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Posted on 29 March 2011 by admin

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Platte River – Denver

Posted on 26 March 2011 by breez

Beautiful day in Denver for a bike down the Platte River. Along the way I bumped into a lot of cool illegal graffiti that resides along the river walls adjacent the bike trail. Some done in the winter months when the river freezes. I even had to trespass to get to some that were in an abandoned train track that’s under construction due to its crippled structure. 2011 by Breez






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Brotha Lynch News

Posted on 25 March 2011 by breez

This is a dope underground interview with Lynch during the Strange Days Tour last year. He speaks on losing touch with Mr. Doctor and X-Rated getting stabbed last year in prison. Lynch’s new CoatHanga Strangla is out now telling the second part to the trilogy of a serial killer’s inside life. Listen to a starstruck fan give Lynch mad props.



March 23, 2011 (Los Angeles, CA) Brother Lynch Hung, the Sacramento, California rapper long hailed as an indisputable pioneer of horror-core hip-hop, returns April 5, 2011 with his most hair-raising album to date: CoatHanga Strangla.
CoatHanga Strangla re-introduces listeners to the not-so-nice but strangely sympathetic (and some might even say humorous) alter ego from Lynch’s 2010 album Dinner and a Movie: Mannibalector.
Brotha Lynch Hung continues to break new ground both artistically and conceptually. Coathanga Strangla is the middle album in a conceptual first of its kind trilogy that began with 2010’s Dinner and a Movie and is slated to conclude with 2012’s Mannibalector. Each of the three albums has spawned three videos, which together will comprise the visual document of the terrifying times of Mannibalector. With the new Brotha Lynch Hung video “Spit It Out” in rotation on MTVu, anticipation continues to build as the story continues. The video is the #1 highest rated, the #2 most shared and the#1 most commented video on with 20,000 views in the week of it’s premiere.
As the most successful outfit in independent hip-hop and home to lauded rapper Tech N9ne, Strange Music first linked with Lynch to release 2010’s Dinner and a Movie. On April 5 of this year, Strange will release CoatHanga Strangla, setting up next year’s Mannibalector. “The three albums and nine videos are about a rapper who’s having a bad life and is about to give up on the world,” explains Brotha Lynch Hung. “You can hear he’s about to walk the thin line, past the thin line, and then go way over it.”


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The Monsters & The Strangerz Studio Session with Sean Kingston

The Monsters & The Strangerz Studio Session with Sean Kingston

Posted on 20 March 2011 by breez

This is an exclusive video filmed by The DBHH Firm with Sean Kingston in the studio with their production/writing team THE MONSTERS. You can check out THE MONSTERS site at

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Posted on 17 March 2011 by breez

Dope night D Nice rocked seamlessly with Kid Capri

20110317-040738.jpg Kid Capri





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Smooth – New Jersey

Smooth – New Jersey

Posted on 16 March 2011 by breez



by Rell CA Bangers


Smooth, thanks for your time. What’s going on fam?

I’m chilling. I’m more focused than ever.

What mixtape do you have out right now?

My solo mixtape “Im On My Way” is out and group mixtape “Talk Of The Town” Vol 1 & 2.

How long have you been doing music?

I started rapping at 10 years old, but I got more serious with it at the age of 21.

Who are some of the artists that influence you?

First and foremost Tupac influenced me the most. The others are Biggie, Jayz, 50 Cent, and Stack Bundles.

What can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect me to become one of the greats with music galore, touching every aspect.

Who are some producers and artists you want to work with?

If I had to choose off top I would work with Kayne West, Polow Da Don and Timbaland. As far  as artists I would work

with Drake, Jadakiss, and Wayne to name a few.

What do u think about the music industry?

The music industry is stable I would say… I feel like it’s my time now though! The proof is in the pudding lol!

What artist do you listen to?

I listen to a bunch of artist. Rappers and R&B singers that are signed and unsigned. When I feel like getting amped it’s only right to listen to the boy

Stack Bundles! Jersey all day 24/7. “Uhhhhhhh”

Where can people to hear your music?

