L Mac and Sloan Bone help him keep the party jumping and give the crowd that nostalgic feel of what BTNH created in the 90’s! We tuned in to see what’s going on with the Mo Thug Family last friday and enjoyed a killer show!


USM: In 1998 your first solo album entitled “Thug Mentality 1999” came out selling 2 million, did you expect that to be that big?

K.B.: Man not really we weren’t even really into the record sales, we were just in the studio and all that music was coming from us just being hungry. From us just wanting to get shit off our chest. When it did what it did it was just amazing. None of us expected to be where we are today… still. If you look at where we came from, it’s like wow.

Greenroom at The Roxy

Sloan Bone in the Greenroom at The Roxy

USM: I heard Flesh got you kicked out of a lot of places on the road…

K.B.: It wasn’t always him though. Everybody had their fair share of getting us kicked out of hotels, but he played a major part of it!

USM: Sounds like fun, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony just recently went on their 20th Anniversary Tour for Rock The Bells. How was it reuniting after all the differences over the years?

K.B.: It was a great success! We all came together recognizing that it was a big opportunity. We didn’t want to let that pass up. We all came together and was like lets do this. It wasn’t nothing major, it really just took us all coming back together and doing what we do.

USM: Do you have a new solo projects coming out?

K.B.: Yea, I got an Ep coming out called “The Quick Fix”. It’ll be out probably next month. We’re working on the BTNH 20th Anniversary album also. Working on a lot of different stuff just staying busy!

USM: Anything that sticks out from the Biggie and Tupac collaborations?

K.B: Just that it’s a complete honor to work with those cats before they passed away. At the time we weren’t looking at it like “This is gonna go down in history” or that type of stuff. It was like this is the first time we fin to get down, let’s get it moving. It was just like a normal studio session. We was just kicking it, vibin’ to the music we were making and just having a good time.

L Mic and Sloan Bone

@Lmac_MoThugs and @IamSloanBone

USM: How’s your label and clothing line The Life going?

K.B.: That’s coming along well. We have a new artist named Caine follow him on twitter @Caine216. He’s getting a lot of radio play throughout the midwest. We’re trying to move with, he’s who I’m concentrating on.

Also be sure to look out for the mixtape series coming from Sloan Bone Khaki’s and Chucks 5!


Follow Krayzie Bone: @IAMKrayzieBone

Interview by Tee PLR

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LA’s Graffiti Legend Make 1 otherwise known as Galo Speaks with U.$.

LA’s Graffiti Legend Make 1 otherwise known as Galo Speaks with U.$.

Posted on 18 December 2012 by admin

This Interview was conducted in 2008 in Issue #6 (Throwback)

When it comes to LA Graff Pioneer Galo, Make or Time, whichever way you wish to refer to him as, it is almost impossible to define him as an artist. Hailing from the inner city streets of Los Angeles, Make, who refuses to define himself, has definitely put in some work not only as a graffiti artist but a person in general. Cutting through the long intro, let’s start with the basics and hear it straight from the mouth of The Babe…

U$M: So how long have you been writing?

Make: Awe man I’ve been writing for like 30 years now…I remember back in the 70’s – naaaaaah! (laughing) Just kidding man. That’s just a little inside joke amongst us writers. Fools always be adding like five to ten years to their game. I’ve been writing a little over 20 years now.

U$M: What is the reason for writing Make & Galo?

Make: Well Galo is my given name. (pretty tight huh?) Make came after I was Time. Although my first name was Mine, then I switched it to Fraze. I went through a glut of names before I stuck with Time for a bit. But I still wasn’t happy with it though. I remember one day watching Styles Wars and seeing this kat Mare139 and thought to myself, “dang he’s pretty dope!” I also liked his name. So I swapped the R with a K and Make was created and was like “yeah!…Make! That’s me!” And Make is pretty much what it means: to create, to produce, to cause to exist. I am the Maker – your Maker! (smiles)

U$M: What were the first crews you were affiliated with?

