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@TheRealSpice1 – Black Lambo

@TheRealSpice1 – Black Lambo

Posted on 15 March 2020 by admin

OG Spice 1 releases new single Black Lambo.

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Denver graffiti battle production and alley burner!

Posted on 29 April 2013 by admin

This was the first production of a series of battles put together by Pistoe and Dread, The Colorado Crush! The winner gets invited to paint at the Colorado crush event. There is 3 pieces missing from this battle getting those soon… Not shown are Noizer, Taste, and Arae

These were taken in an alley in Denver off of Clay and Alameda. A few days after we took them it got buffed… Good timing!

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Bun’s Beat: Graffiti is the artistic expression of hip-hop

Posted on 13 February 2013 by admin

Bun B of UGK on his Bun’s Beat Segment: Graffiti is the artistic expression of hip-hop takes the time to school people about how important graffiti has been to our culture. Aerosal Warfare’s GONZO247 recently wrapped Bun’s car recently and gives him a big shout for being one of Houston’s graffiti legends. A lot of people don’t look at Houston as a town for graffiti, so be sure to check out their link in our Related Sites in the sidebar on right and see where you can find some of Houston’s signature pieces.

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(Graff Throwback) Interview with Denz Rocwell

(Graff Throwback) Interview with Denz Rocwell

Posted on 28 January 2013 by admin


U.$.M. – What do you write?

Denz – I write Denz, Denzone, Denzrocwell, Denzism, Denzo!

U.$.M.- What artist or artists influence your work?

Denz – The legendary trixter, from chicago, that was featured in spraycan art back in the day!

U.$.M. – Explain to us what graffiti means to you.

Denz – Graffiti means vandals, in society. But I look at it as a group of outsiders’ finding ways to excersize their medium of artistik, ability on the wall.

U.$.M. – Whats up with the best paint ,who makes it?

Denz – I love “Montana” from Spain, and also Belton, the paint is thick and it flows out smoothly.

U.$.M. – Have you ever thought about tagging on birds?

Denz – No not realy but it would be dope to tag them with a signature like luggage. But have stamped money for the past 3-4 years on $2 dollar bills, then all of a sudden I looked on mtv when the beastie boys were on tour, and mtv was doing their promotion give away, and they said! If you find a $2 dollar bill with the mtv logo, you get in free! I was like what a fucking bite,,,, because at the Iz The Wiz show I was in New York and I passed out about $500 dollars of $2 dollar bills from the bank, just throughing it in the air around new york, then they decided to do it! Fucking biters’ LOL..

U.$.M. – Have you ever flown 1st class?

Denz – Yes! I can clearly remember me flying first class.. That, it was the same year I got booted out of ATT Crew I flew out to Denmark, Copenhegan for 3 weeks to paint with (Bates), it was the best”. So by being dissapointed! I was like I should treat your self to a new start..

U.$.M. – If you could paint a face landmark what would that be?


U.$.M. – How long have you seen a piece ride on a traincar?

Denz – 12 Years and that’s no joke! I’ve even seen my shit still running and friends’ I was shocked Artistik, from Milwaukee WI, always catch my old stuff rolling when he show me them flix!

U.$.M. – Any last thoughts?or shouts

Denz – Shot out to “God” above to making everything possible for me since 1985, & CREWS TAC, GOD, KD, SAS, TNB, BYI, COD, YNN, PCP, 5MH, URBANDWELLERS, FST, AIA, & UNDASTREAM MAGAZINE, BTB, (BAD CREW IN CHICAGO). You all are catching wreck in the chitown, keep it going! PEACE “DENZONEROCWELL”

Model: Natasha Stone from Playboy T.V.

Model: Natasha Stone from Playboy T.V. reppin’ the Denz Toaster Purse

Staight out of the Chicago streets comes the hottest new trend. Its hot alright so hot you can make breakfast in it and pack in your make up ladies. $350 & up
contact Denz himself for a personal customized toatser purse


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Posted on 27 December 2012 by admin



LA’s Graffiti Legend Make 1 otherwise known as Galo Speaks with U.$.

LA’s Graffiti Legend Make 1 otherwise known as Galo Speaks with U.$.

Posted on 18 December 2012 by admin

This Interview was conducted in 2008 in Issue #6 (Throwback)

When it comes to LA Graff Pioneer Galo, Make or Time, whichever way you wish to refer to him as, it is almost impossible to define him as an artist. Hailing from the inner city streets of Los Angeles, Make, who refuses to define himself, has definitely put in some work not only as a graffiti artist but a person in general. Cutting through the long intro, let’s start with the basics and hear it straight from the mouth of The Babe…

U$M: So how long have you been writing?