You can check me out at,,

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Finals Bracket

HoodHype Announces Rapper, Tech N9ne, as Toughest Hip-Hop Artist Over 50 Cent

Posted on 16 March 2011 by breez

03.10.2011– Detroit, MI – HoodHype (HH) announces rapper Tech N9ne as the heavy weight champion of its Hip-Hop Fight Club series. The three-month podcast series was devoted to placing rappers from the East, West, South, and Midwest regions against one other in imaginary duels to determine the toughest Hip-Hop artist in the game. Fight Club episodes featured a total of 32 rappers along with comedic narration provided by HoodHype’s hosts battling for artists in each division of the fight bracket.

In the final round, Tech N9ne earned the title based on his gathering of loyal underground fans versus 50 Cent’s mainstream following. Some notable Fight Club moments include East Coast Champion, 50 Cent winning against West Coast Champion, Dr. Dre in the semi finals by way of Dre dying from old age by delaying the fight like he did the Album, Detox. Additionally, Eminem winning the Midwest Bracket against Kanye West by way of hurting his feelings. Other Fight Club contenders include Diddy, Game, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Lupe Fiasco, representing their respective region.

“The idea for Hip-Hop Fight Club came from a listener who wanted to know if we thought Drake could win in a fight against Kanye West, said JMack, one of the hosts of HoodHype. The argument spurred a topic that spanned nearly half of the episode which prompted us to kick off an entire series battling rappers against one other to ultimately TKO or disqualify each other for the next round.”

Winner, Tech N9ne replied, “It’s very flattering for them to choose me over a mogul like 50 Cent. I appreciate it, I’m honored and most of all, glad that you all recognized the skill of this Midwest MC. I got more comin’ – stay tuned!”

HoodHype’s Hip-Hop Fight Club was the podcast’s first time showcasing rappers in a toe-to-toe match. Each fight club page includes brackets and audio clips through the finals from each episode of the show.

To watch all the battles and see how Tech N9ne reigned supreme, visit:

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I Get Stupid – Rezy Dogz

I Get Stupid – Rezy Dogz

Posted on 14 March 2011 by breez

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Posted on 10 March 2011 by admin

Top:Bombin' Btm lft: Este burner Btm rgt: East burner

interview by: Joe Thunder

Interview with East a.k.a-Este , a spray paint artist in Denver, Co who has painted all over the word.  Este is a veteran of the game and has been painting for nearly 30 years! Este paints with his crews DF, ATT, TAC, SM, BSB, FEDS, Hit Men & the Zulu Nation

So where are you from and how did you find your way to The Mile High City?

I’m originally from a small town in Indiana but moved to Chicago at a very young age, after my Mother & Father split. Job ops were slim in the rural area we were living so Mom moved to the Chi! I ended up coming to the Denver/Boulder area in 98′ in order to visit my wifes sister who was living here with her husband & son. A friend of hers needed someone to watch her flat for the summer while she was away in Boston. We volunteered & have been here ever since.

How did you get into graffiti and what made you start painting?

I got into Graff via mags & album covers that I would find by digging thru the periodical section of the local library & at my local record stores. I had been b boyin since 79′ & was in constant search of inspiration & materials that would let me on to what was happenin’ in New York. I would find small articles about b boy crews & artists like RSC, Futura, Dondi, Faze, Fashion Moda gallery, etc… I still have those clippings too! At the record shops there was an abundance of album covers that were completely done up by guys like Doze, Stash, Haring, Futura, Seen & Duster, so many fresh joints! I would just sit in the aisle for hours sifting thru albums & staring at the artwork… it was AWESOME! I remember the release of  movies like Wild Style & Beat Street like it was yesterday! I used to go down to the video rental place offa State st. to rent Wild Style every week! I had dozens of sketches that I bit from Lee, Dondi, Revolt & Zephyr by putting the movie on pause while the trains were rolling by or when they would pan to walls in the Bronx! Ya just can’t recreate that kind of unknown & mystery anymore, it was still so new & developmental back then!