Make: The first crew I was ever affiliated with was HR (Hit-N-Run). That was with my boy Krenz/Yem and a couple other heads. About a year or so later, STN (Second 2 None) was formed. Other crews afterwards were AM7 (Angelz of Madness), WCA (West Coast Artists) – although I never really hit up WCA. I also, sort of, stopped writing AM7. I’ve been asked to be in other crews but I’ve kindly turned them down as I’ve also been “kindly” turned down to be in other crews I may have wanted to be in. But I do often romanticize the thought of not being in any crew.

U$M: Who or what are some of your inspirations, mentors, or influences?

Make: Anything that’s related to letters and fonts and whatnot. Things such as: rock-band logos, surfer and stoner letters, the punk and skate scene, gang-writing, Mexican blackletter signage, old rock-art posters, the 80’s, pin-up posters, vintage ads, calligraphy, Haight and Ashbury, ancient scrolls, nice printing, etc. I’ve also, as of more recent, been fascinated with Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Basically I appreciate every characteristic form of lettering. The whole Hip-Hop movement inspired me as well.

As far as mentors or influences? There was Krenz/Yem-AM7, who was one of my first major influences. The KGB (Kids Gone Bad) crew whom only lived a few blocks away from me. My biggest influence though was RickOne-K2S (Kill To Succeed) who came later. Other influences throughout the years have been, of course, my crewmates like: Defer, Skept, Sine (R.I.P.), Doc43, Relik, Tempt, Easie (R.I.P.). Other artists that have influenced me too were Geo (R.I.P), Prime, Risky, Primo-Dee and the list can go on. Most of them still influence me today. Many other graff heads influence me today too such as: Eyer, Panic, Size, Peque-VRS, and so on – Even I influence myself.

U$M: Where are some of the places you wrote, did pieces, had art shows etc., shown your work at or whatever?

Make: I’ve painted at yards in LA such as: The Pan Pacific Theatre, The Belmont Tunnel, The Jefferson Yard, The UCA Yard, The 2 Yard, Santa Fe Yard, The Motor Yard and too many to list. I’ve rocked walls in Mexico, Hawaii, Milwaukee, Miami, San Diego and hopefully this year Japan and Europe. I’ve exhibited in galleries throughout LA, in Taiwan, in Mexico. I’ve also exhibited in a couple museums.

U$M: Do you hate or love George Bush?

Make: Neither. I really don’t care for the dude. But for the most part I love all peeps man. Regardless of what they do, have done, think or say. I am a lover man. I always try to see the best in people. People often fail me and disappoint me but I try not to let it get to me as I myself may do the same, right? And it’s not that I set myself up for it but I guess in a way I have. I guess we all do in a sense and that has taught me to do things without expecting anything in return. For the most part I nourish having faith in people even if it’s someone like Bush. If I don’t, people wouldn’t have any kind of faith in me. And that’s even if any do.

U$M: Who are some of the cats you write with?

Make: There’s quite a few actually. Maybe too many to name but to name a few I paint/write with my boy: Big SizeOne-OTR, Panic-LOD, Cab-LOD, Ware-SH, Eyer-SH/STN, Unit-LOD, with my boyees from the crew Sketch, Relic, Heaven and Teler. I‘ve also painted a lot with homie Besk-UCA and RickOne of the K2S crew. I‘ve been blessed and privileged to not only meet many great artists but also paint with them too. But overall I have been blessed to paint with the greatest and the wackest of all writers – myself.

U$M: What is your definition of graffiti?

Make: My definition of graff would vary from one end to another. One day it’s this and then next day it’s that. It is black to white, sad to glad, long to short, dead to alive, good to bad, ugly to beautiful, clean to dirty, straight to round, to mean and be meaningless, to create, to destroy, to vanish, to appear, to enrich, to strip, to unite, to divide, to stop, to continue, to be and not be, to incarcerate, to emancipate, to increase, to decrease, to be real and be fake and to be Make and not be Make and vice versa all.

