Click this photo June 1st, 2013 at 1pm PST to acquire a taste fitting to your standards!

The Akomplice x Raekwon Pelican Belt is finally available after a 2 year production process. The brothers at Akomplice got connected with Raekwon’s brother Don P to begin the process. He hit them up about doing a project that would tie in with Rae’s album release, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang. They made it of premium leather and it comes in both black and brown. The Akomplice logo is embossed, and Raekwon’s name is laser etched onto the leather, giving two different looks to one belt. This belt is a true collector’s item, as it will only see a 25 piece production run. The collab comes complete in a wooden cigar box, which is homage to Rae’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx series. Time to switch your old Cuban’s into a new box! You have to be prompt to get yours.

Tomorrow at 1pm Cali time they are available for purchase and once sold out they’re gone.

Patrick confirms “We agreed the Pelican Belt was the perfect piece for the collaboration. Raekwon is known as Wu-Tang’s emissary of style, so we felt one of our most sophisticated and stylish pieces was only fitting.”


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