How did you choose the name Este?

The name Este is simply a derivative if East. I also write: Aste, Oster & Est. They’re all just East in various languages. I was given the name East by my 1st mentor, Fesski Fess of OMC. ACW. crews. I was writing Grafix 102 at the time but he would constantly call me “Eastside” since he lived on the southwest side & I was east of him… it got shortened to just East!

How would you describe your style?

My style tends to be aggressive at times and kinda cartoony at others. My letters are a direct stem from my b boy mentality. They should have swagger and movement almost like they’re dancing but when its time to really get down and “bust mugsy” then they tend to get lower, stretched out and more aggressive looking. Like being in the cypher just hangin with your boys, havin fun, tryin new moves but then somebody from a rival crew starts to downrock and do house moves in your cypher…then its time to flex!

I know your always traveling around the US and abroad, where are some of the most bizarre places you have painted?

The most bizzarre places would hafta be these funky lil spots in small towns around the Midwest. Ya find these random spots under bridges, along riverfronts, abandoned buildings and think that nobody is ever gonna see these and years later ya realize that kids went down there to do whatever, saw your pieces and it started an entire scene on accident. That’s happened to me a couple of times while randomly meeting guys at paint jams or Hip Hop events. It’s crazy; I sparked an entire scene in Little Rock just from painting a riverfront wall in a drunken stupor one night…random!

What’s the hottest or craziest spot you have ever caught?

I caught all kinds of ill spots all over Chicago. In the subway tunnels, on rooftops, etc. But two spots tend to stick out the most to me as far as “crazy” is concerned. One would be this rooftop that Dase and I spotted from the highway in Kansas City. There was this great wall on top of this abandoned warehouse that we just had to hit. So we went to the building to climb the fire escape and saw that half the steps were missing from various levels. We made our way shimmying up the handrails and utilizing what few steps were still intact. When we finally made it to the top we saw that the entire roof had fallen in and the only thing left was this approxomately 2ft ledge around the roof’s perimeter. The drop from the top was 5 or 6 stories and you could see straight through the roof to the bottom floor below. We ended up clinging to that 2ft ledge, painted the wall and made our way back to the fire escape. Dase went down first and made it with no issue but when it came time for me to go all kinda shit went wrong! I wasn’t even halfway down the first stair set when a stair broke out under my feet and I went down instantly. Luckily the escape was really narrow and I was holdin on to either side of the railings so when it fell, I tensed up and the railings caught my underarms leaving me dangling there. As the step made its way down it took out a shit ton more of the steps causing a huge crash at the bottom of broken, rusty stairs. Dase had to hop out the way to avoid being hit by all the metal pieces and schrapnel. I pulled myself up and clung to the railing closest to the side of the building and made my way down by shimmying along the beams on either side of where the steps used to be and holding the handrails. When I finally got to the bottom we both just yelled out loud from frustration and pent-up energy! We couldn’t believe what just happened. At the bottom of the fire escape I wrote on the wall: stay off the building and roof, fire escape is broken and roof is caved in! I hear that it was painted again though by somebody years later.

The second crazy spot is when Quisp and I decided to paint on top of a grain silo in Kansas that was visible from a main highway. Those things can be as high as 10 stories. We got to the silo with 2 giant duffle bags of paint only to realize that the ladder we were intending to climb was only an inch or two wider than 2 fists put together. But being young and determined we went at it anyway, stopping several times along the way due to exhaustion. When we finally got to the top we just laid there for about 10 minutes, catching our breath and laughing at how stupid it was to have climbed that shit. Never again would I try that because going down was even worse! Haha…

Now you have been painting for almost 30 years, that definitely makes you an OG in the game. I know you have a good chase story…