U$M: Do you like blondes, brunettes, or red heads?

Make: I like blondes, brunettes, redheads, jet-black hair, dyed hair, dark, light, pale, tall, short, skinny, petite, midgets, giants, Latinas, Whites, Asians, Blacks, Indians, Armenians, did I say Asians? Long hair, short hair, no hair, two arms no arms, two legs no legs. I like them all man. As long as they are pretty smart, cool and have a great personality. That is always key! Overall, ALL women are beautiful. E-ve-ry single one of them.

U$M: What is your take on recreational drug use?

Make: I been clean for a while now man. Soooooooooo really? No comment. I just don’t encourage it. I guess that qualifies as a comment huh? (laughs)

U$M: Since you’ve been writing so long and you’re a veteran of graff what do you think of the new generation of writers opposed to the old school?

Make: Well I believe many new-school writers have no concept of lettering or posses fundamental graff values. The majority of today’s graff looks like a regurgitation of what is seen in magazines and the internet. No one pays dues anymore and no one seems to go through the developmental process many of us old-school writers went through. Many want the instant coffee mix know what I mean? There are, although, many new-schoolers who do have it and know it, execute it and produce nice work. You can see the foundation, the composition, and the understanding of letters in their work. Another thing too, many new-school kats also have no knowledge of graffiti history. And at times some of the history or knowledge some have is false information that is perpetuated through and fueled by gossip and rumors or even site threads or forums.

U$M: Who are some of the old-school guys still painting and what do you think about them still painting?

Make: There’s quite a few who still paint. Many have sort of faded out completely while others still stay somewhat connected, not necessarily in “the scene” but through other artistic mediums with the graff core fundamentals.

As far as some of them still painting? I think it’s dope of course. I think it’s important they do. You gotta understand. A lot of these old-school kats were looked up to and for many to witness them painting and/or paint is a treat. Shoot, It’s a treat for me too. But I do think that old-school kats have a measure to meet though. They should still be able to maintain themselves at a level and skill set that still reps and sets standards. We need to represent that we aren’t all washed-out writers, has-beens, you know? We should still be able to hang. Not to the point where we are out mobbing the streets and dangling off cliffs but be able to bring some fire when we paint. Be able to bring technique, style. Outline our own pieces, shoot…even finish our pieces for that matter.

And I must say that although it is dope that a lot of old-schoolers are coming out of the woodwork to rock and paint, I do think that some old-schoolers need to grab a feel and understanding of what is going on today in the graff scene. Many gotta remember that it is no longer 1985 or 89 or even 91 or whatever year it was they dropped out of the scene. Things have changed. Too many writers are time warped in their time. I find it funny, almost sad, that many come out of a like a 10-15 year retirement, do a few pieces or do something for the LA graff scene and all of a sudden they wanna call shots, make all these changes, criticize every piece and even re-hash old beef. Unfortunately, what happens with these kind of kats is the “crash and burn” process. As quickly as they came in they are gone again. I usually give’em maybe two years tops.

I don’t know man! My advice for old-schoolers is to chill, learn the ropes, know the haps, know the whose, take it easy. Shoot, even learn what material is out there and what peeps are hip to. (laughs) Like some fool came up to me, with attitude even, trying to tell me about this new marker they “discovered”, waving in it my face and all and it’s been like around for like…eh-ver, you know? I am like ohkaaaaay dewd! (laughs) That stuff cracks me the heck up. I can’t even be like “dewd, where have you been?” cause I know! (laughs hard)

U$M: How would you describe yourself?

Make: I wouldn’t. But if had to I’d say, I am who is not. I am the wackest writer. The toyest. The biggest biter. The lamest. The most annoying. The most hated. (oh wait! that’s someone else’s title) The biggest liar. The rejected. The opportunist, the ignorant, the naïve, the oblivious, the unwanted, the unskilled, the washed-out writer, the old-schooler who I just said came out of retirement…I am the complete opposite of what I’ve said I’ve ever been. I am the exaggerator. I am the chief of sinners. I am the non-existent element in the graff scene. The fictional figure in a story. The “here today gone tomorrow”. I am no one.

