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Did You Know?… It’s National Drive Electric Week, Become Accustomed!

Did You Know?… It’s National Drive Electric Week, Become Accustomed!

Posted on 09 September 2015 by admin

At the MasterDrive Training Facility as The Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition helps kick off the 5th Annual National Drive Electric Week.

At the MasterDrive Training Facility as The Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition helps kick off the 5th Annual National Drive Electric Week.

Today, The American Lung Association let Unda$treaM come out and test drive some of the hottest trending electric cars on the market. While a lot of people are still waiting for their dads inheritance to purchase their dream car, picturing a V-12 with an old traditional engine pumping gas through an internal combustion engine in a little cloud above their head, a new generation of vehicles is arriving that won’t contribute to the brown cloud hovering over the worlds biggest cities! There was an assortment of strange looking pint size models, the Ford CMAX Energi was our test run model around the course filled with everyday traffic obstacles. It was a swift little critter, but we had to get a shot at the luxury that would still fulfill the craving of a dream car. The Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid doesn’t compare in electric standards to the Tesla Model S P85D, but does keep up with it without being completely reliant on a charge station. Of course, we would all like to fork over Tesla 80k to prove we never have to gas up again but is that convenient to most of our everyday lives? Realistically… probably not! Tesla Model S P85D

Five years from now lets hope there are 10 times the amount of charge stations and more gas stations going out of business, but a lot of people recently invested in new gas cars in the last few years since the EV’s arrived who at the time didn’t realize what kind of investment they could of made by purchasing an electric. Yes it’s true, not all have hopped the band wagon but as the years progress into new era of cars that can run strictly on charge, it is something to keep in mind when you’re finally ready for that trade in. While cars like the Leaf and the self driving BMW i3 may not be the model that catches your eye, there are always options out there like the much affordable Chevy Volt that can be mistaken for a gas model and still get you around town with out a drip of gas being turned into pollution.

The Porsche and Tesla are of course “what they are”… large luxury vehicles with bulky bodies that have a lot of speed which will be driven by the right fit for the shoe, but for everyday get around models, Ford CMAX Energi will save you a ton of money in the long run for a back and forth to work car and still have a fun ride to make you enjoy getting behind the wheel. So, to kick off a now tradition to tens of thousands of people in over 100 U.S. cities who rally to raise awareness of plug-in vehicles at this time of year, lets put the bug in our ear to Go Green next time we purchase a vehicle and help the American Lung Association meet their goals of the decline of pollution in the world by plugging in our cars instead of pumping them up.

Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid

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@Akomplice x @Raekwon Pelican Belt Drops June 1st On Webstore Only!


@Akomplice x @Raekwon Pelican Belt Drops June 1st On Webstore Only!

Posted on 31 May 2013 by admin


Click this photo June 1st, 2013 at 1pm PST to acquire a taste fitting to your standards!

The Akomplice x Raekwon Pelican Belt is finally available after a 2 year production process. The brothers at Akomplice got connected with Raekwon’s brother Don P to begin the process. He hit them up about doing a project that would tie in with Rae’s album release, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang. They made it of premium leather and it comes in both black and brown. The Akomplice logo is embossed, and Raekwon’s name is laser etched onto the leather, giving two different looks to one belt. This belt is a true collector’s item, as it will only see a 25 piece production run. The collab comes complete in a wooden cigar box, which is homage to Rae’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx series. Time to switch your old Cuban’s into a new box! You have to be prompt to get yours.

Tomorrow at 1pm Cali time they are available for purchase and once sold out they’re gone.

Patrick confirms “We agreed the Pelican Belt was the perfect piece for the collaboration. Raekwon is known as Wu-Tang’s emissary of style, so we felt one of our most sophisticated and stylish pieces was only fitting.”