Some of my boys and I were painting under a bridge in Chi, not too far from a sketchy area near Roosevelt & State. We get close to finishing when we hear the roar of engines coming from all directions. A ton of undercover patrol cars swoop in and cops are jumpin out with guns in hand. I immediately take off runnin thru this field headed toward Roosevelt St. Bridge. I get maybe 100 ft or so and I hear a cop’s voice on a blowhorn say “Stop or I WILL shoot you!” He follows up by firing 2 or 3 shots in the air and yells “The next ones won’t miss so put your hands up and walk back!” I stop, walk back and get cuffed up. He starts askin me where all the guns are. I’m like “We don’t have any guns!” He ends up taking our crewmate Ages behind the wall we were painting and proceeds to kick the shit out of him. We could hear it all goin down but couldn’t see any of it. No evidence. Turns out that there was a gang war over in the neighborhood offa State and when the cops were called in they stumbled upon us instead! Bad luck f’sho.

What do you think of the new generation of writers?

I don’t have a single, all encompassing opinion about the new generation of writers. Things may be very different from when I was coming up but certain things remain constant. There are dope writers and there are wack ones. There’s writers that take it easy and writers that pay the dues. I simply take each moment as it comes and form my own opinions based on each individual.

There is a fine line between those who see graffiti as art and those who see it as a crime, what are your views on this?

Sometimes, in order for the views of what is accepted as art, people need to be shocked or disturbed first. Through this method people will take notice of it and start to form opinions. It’s no different than what was done at the end of the Renaissance when Da-daaist movements took place. Those artists were often ridiculed, arrested and even mobbed during their shows/performances. But now you can go to most any major museum and see examples of their work. Graffiti will inevitably have its time as a major art movement albeit the underlying goal or not.

For all the toys out there can you give them a few examples of spots that are off limits?

Crew yards, legals that aren’t theirs, churches & any type of sidebusting. Sidebusters are the biggest toys of all! Tryin to get a tag on a wall right next to a reknown writers piece for exposure makes a toy look even more toy. Sidebusters are the bottom feeders of the Graff society!

Do you see yourself as an artist or a graffiti writer?

A true Graffiti writer is out there in the streets payin dues, gettin up, and gaining street cred thru pieces and bombing. I’m retired from that scene so as much as Graffiti was my life and existence for so many years I would hafta fall into the “urban artist” realm these days. Gotta move to the side sometimes in order to make room for those who are younger and bolder! Nobody wants to see my old ass try and climb a rooftop!

Do you have a favorite piece of all time (were, when, and with who)?

That would hafta be the first rooftop I ever did on the line in Chi! Its was 1986, southside of Chi with my 1st mentor, the legendary Fesski Fess. That memory and thrill will NEVER be duplicated!

What are you working on currently and what plans do you have for the future?

Currently I’m just enjoying myself by painting with various people, travelling around and trying to experiment by pushing my styles and techniques. Graff is an ever growing, ever changing scene and I’m just content to still be actively painting and to  have any sort of relevance. The future looks to be more of the same.

Any last words?

Big ups to all of my friends and crewmates that keep me inspired as well as my sponsors for supplying me with the paint and means to keep pushin’ forward! Landmark graff shop in LA &! I also can’t end this without giving ALL THE CREDIT to my past mentors who taught me racking, style, ups, history, technique and er’thing I know in order to keep myself going till the end. Fesski Fess, Hit Men Bombing Crew and the greatest crew Chi has ever known, The Feds! Thanks for the shine Unda$treaM, and as I always say: Keep it Zulu!!!

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Break The Chains

HemiGirl – Enough 2 Drive You Crazy

Posted on 07 March 2011 by admin

Melissa Anne Teixeira

Interview by Breez

What’s up Hemigirl you’ve definitely been a busy bee lately tell me about some of your sites and where got the concept for your brand….