U$M: Any last words?

Make: Yeah – later!

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Street Level Records Signs Seattle Rapper Mac Minati

Street Level Records Signs Seattle Rapper Mac Minati

Posted on 24 October 2012 by admin

Seattle, WA Seattle based Street Level Records known to fans worldwide as an independent force in hardcore Hip-Hop is proud to announce the signing of rapper / actor / comedian MAC MINATI, their first artist signing since SLR’s reactivation in 2011.  Mac’s comedic style and sly street wit is a perfect fit for Street Level, one of the Northwest’s oldest and foremost indie Hip-Hop labels, whose catalog has been in high demand by lovers of quality street poetry since the 1990’s.

Formerly known as Mac Gamer, the rapper came up in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle’s notorious Southend, under the wings of Seattle street supergroup Lac of Respect.  Now known as Mac Minati, he’s a force all his own, with a hardcore sound and streetwise vision for 2012 and beyond.  This versatile artist also recently wrapped up filming on a pilot for a new FOX TV sitcom called “The Carter Family,” starring opposite of Nickelodeon teen star Ariana Grande.

On October 31st, just in time to scare all shook ones, Street Level Records will present Mac Minati’s street album, “Paranormal Mactivity,” which features guest appearances by Crooked I, Game, E-40, Birdman, 151 and more.  Mac’s as-yet untitled next project, due out in January 2013, will feature high-powered production from platinum producer Kane Beatz, Cash Money producer I.N.F.O., Seattle Hip-Hop veteran D-Sane, as well as guest appearances from Young Jeezy, Crooked I, Freeway, Seattle notables Grynch, Neema and Wizdom alongside Mac’s own stand-alone rhymes.  More news and music is coming from Mac and SLR—so stay tuned and get ready!

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Is Nikki Minaj about to be swept aside by a 17 yr. old? Reema Major gets Cosigned by Waka!

Is Nikki Minaj about to be swept aside by a 17 yr. old? Reema Major gets Cosigned by Waka!

Posted on 07 October 2012 by admin

Waka Flocka Flame, who is currently on tour, co-signed Reema Major at a sold-out crowd in Sayreville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom. She has recently been featured in Time Magazine, a big accomplishment for a young artist who is only 17. She is currently signed to G7 Records/Universal Records and her charisma puts her up on pedestal as the next female artist. She has swag that was long forgotten by Nikki. After Nikki losing her cool on American Idol, she might be backsliding while Reema climbs to the top female spot! Her style applies to real hip hop while Nikki’s applies to… well Lady Gaga but thats just Unda$treaM’s opinion.

Waka also said that Reema was co-signed by the whole of the Brick Squad Monopoly, and told the sold-out crowd at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, that Reema Major is a “real female rapper.” Watch the video below to see it LIVE…

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Glasses Malone creator of Gangsta Soul


Glasses Malone creator of Gangsta Soul

Posted on 03 September 2012 by admin

GLA $$ E.S.

From: Watts, California (West Coast)

G Malone’s album “Beach Cruiser” finally hit the streets after a long hold in August 2011. Beach Cruiser was a three year grind trying to get it to the shelves. In the process He felt Birdman and Lil Wayne really gave him a chance to develop and zero in on what he does best and what he’s great at. Not a lot of artists get the opportunity to do that. He was blessed to get it and have people believe in him and let him get it. I Get Doe one of the singles hit radio and was embraced by L.A. in major way.

How long have you been grindin in order to get to the point your at now?

Realistically 9 years ago but I didn’t put out my first album until 7 years ago so that’s when I really started. It was called White Lightning in 2005. That’s where I really put it cause when you put out music that’s when you really start.

How many albums have you put out?