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The Newest @FRANK151 Book, Chapter 51, Themed On Leaders, Lands Distribution With Barnes & Noble

The Newest @FRANK151 Book, Chapter 51, Themed On Leaders, Lands Distribution With Barnes & Noble

Posted on 07 April 2013 by admin

Photographer Jonathan Mannion captured B.I.G. at The Platinum Party, Palladium Nightclub in 1995! pg. 81

Photographer Jonathan Mannion captured B.I.G. at The Platinum Party, Palladium Nightclub in 1995! pg. 81

Frank 51st Chapter

The 51st Chapter, marks the 10 Year Anniversary of the culture magazine Steve and Mike Malbon started over a decade ago in the ATL. A quarterly book, that up until now was given away free at some of the dopest high end retailers that service the hiphop community worldwide. Barnes & Noble has recently worked out a distribution deal which put Frank 151’s latest edition “Leaders” in every Barnes & Noble April 5th 2013… Go get it.


Steve Malbon hosted a release party Wednesday April 3rd in New York City which accommodated some of the biggest supporters of the Urban Hip Hop Culture phenomenon. This edition / Chapter interviewed and featured numerous underground leaders who are at times overlooked and off the radar from the outer world, but have created some of the most influential brands, images and styles that make up trends that are still being absorbed today. The hip hop culture alone branches into so many directions, and has roots that stem close to the seventies it’s a lot of work to capture and catalogue everything that has made it what it is! You can practically find all aspects of what visually and handmakes this global culture in every book.

Raekwon in attendance has been busy lately popping up at every big event taking place!

Raekwon in attendance has been busy lately popping up at every big event taking place!

While Raised on a hog farm in Virginia Beach, Malbon started the quarterly lifestyle publication FRANK in 1999 while studying at The Art Institute of Atlanta. He’s came a long way from a hog farm, now currently residing in Los Angeles and doing release parties across the country in New York. Malbon draws upon his extensive network of artists, designers, influencers and trendsetters to create authentic, street-savvy content for each chapter of FRANK gaining a cult following among the youth market. Frank’s headquarters in California are now home to three separate divisions of The Malbon Group, which Steve is the CEO of. A global content development and marketing company comprised of: a creative content agency; the quarterly publication FRANK, and The League, a creative community.

Jim Jarmusch reppin the 51st Chapter!!!

Jim Jarmusch reppin the 51st Chapter!!!

A true leader is someone who helps others get to where they want to be. That “where” can be a geo-graphical location, a state of mind, or a more abstract goal. Whether acting as chief executive officer, head of state, or spiritual guru, leaders are empowered after demonstrating that they possess the vision and drive to help their followers’ progress. The FRANK Book Chapter 51 covers not only those whose success is measured by their following and financial statements, but also the men and women who lead in less easily quantified ways. Featuring a range of influencers from all walks of life, “Leaders” portrays both the mainstream and underground culture of our generation bringing together dynamic interviews and eye-opening artwork. That’s where the content is built upon Photographers such as Jonathan Mannion who have brought you images that have branded the perception you get of Jay-Z into you head, clothing designers who don’t sleep to get they’re next garment perfect, and different culture brands like The Diamond Supply Co. ran by Nick Diamond who’s start up company’s now rule their lane of genre. Basically you want to get schooled and act like you know what your talkin about when conversation breaks about any history of hip hop or world news that impacts us as a culture, keep the latest edition of Frank and you’ll be ok! Here’s some images of the party goers last wednesday having dinner with features and long time supporters of Steve Malbon’s empire.

See more pics from the Dinner and After-Party and like our Facebook Page here: Chapter 51 Release Party

Party Kicks Off
Wine is sipped aside convo
All good things come to an end!