Make: Awe man I’ve been writing for like 30 years now…I remember back in the 70’s – naaaaaah! (laughing) Just kidding man. That’s just a little inside joke amongst us writers. Fools always be adding like five to ten years to their game. I’ve been writing a little over 20 years now.

U$M: What is the reason for writing Make & Galo?

Make: Well Galo is my given name. (pretty tight huh?) Make came after I was Time. Although my first name was Mine, then I switched it to Fraze. I went through a glut of names before I stuck with Time for a bit. But I still wasn’t happy with it though. I remember one day watching Styles Wars and seeing this kat Mare139 and thought to myself, “dang he’s pretty dope!” I also liked his name. So I swapped the R with a K and Make was created and was like “yeah!…Make! That’s me!” And Make is pretty much what it means: to create, to produce, to cause to exist. I am the Maker – your Maker! (smiles)

U$M: What were the first crews you were affiliated with?

Make: The first crew I was ever affiliated with was HR (Hit-N-Run). That was with my boy Krenz/Yem and a couple other heads. About a year or so later, STN (Second 2 None) was formed. Other crews afterwards were AM7 (Angelz of Madness), WCA (West Coast Artists) – although I never really hit up WCA. I also, sort of, stopped writing AM7. I’ve been asked to be in other crews but I’ve kindly turned them down as I’ve also been “kindly” turned down to be in other crews I may have wanted to be in. But I do often romanticize the thought of not being in any crew.

U$M: Who or what are some of your inspirations, mentors, or influences?

Make: Anything that’s related to letters and fonts and whatnot. Things such as: rock-band logos, surfer and stoner letters, the punk and skate scene, gang-writing, Mexican blackletter signage, old rock-art posters, the 80’s, pin-up posters, vintage ads, calligraphy, Haight and Ashbury, ancient scrolls, nice printing, etc. I’ve also, as of more recent, been fascinated with Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Basically I appreciate every characteristic form of lettering. The whole Hip-Hop movement inspired me as well.

As far as mentors or influences? There was Krenz/Yem-AM7, who was one of my first major influences. The KGB (Kids Gone Bad) crew whom only lived a few blocks away from me. My biggest influence though was RickOne-K2S (Kill To Succeed) who came later. Other influences throughout the years have been, of course, my crewmates like: Defer, Skept, Sine (R.I.P.), Doc43, Relik, Tempt, Easie (R.I.P.). Other artists that have influenced me too were Geo (R.I.P), Prime, Risky, Primo-Dee and the list can go on. Most of them still influence me today. Many other graff heads influence me today too such as: Eyer, Panic, Size, Peque-VRS, and so on – Even I influence myself.

U$M: Where are some of the places you wrote, did pieces, had art shows etc., shown your work at or whatever?

Make: I’ve painted at yards in LA such as: The Pan Pacific Theatre, The Belmont Tunnel, The Jefferson Yard, The UCA Yard, The 2 Yard, Santa Fe Yard, The Motor Yard and too many to list. I’ve rocked walls in Mexico, Hawaii, Milwaukee, Miami, San Diego and hopefully this year Japan and Europe. I’ve exhibited in galleries throughout LA, in Taiwan, in Mexico. I’ve also exhibited in a couple museums.

U$M: Do you hate or love George Bush?

Make: Neither. I really don’t care for the dude. But for the most part I love all peeps man. Regardless of what they do, have done, think or say. I am a lover man. I always try to see the best in people. People often fail me and disappoint me but I try not to let it get to me as I myself may do the same, right? And it’s not that I set myself up for it but I guess in a way I have. I guess we all do in a sense and that has taught me to do things without expecting anything in return. For the most part I nourish having faith in people even if it’s someone like Bush. If I don’t, people wouldn’t have any kind of faith in me. And that’s even if any do.

U$M: Who are some of the cats you write with?

Make: There’s quite a few actually. Maybe too many to name but to name a few I paint/write with my boy: Big SizeOne-OTR, Panic-LOD, Cab-LOD, Ware-SH, Eyer-SH/STN, Unit-LOD, with my boyees from the crew Sketch, Relic, Heaven and Teler. I‘ve also painted a lot with homie Besk-UCA and RickOne of the K2S crew. I‘ve been blessed and privileged to not only meet many great artists but also paint with them too. But overall I have been blessed to paint with the greatest and the wackest of all writers – myself.

U$M: What is your definition of graffiti?