Beach Cruiser is the only one through a major label. On my own I’ve put out White Lightning, Fuck Glasses Malone, Nightmare on 7th St., The Electric Chair Mixtape, and The Dope Mixtape hosted by DJ WHoo Kid.

Your music’s pretty street what song are you feelin off Beach Cruiser?

Still In The City… I’ve been working on my own genre of music “Gangsta Soul”. I’m sure anybody that’s familiar with the West Coast is familiar with G-Funk and Gangsta Funk. I’m from Watts and its a lot more Soulful, it’s not really party based. We don’t have a lot of party’s. It’s a lot more pain and struggling. We’re more blues based I would say. I had to come up with my own genre because I’ve been experimenting since I’ve gotten popularity through this business. Gangsta Soul is like the struggle and the pain of the city yet with the right twist of it from somebody that’s really from the neighborhood.

Where do see yourself three years from now?

Just fully locked in the Gangsta Soul and people really recognizing it for what it is. This genres still young of what I’m trying to develop. I’ve been raising it and I hope people look at it like that’s gonna be some shit. That’s all I’m really focused on. Past that I really don’t want to make no plans. I never thought I’d be signed to Cash Money three years without my first album, so everythings on God’s time. I just want to keep developing the music I’m making. Hopefully it will be a lot more developed at that point. I just keep putting it together and it’ll come.

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Big Lou Interview

Big Lou Interview

Posted on 17 August 2012 by admin

photography by Z Slay

If hip hop were football you can compare Big Lou to one of the guys who played the sport with less padding and a pig skin. Someone with an old soul. Not one of these new guys who wears extra padding and is in it for the glamour. Hailing from Camden, NJ is nothing to brag about. Lou makes it clear that being from one of the roughest areas in the United States was a struggle that most rappers could only imagine. After grinding for years in the New Jersey and Philly area,it was time to hit a bigger stage. Lou took his show on the road to the Big Apple. Once Lou started killing stages in the mecca of hip hop it was only a matter of time until he was picked up. Lou caught the attention of DJ Kay Slay. Before you know it he signed with Street Sweepers Entertainment. As they say the rest is history. With the summer of 2008 on the rise I caught up with Big Lou just in time to here his blue prints for the upcoming months.



Lou, Whats new fam …I know you got something brewing for the future?

Just trying to finish up a couple mixtapes I got coming out and working on a album. Just doing that shit and staying busy. And a couple legal issues we need to take care of too.


Cats are trying to get money before I can get it. Na Mean (laughs)

I’m assuming you cant specify on these “issues”?

Can’t really talk about it right now

Can you drop a title for the mixtape or album?

Until the legal issues go away we can’t really specify on that either.


All I can say is …. the album is coming out crazy! It has alot of super guest features on there and crazy joints.

Going from mixtapes to albums is huge transition. What will yours be like?

Its not too much but the album is gonna hit them so cats can see my range. There was alot of things I wasn’t really doing yet cause I was saving alot of really good stuff for the album. My mixtapes are kinda like albums anyway. On the album I’m coming from left field and touching stuff alot of other artists are scared to. Like I did with “Crack Head and “Stop Hitting Me” it will be that perspective and angle. I got some radio joints in there too that radio won’t be able to deny.

You stick to alot of the basic hip hop elements. Its no secret that if you turn on the radio you are gonna hear the same 10 songs which all sound alike. Do you think being too lyrical or true to the art will black ball you?

Not really. You have to work with it. I’m not mad at some of the guys on the radio cause there are some good songs on the radio. But I do get mad at some of the dj’s who is constantly play that bullshit. There is some bullshit on there too. My thing is I have ways of getting there attention when it comes to the radio. Alot of people don’t understand one of my biggest strengths is I can touch radio. Since I been working in the studio Slay’s like “ohhh wait up!”. He didn’t even know I had radio joints like I got. I got like 10 singles put aside. Not only are they party joints …. but they are coming from such a different angle that people gonna change the way they party. They might wanna party at the crib, party in there car, or party a different way. Feel me?