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Tuaca Drinks & Ink Tour Denver: What A Cinnaster Evening

Tuaca Drinks & Ink Tour Denver: What A Cinnaster Evening

Posted on 04 March 2013 by admin

Tuaca Girls

Last friday March 1st, as the show got started and all sorts of people poured in, local bartenders prepared their recipes in hopes of winning a tattoo from Six Feet Under’s Corey Miller. You might remember Corey from joining Kat Von D on reality series L.A. Ink. Not to mention the heart pounding performance by DJ Ravidrums, who’s drumset looked like something out of Minority Report.DJ Ravidrums drumset

Stoney’s was the perfect venue to enjoy this event with plenty of room, food, and bottomless bottles of Tuaca. Corey Miller has been on tour with Tuaca for a couple years now. He is the front man helping promote Tuaca’s newest liqueur Cinnaster, in which he has also designed a Tuaca lion that you will see on certain boxes of Tuaca. An ice sculpture ran fluent with Tuaca, and little did the crowd know what surprises they were in for.icecastle

As we sat in to try the concoctions, all attention was on the bartenders. Several drinks were poured, a couple martini style and a few mix drinks. Ranging from super sweet to Spicy to mixtures of regular Tuaca with the new Cinnaster. One martini drink actually had slices of jalapeno to live up to its name “Spice of Life”. You had your variety of flavors and different sugar mixes to coat the rims, but in the end it came down to Katy Reynolds very flavorful drink “Sin City”. She coated the rim with sugar mixed with cinnamon and the drink, which I thought wasn’t going to taste right due to mixing Tuaca with some irish creme type liqueur turned out to be the show stopper. It had the perfect sugar coat on the rim to add to the flavor and get her an unforgettable tattoo by the man himself Corey Miller. Second runner up was Denver’s resident mixologist Angelo Sbrocca from “Ocean Prime”. Angelo came off with a very tasty mix as well scoring himself two ski passes… read his interview with Death and Taxes mag here: Tips Of The Trade. After that it was all party time as DJ Ravidrums kicked it in gear and started rockin the crowd with a futuristic drum show. Little did the crowd know that the Tuaca orange men were ready to come out and get a Tuaca Harlem Shake video going with DJ Ravidrums integrating it with the crowd.

Also go to our Facebook Page to see more pictures from the event. Be sure to LIKE it as well. Thanks for enjoying the night with U.$. Undastream Facebook

LtoR: Runner Up: Angelo from Ocean Prime, 1st place winner Katy Reynolds, and Corey Miller!

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S.I.A. Snow Show – Where Snowboarders Find Style

Posted on 09 February 2013 by admin


North Face ABS VestAfter a week of action on slope and down in Denver at SIA Trade Expo at The Colorado Convention Center some of the most innovative brands showed out to expose their 2013/14 line of apparel. Basically you walk in and see everything a snowboarders wildest dreams can offer. Booth after booth of the sickest snowboards and gear head to toe, anything you need from audio on the slopes to survival vests to save you in an avalanche. ABS and North Face collaborated to come up with this vest which pushes your credit card debt back around a grand. You can also get bags made by solely by ABS which come in backpack form.

light bohrdsAnother board that really caught my eye was the Light Bohrd. These things were awesome, controlled by motion and also a sensor key that can change the setting from the light to a strobe setting. If your a night boarder this would definitely get some wows. They also make a line of skateboards that have the red light in back and a headlight in front turning your skateboard intop a visibly safe street legal automo-board. Light boards will also customize a board for you and supply you with a dope helmet too.


Prior Snowboards

Hitmaker also available in Black Edition











As we moved through the maze and came upon the next booth I started paying attention to the new snowboard designs and started seeing a common theme printed on several different brands… The Illuminati. Board after board and brand after brand all had some insignia that pointed to the triangle with the eye or some message encrypted symboling the revolt against the secret society. Which I felt made for some really dope designs.


Nobis headgear and jackets

When it came to gear Nobis had some really dope selections. You can get a super warm snowboarding jacket that looks just fine to walk into any business meeting. And hey if your a animal rights activist you can get the faux fur option. A very classy stylish range of garments for men and women if your not going for the average young kid look on the mountain.