I have several sites. My personal modeling website is I get a ton of hits on it simply because people want to play with the mouse! Check it out, you’ll see what I mean! My other websites are something totally new that I just started. I have my own fashion line called HemiFashion ~ Live it, Wear it, Bleed it. I sell all kinds of things from t-shirts to hoodies and a couple of skateboards! As I mentioned before, it’s completely brand new so I am still adding merchandise as I go along. It takes a long time to draw some designs and throw them up on a shirt! And of course, like I do every year, I have my own posse; The HemiGirls! The HemiGirls basically are a network of the best women in the industry combined with newcomers to the industry. It’s sort of a method of putting models on the right track and helping them build up their career. You can check them out at We are going down to the Dominican Republic in April to shoot the HemiGirls 2012 DOOMSDAY calendar! It’s gonna be a blast!

The concepts for my brand are a little weird. I think the best way I can describe it is by saying this: it’s like throwin’ cheese on the wall, if it sticks it sticks, if it doesn’t then move on to the next one. For me my brand is everything about who I am, it’s basically my name. As far as how it all came about, to be honest I wouldn’t know where to start. It sort of just came together on its own. Over the years some of my closest friends call me Hemi. I made my first television appearance starring in a commercial for a local Chrysler dealership, after that the name just stuck “HemiGirl”. I think it’s a little funny but it’s something that people will never forget, and they will always associate it with me. Which is pretty cool I think!

Nice, What would you say separates you from others?

I think that I am separated from the others because for me, that’s how it’s always been. Even in high school I was separated from the others. I am 25 and I’ve seen a good chunk of the world. I own a company, and I strive on success. I am very driven, and when I want something, I get it. No questions asked. That’s just who I am.

How do you over come some of the harsh politics of being a prominent model, in a day and age that’s clustered with beautiful women “trying” to be models?

This is really my favorite question. Over the past 8 years or so, the internet has become an amazing tool. Technology will take over the world one day! I have seen more girls on the internet posing in their skivvies’ then I have in Cosmo magazine! We live in such a desensitized world, that no one has enough balls to tell these girls they don’t belong in the industry. Same rule applies to photographers. Just because you have a digital camera doesn’t make you a photographer, and just because you have a nice smile doesn’t make you a model. In this world, a real model knows her way, an aspiring model will find her way, and a fake model will get lost in the smoke. It’s just as simple as that!

Hemi Smokin

Fake models get lost... HemiGirl don't!

What would you say was your funniest shoot?

My funniest shoot was with this girl Tabby. She was shooting in my 09’ HemiGirls Calendar and she kept cracking jokes every time a video camera was in her face.  We laughed so hard that we ended up halting production because every time we looked at her we would all laugh. She’s a stand up comic lol. She’s got a tattoo on her ass that says “Brown Eyed Girl”.

What’s with this calendar I’m hearing about and how did that come together?

The newest calendar came at me in a whole different perspective. Every year I try and do something completely over the top! Last year was grunge, so for 2012 I had to take it a step higher. I will say that when the idea of calling it “The 2012 DOOMSDAY Calendar” came about, I was actually really faded. It’s crazy how your mind works in different ways. I think this one is going to be straight up success for all of my team. The girls are smokin’ hot, the photographers are amazing, and I get to spend a week in paradise with 11 beautiful girls! Beauty never dies in paradise!

Who’s your latest crush?

HemiGirl with Mario Lopez

George Clooney & anyone that looks like him!

Watch out lol, so what’s a night out consist of when you want to hit the town?

OH BOY! A night out on the town with me consists of, well lol, just picture spring break in Cancun. I have a lot of friends who are pretty girls and when we go into bars, we just start the party! I drink Patron & Corona’s and they do too. We aren’t into fruity shit lol.

That’s my girl, favorite perfume and which cologne turns you on?

Heavenly by Victoria Secret…. but on a man, there is something about that Axe crap that drives me nuts!

Wow would of never guessed… Any last words?

Doubt doesn’t dictate destiny, decision does.

Charles “Mask” Lewis RIP


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be her friend on Hemi Girls Facebook Page


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