Yess sir. Did you think 3 or 4 years ago you would have catapulted as far as you did ?

You know what my dude (laughs) I’m a confident dude. I always new I can elevate my game. Like right now I aint happy where it’s at. I’m grinding ….sometimes Slay got to tell me to calm down. That cures my sickness feel me. Sometimes when I’m depressed music gets me there. When I’m happy I wanna write something happy. Its part of life and I keep pushing. I’m going to keep being aggressive and humble and make my mark.

You got a heavy resume so far. You done songs with Sheek Louch, Papoose, Busta Rhymes, Cuban Link, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I. So who else are we gonna see on the mixtape or album that you haven’t done a joint with yet?

Definatley some new joints with Busta. Hopefully my brother Bun B. And alot more that you will soon hear.

Alright you know what I’m about to ask. What’s going down with Fat Joe?

(laughs) I don’t know that dude like that. That dudes funny. Like I said before you have a dude making millions, that’s cocky and arrogant, and everyone knows he sells his own people out. Instead of embracing me when I came in the game he’s gonna talk reckless about punching me in my jaw and stuff like that. I don’t know what the fuck for. But you got to understand … you can do that shit with who ever you did that shit with before but there ain’t no pussies over here. I’m a fuckin lion. I come from the street. I ain’t just rapping about it like 90 percent of these niggas do either. All I want to do is hip hop right now. I left the streets alone cause Hip hop was my cure. So aslong as he stays in his fucking lane, I’ll stay in mine! He aint messing with no little boy over here. So he needs to come correct and that’s it. He says he’s a real hiphop head. Then he needs to go to talk to KRS One. KRS will tell him that a real hip hop head would battle. Just like the battle with MC Shan back in the day. He’s always talking that hip hop shit. So, lets take it back to that hip hop shit and battle. He aint fucking with me! He can’t fuck with me lyrically. If he thinks he can fuck with me in the street then he got another thing coming. I don’t wanna take it there so I hope he plays his ground and I’ll play mine. I won’t talk about that mans family and he shouldn’t talk about mine. He has an autistic son and so is my son. I would never talk about a mans wife or family. I don’t disrespect like that. Aslong, as he don’t disrespect me like that and stays in his lane, we good.

How did you actually hear Fat Joe saying that he would “break your jaw” among other things?

Somebody called me. He (Joe) was in the background running off at the mouth. I heard his voice and didn’t think nothing of it. He was actually in Philly. My boy told me that he was in the store. Then my boy yelled to him “what you think about Big Lou and Joel Ortiz?” .Don’t forget I am on the phone listening when he asked him. Joe said “Joel is alright, But Big Lou man that muthafuckin big Pun wannabe clone man…FUCK THAT NIGGA! “ I heard it so I said to my boy “YO! Toss that fat muthafucka the phone!”. My boy told Joe that Lou was on the line and then Fat Joe and him got in an argument. Also, the person that called me asked Joe if he thought he was a dirty south clone. And he got mad. My man don’t give a fuck and he was ready for whatever. My man told him to “Get the fuck out here” and they rolled out. My dude told me they was like 50 deep. He said “I don’t got 50 shells on me but I’ma get somebody” (laughs). That’s how I new it was official.

Do you think that the songs you did with Cuban Link and Papoose and signing with Kay Slay (being Fat Joe and Kay Slay aren’t on good terms) has something to do with the hating he feels towards Big Lou?

Knowing him Yeah. He’s a prideful dude man. He got too much pride. He got a lot on his mind. Every problem he got he deserved to be shitted on. Just for the fact that sometimes that pride can hurt you. He got to stop doing that sheisty shit. If he wants to be the bigger man and call me ,even though he might look at me and say he don’t owe me shit, we can talk.

Joe said in a recent interview that you wish you can be “The second coming of Big Pun” and that you wish you can be “in the Terror Squad” . What do you think about it?