Make: My definition of graff would vary from one end to another. One day it’s this and then next day it’s that. It is black to white, sad to glad, long to short, dead to alive, good to bad, ugly to beautiful, clean to dirty, straight to round, to mean and be meaningless, to create, to destroy, to vanish, to appear, to enrich, to strip, to unite, to divide, to stop, to continue, to be and not be, to incarcerate, to emancipate, to increase, to decrease, to be real and be fake and to be Make and not be Make and vice versa all.

U$M: Do you like blondes, brunettes, or red heads?

Make: I like blondes, brunettes, redheads, jet-black hair, dyed hair, dark, light, pale, tall, short, skinny, petite, midgets, giants, Latinas, Whites, Asians, Blacks, Indians, Armenians, did I say Asians? Long hair, short hair, no hair, two arms no arms, two legs no legs. I like them all man. As long as they are pretty smart, cool and have a great personality. That is always key! Overall, ALL women are beautiful. E-ve-ry single one of them.

U$M: What is your take on recreational drug use?

Make: I been clean for a while now man. Soooooooooo really? No comment. I just don’t encourage it. I guess that qualifies as a comment huh? (laughs)

U$M: Since you’ve been writing so long and you’re a veteran of graff what do you think of the new generation of writers opposed to the old school?

Make: Well I believe many new-school writers have no concept of lettering or posses fundamental graff values. The majority of today’s graff looks like a regurgitation of what is seen in magazines and the internet. No one pays dues anymore and no one seems to go through the developmental process many of us old-school writers went through. Many want the instant coffee mix know what I mean? There are, although, many new-schoolers who do have it and know it, execute it and produce nice work. You can see the foundation, the composition, and the understanding of letters in their work. Another thing too, many new-school kats also have no knowledge of graffiti history. And at times some of the history or knowledge some have is false information that is perpetuated through and fueled by gossip and rumors or even site threads or forums.

U$M: Who are some of the old-school guys still painting and what do you think about them still painting?

Make: There’s quite a few who still paint. Many have sort of faded out completely while others still stay somewhat connected, not necessarily in “the scene” but through other artistic mediums with the graff core fundamentals.

As far as some of them still painting? I think it’s dope of course. I think it’s important they do. You gotta understand. A lot of these old-school kats were looked up to and for many to witness them painting and/or paint is a treat. Shoot, It’s a treat for me too. But I do think that old-school kats have a measure to meet though. They should still be able to maintain themselves at a level and skill set that still reps and sets standards. We need to represent that we aren’t all washed-out writers, has-beens, you know? We should still be able to hang. Not to the point where we are out mobbing the streets and dangling off cliffs but be able to bring some fire when we paint. Be able to bring technique, style. Outline our own pieces, shoot…even finish our pieces for that matter.

And I must say that although it is dope that a lot of old-schoolers are coming out of the woodwork to rock and paint, I do think that some old-schoolers need to grab a feel and understanding of what is going on today in the graff scene. Many gotta remember that it is no longer 1985 or 89 or even 91 or whatever year it was they dropped out of the scene. Things have changed. Too many writers are time warped in their time. I find it funny, almost sad, that many come out of a like a 10-15 year retirement, do a few pieces or do something for the LA graff scene and all of a sudden they wanna call shots, make all these changes, criticize every piece and even re-hash old beef. Unfortunately, what happens with these kind of kats is the “crash and burn” process. As quickly as they came in they are gone again. I usually give’em maybe two years tops.

I don’t know man! My advice for old-schoolers is to chill, learn the ropes, know the haps, know the whose, take it easy. Shoot, even learn what material is out there and what peeps are hip to. (laughs) Like some fool came up to me, with attitude even, trying to tell me about this new marker they “discovered”, waving in it my face and all and it’s been like around for like…eh-ver, you know? I am like ohkaaaaay dewd! (laughs) That stuff cracks me the heck up. I can’t even be like “dewd, where have you been?” cause I know! (laughs hard)

U$M: How would you describe yourself?

Make: I wouldn’t. But if had to I’d say, I am who is not. I am the wackest writer. The toyest. The biggest biter. The lamest. The most annoying. The most hated. (oh wait! that’s someone else’s title) The biggest liar. The rejected. The opportunist, the ignorant, the naïve, the oblivious, the unwanted, the unskilled, the washed-out writer, the old-schooler who I just said came out of retirement…I am the complete opposite of what I’ve said I’ve ever been. I am the exaggerator. I am the chief of sinners. I am the non-existent element in the graff scene. The fictional figure in a story. The “here today gone tomorrow”. I am no one.