Analog(AG) letterman jacket

If you are going for the “I snowboard more than you look”… Analog took the cake for the dopest boarder lifestyle rags. They had a dope look that can be perfect on or off the mountain but a more urban feel to it. AG also had a great variety to chose from.


What came first French Montana or Airhole Face Mask?




Ok now we are into full swing, we’ve came across all sorts of stuff but some stuff just catches your eye. Being in hip hop and watching different videos and artist try to start trends some times you wonder where they get their ideas. Well I swear this looked really familiar to some of French Montanas latest outfits. Airhole has a variety of different characters and designs to fit anyones humor or outfit!

Gold and black with cross shovels logo

If you like to jam while you at the bottom of the mountain or on you way up the lift Jammy Pack has the perfect toy. These fanny packs souped up with speakers and a headphone jack will make your day. Actually pretty loud ranging around $65, not only can you plug your ipod in and play all your music through it. You can even buy the battery pack that will keep your device charged for $30 more bucks.
I actually made it up to Winter Park to demo one of these super dope DC boards with Jeff Soto artowork. I rode a 156, the board was really light and flexible which make for a great park board. Although when taken to high speeds the board vibrated a bit but at that point you don’t care your just flying. Had a great day and would love to purchase this board if I was in the market for it.

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#AMVTv Ep. 11 Draya from BasketBall Wives LA takes over KC & Stripper Contest!

Posted on 17 December 2012 by admin

Exclusive Ent & Tyler Made Ent brought Draya Michele from the hit TV show “BasketBall Wives LA” to Kansas City for the #DrayaTakeOver party at Club 700. She talks with AlphaMale Visuals, hosts the party, judges a stripper contest, and gets some girl-on-girl action. Then, a few party goers got a little crazy!

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Mile High Madness Volume 2

Mile High Madness

Posted on 16 April 2011 by breez

Freestyle DVD

If you’ve been anywhere in the streets of Denver, you’ve no doubt run into Joe Thunder.  This considerable and extremely recognizable man can be seen at almost every Hip Hop event, usually with his humble camera in hand to document it all. Joe is the proprietor of popular blog, but he always has many projects going on at a given time.  His latest baby, Mile High Madness is a DVD series that highlights all the elements of Hip Hop and how they’re celebrated in Denver, and Colorado, in general.

Joey T recently got the ball rolling by releasing the first two installments of Mile High Madness at a release party last month. Volume One features many live performances by Colorado favorites such as F.O.E., Karma, Big Wheel , Haven, Fresh Breath Committee and Diamond Boiz (just to name a few).

Volume Two has a slightly different format than the pilot, but showcases the same caliber of talent.  Performances by The ReMINDers, Turner Jackson and many more keep the energy high, while interviews with Jher, Mr. Midas, and Lazy Eyez inform the viewer that there’s intelligence and pride in this community.

Beyond highlighting the musicians, both volumes embrace the other aspects of the culture as well. Mile High Madness features many of Colorado’s Kings of graffiti too.  With nearly impossible footage of cats getting up all city, from trains to billboards to unfathomable ledges; all the way to the  massive two block or more productions, we get a look at the art being created.  All footage is mindful to keep identities under wraps to respect and protect all the artists involved.

Joe has a knack for making people feel at home; it could be his laid back personality, or the free-flowing chronic, but regardless of the reason, Joe always has the exclusive performances, interviews and tracks that no one else has heard.  This can be found in MHM in the footage of a TKO cat bombing all of Denver in the cover of night, to blunt rolling lessons with F.O.E. or Turner Jackson acting a fool.  Joe flexes his filming skills in an unforgettable scene from behind the turntables with DJ Cysko Rokwel, where the viewer gets an almost forbidden look at life on the other side of the tables. Though not edited in any professional manner, or with expensive equipment, the outcome is honest and downright, fucking beautiful.

Mile High Madness series is an insider’s perspective to all the talent, grime and drama that makes the Colorado Hip Hop Community what it is, and who can’t respect that?

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