He gave me a compliment saying the second coming of Big Pun. He don’t even know what the fucks he’s saying man. Even though I know I ain’t on Puns level ,cause he was in a class of his own, that’s a compliment in itself. All Latinos get stereo typed to Big Pun even if they don’t sound like him.

Like Joel?

Right ..exactly

Alright lets get off this Fat Joe shit. This is the last question. Do you think that 50 Cent put the nail in is coffin with “The Elephant In The Sand” mixtape?

(laughs) Nah…. I think I’ma put the nail in his coffin. That’s actually what the joints called “Nail In The Coffin” . After that I’m chilling. Look for it in the streets or websites.

The new Terror Squad is all dudes from the south…

Yea that’s his new home. Shouts to Mysonne and Cuban Link and them. “That’s why they got “Bang Bang Boogie”. Joe can’t even go back to the Bronx man.

How does it feel to be the first artist to officially put Camden on the map?

It’s a good feeling but It aint gonna be right until I bring the rest of my Camden niggas who need to get heard too. Feel me? There’s a lot of talent out here man. I got a team that’s crazy. Everybody in Camden know I had a crazy buzz before I got into this position I am in. I was telling niggas “I’ma get heard, watch”. Once I went to New York and started killing stages that’s when it got serious. So it feels good but it will be better when I bring them cats from Camden who nice as hell spitting along with me.

Once you get more in the public eye are we going to be hearing in detail about how crazy Camden is. From the corruption and scandals to the poverty?

Definatley. I’ma shed light on a lot of topics. You won’t hear me talking about the murder rate too much because there’s a lot of fake niggas in the hood who take advantage of the murder rate being so high bragging about it. We want that murder rate to go down man. I see a lot of shit. I gave out 600 plates on Thanksgiving. It was sad. We was delivering food to abandon houses with people living in them. I been doing that for the last 5 years. It’s a sad sight man …I wish I could do more. But I do what I can now. I will be addressing some issues. The mayor been calling me like crazy this year trying to ride dick. Wanna know why? Cause I be shutting them down . Corzine was trying to track me down in the hood for centuries, cause I was about to shut him down too. Now they all wanna ride dick. Cause they are asking how can this one muthafucka be so effective in the hood. So you gonna hear me talking about a lot of issues man. I might invade they elections too.

You have paid a lot of homage to the hiphop greats from your old mixtape cover to your songs. It would be only right if you tell us your TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE?


You can’t count ya self either

1st of all Rakim
Pun of course
The last one ….LL Cool J cause of his longevity.

Got to ask Obama or Hilary?

I don’t fuck wit that. Whoever gets elected at the end of the day there ain’t gonna be no change man. It’s still gonna be fucked up for a while.

Any labels you can talk about you might sign too? Give me that exclusive. (laughs)

(Laughs) After we clear up this legal shit I can talk more about it

How do you feel about Remy Ma getting 8 years?

It’s fucked up. But, she’s a trooper. She gonna be good. Once she gets out she will doing her thing again.

Undastream Magazine has a big Mid West following. There’s a good chance some readers getting this may have never heard of Big Lou. Tell me one song they need to check out that will make them an instant fan.

I got to say the joint Bun B was feeling …”Crackhead”.

So In closing is there anything else you wanna let the people know. We now know about your untitled album and mixtapes coming. How you feel about the elections. We know you are gonna put a nail in Fat Joe’s coffin. You got some labels in the works there anything else?

Yea..Shouts out to Camden. Shout out to Street Sweepers. Shouts to Undastream Magazine and Advo.

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Posted on 10 August 2012 by admin

Mtn. Dew and GLU Agency present the introductory trailer for DEWeezy, a 10-part web series about Lil Wayne, his passionate evolution as a skateboarder and his love of the skateboarding lifestyle. In the quick video, Lil Wayne introduces us to the DEWeezy team consisting of Pro Skateboard legend Paul (P-Rod) Rodriguez and talented young skaters, Theotis Beasley, Keelan Dadd and Boo Johnson.


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