U$M: Any last words?

Make: Yeah – later!

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The Bent Letter – Beast 546

Posted on 17 July 2012 by admin

Beast featured in Issue #1 of Unda$treaM in 1999

This was just taken in Denver at a graff show at LowBrow Denver. This was an art exhibit for Jim Stigall aka Beast 546. Very nice work indeed. Beast was featured in Issue #1 that came out in 1999. We’ll dig in our archives and add that feature to this post as well.
Video by: Rela Teone
Music: The Circle – Lou ft. Josh Lee


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Graffiti in CO

Posted on 19 June 2012 by admin


Some more dope graffiti comin out of Longmont!

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The Last Of The Capones Was Right: The Capones, Not Bugsy Siegel, Played The Biggest Role In Nevada Gambling History

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The Last Of The Capones Was Right: The Capones, Not Bugsy Siegel, Played The Biggest Role In Nevada Gambling History

Posted on 06 June 2012 by admin

Bonita Springs, FL, June 4, 2012 – Only a family knows the unvarnished truth about someone. Everyday, face-to-face interactions can reveal character more effectively than anything else. Al Capone’s brother, Ralph Capone, knew this – and that’s why he begged his granddaughter Deirdre Marie Capone not to publish the Capone family secrets until she was the last living member of the family. Uncle Al Capone, The Untold Story from Inside His Family (Recap Publishing) is the result, revealing for the first time many startling facts about one of the most famous gangsters of the twentieth century.
In one hard-hitting chapter after another, Capone examines her great-uncle’s involvement in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the real reason he went to Alcatraz, ethnic prejudice in the early twentieth century, and much more. She offers compelling evidence that Al Capone was specifically targeted for prosecution by law enforcement agencies with the collaboration of the media, which made gross exaggerations of her uncle’s exploits and fueled a phenomenon of half-truths and utter falsehoods. From the family’s roots in Angri, Italy to the author’s ongoing investigations today, this debut offers a comprehensive and moving portrait of an iconic American family and one woman’s efforts to make peace with the past.
As a child, she didn’t know he was a notorious gangster; he was just her Uncle Al. He taught her how to swim, ride a bike, and play the mandolin. But after he died on her seventh birthday she began paying the price of being a Capone. From age 7 to 13 her classmates were not allowed to play with her. When she was 10 her father committed suicide due to the burden of the Capone name. At age 18 she was fired from her first full-time job because of her name. As soon as she could, she left Chicago and her family name behind.
Readers have found Uncle Al Capone dramatic, unyielding and provocative. A moving, highly readable portrait of the Capone family and its mob ties, the book takes a close look at what it means to survive a legacy of notorious criminal activity. Through years of meticulous research and exhaustive interviews with aunts, uncles and cousins, Capone tells the story that eluded dozens of writers: Al Capone as a loving, if flawed, family man.
Deirdre Marie Capone has been a guest on a number of regional and local radio and television shows, and appeared on NBC’s Today Show, the CBS Sunday Morning Show, the Fox Network and The History Channel.

Deirdre Marie Capone

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WP Gallery Presents: THEN ONE a Solo Art Exhibition JUNE 15- July 28, 2012

WP Gallery Presents: THEN ONE a Solo Art Exhibition JUNE 15- July 28, 2012

Posted on 30 May 2012 by admin

Filmed and Edited By: SERRINGE of ELEMENT TREE

This Summer, Philadelphia welcomes artist, THEN ONE to the WP Gallery. The WP Gallery will be exhibiting brand new works from THEN ONE who embodies a dynamic talent through his artistic expression on the streets, and fine arts showcasing his unique style on paper, canvas, walls, etc. 

Then One is an artist, illustrator, muralist and designer who uses bold colors and imagery to create pieces of art that represent a visual manifestation of his feelings and the world that surrounds him. His work explores his heritage as well as his background as an artist of the street and how it fits as well as clashes within todays world. Though cultures may clash, Then is able to incorporate chaotic themes and communicate them in a visually complementary way. With continued growth and an expanding work of art, Then’s work continues to gain interests from galleries, art collectors, media and companies alike.

Then has worked with companies including Heineken,, Microsoft Zune, Tribeca Grand Hotel, Cornerstone Promotions, Married to the Mob, Dirty Debutante NYC, Emm Kuo, Substance Skateboards, Savage Urethane, Sneaker Pimps, SocialLight Entertainment, Dream Hotel, Roxy Cottontail, Jasmine Solano and more His work has also been displayed in galleries In New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

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